The 370 wpn Emmisarry today


So after having battled my way throug different things with a 320 timewarped mace as holy…

So when this 370 wpn emmisarry got up, i almos wet my pants.
“FINALLY, im getting a decent weapon for healing”…
Did the 4xWQ, turned it in…and got a shield…

Since when did shields become weapons?
Now im not sure of this shows what “state” Blizzard is in atm, but im sure it give us a hint…

“GET YOUR 500ILVL GEAR TODAY” ----- ops you got a ilvl 500 tabard……

GJ blizzard…GJ on being utterly clueless


Not clueless, classless.


Im not sure wether to be pissed, sad or just paralyzed…

Its like saying a car is a weapon……
Dogdirt company,

(Uldurin) #4

I don’t see this weapon emissary :thinking:


Well, they are on the off-hand slot… and not an armor piece, nor trinket, neck or ring.
It actually makes sence to drop from a weapon emissary chest
(The idea of bashing some poor mob’s face with a shield is cool tho’)

A blunt weapon…?

(Aylish) #8

Ha anyone ever recieved a ranged weapon on a hunter btw? I have never seen one, and I just handed in mine, and got another polearm. Major letdown getting a 360 Polearm I can’t use, when I am wearing a 310 ranged weapon… Oh well.


thats because weapon emmisaries dont exist atm

there is equipement emissary that can give you any gear from your class :slight_smile:
OP is just raging because he got OS item :slight_smile:

(Xartim) #10

on my priest i probably got 10 wands 7 maces and 0 staves.


ye i got a bow on my hunter after getting 2 polearms .

(Aylish) #12

I’ve been getting agility weapons on this one, it just seems it’s exceptionally bad for hunters. Especially since you can’t use it at all unless you are survival.


As a Prot Pally, technically my shield is a weapon :slight_smile:

Having said that, I’ve lost count of the number of two-handed weapons I’ve been RNGed. No, I don’t want to play Ret at the moment thanks. Blizzard are changing this with Season 2 and RNG drops (like the Emissary Weapon’s cache) will now be decided by your loot spec rather than just your class.


No the quest today for Alliance in Stormstrong valley was specifically for a wepon. I got a 370 two handed mace on my druid alt. I haven’t done it on this toon yet, but unless he gets an Elephant forged one with socket it will be just vendor trash anyway.

(Uldurin) #17

Aha i see, i have never gotten a weapon from emissary yet must be ultra rare.

(Annallusion) #18

Considering the defining weapon of war in the 20th/21st century is an armored car with a large piece of artillery strapped to it…

(Aundra) #19

No :rofl: it’s an Alliance thing… there are things your mind can’t comprehend :sunglasses:


I know how u feel I got a healing staff as GUARDIAN druid… fml

(Uldurin) #21

Rude but okey.


Oh yeah and on my UNHOLY dk I got a freaking 1 hand sword…

(Punyelf) #23

I actually got an upgrade for my max Ally Pally. Usually I get something for an O/S. Happy days.


Ally Pally :smiley: i love it