Testing of Same-Faction Battlegrounds Will Continue

1/3 of arena players are undead btw

Stop posting in every thread. You have no clue about anything pvp-related and i’m going to guess you generally have no knowledge of the game. Nobody should have to see your pointless comments everywhere.

Any reason why you thimk that i know nothing?
Also how is that related to the arena pop being 1/3ud?

Right, this is how I got 10 day bans during AV weekend so not so working strategy

Can anybody please communicate with us ??? You are not treating us with any respect (you haven’t for a long time to be fair) . It’s starting to get more annoying than the queues at this point. Can you tell us when? IF? Yes - no ? Something? We’re once again left in the dark here trying to guess . Imagine if you went to a nice restaurant and nobody ever came to take your order, this is exactly how this feels. We’re just left alone. HELLO?

  • We’re adding an enlistment bonus for Alliance players who participate.

Seriously the honor being as bad as it’s at the moment and still taking ages to farm as horde this should have been increased with both factions.

I spent like 30 hours or over on bg ques and bg as horde between Friday and Monday and yeah… I got like next to nothing honor 6-8k including 3K worth of marks, sure buff only alliance honor gains

You get your buff by not having 30 hours of BG queue

By giving alliance anything you are basically admitting that they have it so bad that they need some sort of reward just to get them to play. How about you just turn of racials in pvp and make it fair. Its already a custom fun server anyway.

First you whine about wanting incentive to be and que for pvp as alliance, now you whining that they did it “admitting” that alliance are “bad”.

Alliance is having a gigantic advantage over horde in pvp since day one with the ability to farm honor in full premade group with no queue. You gave us Horde a glimpse at what it feel to have this advantage for a few days, we knew it wouldn’t last long so we had to make premades to finally have a chance to get our pvp gear without wasting so much time.
And now you are giving THEM a bonus ?! What a joke.

So u give us a pvp enlistment bonus, that rewards anything besite stuff thats usefull for pvp? Are you kidding? Im a pvper, i want pvp rewards not useless junk. It doesnt feel worth at all to queue more for this trash.

Thank you blizzard this same faction battlegrounds take me back to TBC almost instaqueues fun in bg without premades :slight_smile:
I’ve realy enjoyed it.
I hope this same faction bg will be implemented in near future.
I have also some points.
Please let peoples play only 5man premades if someone crying from 15man premades you can make matchmaking for them but dont allow them play with casual players which want fun.
If I remember correctly we don’t receiving correct amount of honor. Please try to investigate this I remember less time to farm PVP equip in original tbc. and I’ve also farmed this every season.
I think this values are not set correctly.

Thank you for TBC experience.

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Thank you blizzard for this experience of PVP with the same-faction.
But we need more this PVP-BG fast join because for win is very low Honor point and very long que is very-very slowly farm honor point for eqip :confused:

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still no updates… better lose more payers to be even more bad at developing this game

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I really wish they would shut these down after they stop looking at them.


stopped looking?
did blizzard ever read comments in here? xD
R.i.p EU-forums


We can’t know if they looked at all, as I think they only looked at the US version and this post is a copy from that. I personally doubt they came and looked here at all.

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I feel sorry for you and your mental illness. What syndrome was it again?

Common turn on same-faction battleground . I have to wait 30 min to play . its alwful !

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