Ten Storms is the best EU PvP server

Lets promote our server, it is unique. Why ?

  1. It is only EU PvP realm with 2 word name (usually such names are used for PvE and RP servers).

  2. Both words are common, not specific to WoW lore or RPG genre.

  3. It was launched 21h after first wave of servers and has a good economy overall.

  4. H to A ratio looks balanced even in later 40s (yet more horde @60, but this is temporary).

  5. Absence of wow-crazy no-life maniacs and streamers, who still prefer to queue on Golemagg and Shazzah.

Come, people, join our nice and relaxed community to enjoy WoW Classic on the best EU server around. Name is very easy to remember: Ten Storms!


Actually… I’m in the process of choosing between ten storms and earthshaker.(alliance)

How is the community overall?
Mc /Onyxia raiding going on? (alliance)
Any pugs to these raids?
The discord doesn’t seem that big and active. Not alot of guilds recruiting for example.
But checking queues right now, ten storms is on high and earthshaker is medium

Loads of Pugs on ally side onyxia and Molten core