The 370 wpn Emmisarry today

(Eighjan) #25

My DK got a 380 (Warforged) 1H sword… makes a changed to get any 1H Weapon on a DK.

(Iggwilv) #26

On my Pally I got a 370 pole arm which was great, 20 ilvl upgrade.

Subtlety rogue…I got an axe :frowning:
Fury warrior…I got a shield :frowning:
Affli lock…I got an upgrade 365 staff :slight_smile:
WW monk…I got 365 sword :slight_smile:

3/5 good and 2/5 not do good.

(Destruct) #27

I thought they hotfixed it already that caches woudl respect your spec choice. Shame.

(Aylish) #28

That’s what I thought too, so went to do it on my hunter with the belief I would be able to replce my 310 gun. Disappointed when I recieved a 360 Polearm.

(Kayleen) #29

the spec specific reward from caches comes in 8.2 i think.
and shields count as weapons as they are equipped in the slot for it, as offhands, wands, melee and ranged wpns

(Punyelf) #30

I believe the changes that were talked about are coming in Season 2

We’ve heard this feedback a lot, and we agree. In Season 2, emissary caches and similar rewards like Assault wrapper quests will award loot based on your spec (or loot spec, if chosen) instead of your class.

Standard world quests will continue to provide rewards based on class rather than spec, for two reasons:

  1. You can see the exact reward up-front, and choose whether or not to do the content if the reward doesn’t interest you. This also can offer a way to shore up weak off-spec slots without worrying that you might miss out on a major upgrade.
  2. If world quest rewards were spec-based, it might seem like the right behavior to cycle through your specs when evaluating potential rewards for every world quest, especially early in a tier, which seems like pretty annoying gameplay.

But neither of those reasons applies to something like emissaries or Assaults, where you don’t see what the reward will be until the end. And as you say, it can be frustrating if it’s for a spec you have no intention of playing, or it can simply feel like a bug. So we’re changing it.


I did the weapon emissary with my paladin, expecting to replace my 345 2h sword from Arathi warfront. Except the 2h mace I got had less DPS and STR than the 345 one… That felt pretty weird.


3rd emissary for 360 and ive got shields each time … as an enhancement sham


Maybe cause it up for alie

(Daerhys) #34

When is season 2?

(Punyelf) #35

Wednesday :slight_smile:


Well, on this druid i first got 370 OFFHAND from the assaultbox, that also ticked the emissary for Honorbound, lo and behold, 370 intellectmace and yes, I kinda wanted those for my battlechicken / angry bonsai so not really disappointed there :stuck_out_tongue:

(Daltor) #37

I play survival and get nothing but ranged weapons.


And today after months & months I finally got a Weapon…

(Destruct) #39

Funny, my hunter on the Alliance has the opposite problem. 7th legion polearm for your 7th legion gun? Even the bow is oke!

(Kalvin) #40

I kept getting polearms on my BM for a loooong time. Finally after sacrificing a few trolls and orcs to a blood god, I finally got a 370 bow from the warfront.

(Aylish) #41

Crossing my fingers for better luck next time then. Many guildies and friends have had the same problem, getting survival weapons when in need of ranged ones, and seemingly always survival weapons. I have only seen melee weapons when being online too, but my hunter hasn’t been 120 for more than a few weeks, so I can’t complain about personal bad luck yet, but I find the system very frustrating. I had the same on this character(my main), where she kept getting agility weapons(and still do. I don’t recall ever seeing a intellect weapon from the WQ’s when I have been available). Luckily she looted a lot of weapons from instances and raids(?!) at the start of the expansion, so I got covered anyways.


this hotfix will be up on 23rd :slight_smile: but only from invasions - emmisaries will be still class specific not spec


legion made people lazy - weapons were always the most problematic slot to fill up

(Mahmeya) #46

You’re wrong there, read their post correctly. All rewards that give a box you can’t see into before looting - which includes emissaries and warfronts - will be spec-based.