Temple of Serthalis or how to not make dungeons like that!


Temple of Serthalis. By far the worst dungeon in BFA, hands down. Probably would rank well on overall worst dungeon designed.

  • Most annoying trash that mostly are not skip-able [Check!]
  • Annoying Mario like minigame dodge thunder bolts [Check!]
  • Annoying grab the ball [Check!]
  • Trash boss in which healer must kill boss [Check!]
  • Totally in-door where you cannot mount to repair [Check!]
  • In-door and does not even spawn you at ENTRANCE! [Check!]

Please Blizzard note the above points and try not to combine them again


They wouldn’t call good place a venereal decease.


Nope, that would be TD with all the mobs coming through walls/floors.


At least with TD you have canons and with rogues it is a-ok

TOS is a plague, must be purged.

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I like this dungeon, not despite all those things you mentioned, but because of them.
Also dungeons are typically in-door areas where you can’t mount, the outdoor ones are the exception.


I am sorry I can’t watch u do dis :frowning:

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Actually players aren’t supposed to skip trash mobs at all.

Seriously? Are you that NOOB who can’t dodge them and whine in the group chat?
These thunderbolts are pretty easy to dodge, unless you turn auto run on.

If you don’t want to grab the ball then don’t. There are 4 other members in your group who might be willing to grab it and do everything by themselves. You can go and help them by killing the trash around, unless you don’t want to do anything but to skip 80% of the dungeon.

So your dps sucks that much which made the healer wants to dps the boss so he can get rid of you. Not a surprise honestly.

That isn’t a big problem unless:

  • You go to the dungeon with your gear being around 10 durability or less.
  • You die too much like a REAL noob

But here, take a tip. Use your repair mount before getting in the dungeon. Problem solved.

And who wants to get spawned at the entrance?? You are clearly trying to make everything possible a cons to support this nonsense.

Next time, it’s better to use your “Main” instead of alt to hide yourself.

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I actually love Temple of Sethraliss. 3 of the 4 bosses are designed really well, with the exception being the extremely tedious snake. It’s a very fun dungeon to heal.

(Nimrhys) #9

I actually really enjoy the traps and ball game. I don’t find it difficult but that’s me.


The trash in Atal’dazar are far more annoying. The witches popping up in Waycrest too. And Siege of Boralus trash? Trash is fairly evenly annoying in pretty much all dungeons.

(You’re also not supposed to skip them.)

I’d rather dodge thunder bolts than play with cannons, or jump on planks or things like that. The dodging part is about 20 seconds or so?

Still beats grab the pig in freehold. With a tiny bit of coordination, the ball in ToS is trivial.

…and why is that a problem, that a healer gets to do something else than healing your sorry unable-to-dodge-thunders, probably-volcano-hugging behind? At least the boss does something useful once healed, unlike many players. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t die, come prepared.

Don’t die.

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I’d take Temple any day over Shrine or TD.


cough cough kings rest cough …


Temple is by far our best dungeon. Yes, even better than Freehold. You can invis skip from the start (we do not have a rogue) to the bottom of the stairs. This week you can death skip to there since there is a void that will see you. Between 1st and 2nd you can skip an annoying pack (and a patrol) and from the orb-room you can skip to the 4th boss room.


The only part to this dungeon I don’t like is the orb room, unless I’m on a Warlock because their gateways are awesome there.


You can throw the orb and do it really fast, as long as the tank keeps every mob out of the way.


temple is fine.

the only dungeon i hate is tol dagor with the current affixes there is only little space to move and its aids atm


I know but you’ll be surprised how many people try to just walk it at such a slow pace without throwing it.


But my class gear from thoere D:


No he means that the healer has to heal to boss to finish the dungeon.
Have you ever even played ToS?

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Fixed it for you.