Tell to warmode Horde

(Jakali) #42


Has the power to make raid groups and do raid PvP

Deactivate the Warmod

Horde domination.PNG

Alliance complains

Alliance still has the Millitary power to fight against the horde in Wmod

Alliance gets 30% buff + 370 ilvl piece

Alliance uses Millitary power for good.

You blue bois yike me out.


i will never understand this behaviour - you are deliberately making group on shard with allience name it as quest name and are surprised that people leave because they join you to do quest and not waste time on pvp.

name you group - “raid against allience” - then people who will join will stay .


ofc horde will never see it because the only time allience turns it on is for 25 kills quest not for 30%.

remove that quest and allience vanishes instnatly from WM.

its faulty since its implementation - this quest should be aviable to people if they keep WM for whole duration of reset - and reward should be aviable only next reset - to ensure people dont turn it off.

(Sylvare) #45

Ofcourse there are those, Alliance exodus from Warmode attracted cowardly 10%ers when they saw the forums which caused the entire imbalance problem to spiral from a <2.1 ratio to a >5.1 ratio

Have you been sleeping the last few months?

(Orlen) #46

I find the volume of complaints about war mode rather amusing.

We want PvP…but not that much…back off a bit here.
Alliance aren’t engaging in pvp…fix…wow wow back off there that’s too many now.
Now they are leaving if it hurts the feels…woopsie

I think it’s pretty obvious that only the ones that stick it out are the PvP players, while the rest are either trying it too see or after that coveted 30%.

The rest of us that don’t bother with PvP…have probably done it before and have reasons for not doing it any more.

(Nefaryas) #47

I wish I had! Five months of sleep would be glorious!

It was always seen as alliance been the cowardly runners now it’s horde being called out for running away. I just see the humour in it. It all works on both sides, the ganking, the cowardice, the taking advantage of the “free” buff but I find hilarity in the human reaction, not even gonna apologise for that :rofl:

(Sylvare) #48

Don’t take me wrong, every scared off 10%-er is a good one, ideally that group gets scared back into normie mode so that the bloat they caused in the horde pop to lessen so that it can be more even again

There was no fun in having Warmode on but not seeing Alliance for days at a time, I didn’t turn it on to kill mobs

(Nefaryas) #49

True, then horde will get the extra buff and even more amusement will abound the forums! I like your thinking.

I don’t even war mode I just enjoy the :popcorn: it supplies.

(Lanabee) #50

When people call other people kids as an insult, that makes me feel that the person isn’t an adult yet.

(Khyrneken) #51

The quest should be altered, yes. It should be part of War Mode completely, not just an in-out quick tour of the mode.

Having War Mode on for most a reset week should then give you the option next week, but the requirements should be more more kills, more unique kills, with fewer friendly particapants. And perhaps remove the quest if War Mode is ever switched off. Keep it for dedicated users!


that is so true i like one on one warmode. even if i do not win i like a good fight. just now a mag’har orc thought it was a good idea to attack me when my hp was 50%.
after he found out he could not kill me he just run away. lol


Horde won’t get 30 % because they use 30 men to kill one alliance player. lol

(Khyrneken) #54

Brilliant argument! Well done.

I could easily turn around and point out that the Alliance do this every time there is a Horde ganking group. The Alliance bring overwhelming numbers for such a few.


you couldnt fault ther horde last night at aroms strand they must have had 4 raids worth and completely owned us we deserved to get spanked last night

(Oldmangeorge) #56

Yeah that pretty much sums up the warmode experience, i miss old pvp servers. Sure there was ganking as well but i never saw as many horde players in the world as i do in warmode, and they are all far more aggresive than on pvp servers as well. it doesnt matter to what world quest i go the horde always outnumbers the Alliance there 5 to 1. Sometimes even more than that. I dont understand that people who only play the horde still manage to whine about the Alliance buff. If it wasnt for the 30% buff i would never turn warmode on with this inbalance. getting corpse camped by the same group of 4 players for a solid 2 hours is not fun gameplay. on pvp servers people atleast gave up with corpsecamping after 15 to 30 minutes


They are the horde they fight in horde I like the rp


It’s not an argument it’s what i have seen myself. Not all Horde are cowards those who fight 1vs1 in a fair match received a honorable death. The others are just cry babies that attack a single player with a huge group. Oh how i love too stun them with my rogue and see them running around to find me hahaha

(Someoneelse) #59

Clearly not, have you seen the Zandalari racials on the PTR. You have an select aura spell.


They are indeed op. Don’t think they’ll stay that way though, but yea, gonna be crap load of zandalari paladins running around soon.

(Shumensko) #61

WM is a joke. The only value of wpvp(or any pvp actually) for me in other mmos was the social interaction. There were guilds I hated in my guts, whose members I’d attack on sight, call anyone in my guild for help, it’d quickly escalate to raid vs raid. WM - just killing red colored npcs