The actual 9.1.5 2v2 healer tierlist


you’re welcome

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Didn’t ask

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Mw before r-druid lol

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Every MW has wrong stats so this is on paper

Vers > Crit/Haste MW is the surpreme healer-spec

Looking back vendor was a mistake

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enhance, ret, feral, dks?

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Curios whats wrong with Mastery, it was a good stat for healing, it doesnt do S*** for offensive
I play my MW a long time ago so i an not up to date

But why is it bad foe 2s pls explain thx

Prot Paladins…

Good MW monks are insane. Just now MW monk outplayed me, I felt hopeless.
I kinda agree with your top healers.

rsham = mw

Talking is not allowed in your guild

That’s the question i started to ask myself since the spec died,

I’m now believing that MW don’t need Mastery at all and that the true potential is hidden. Some started to toss half their mastery and make it crit.

However Crit+Haste must be superior in anyway since its tick healing, tower healing, hots. If the game slows down next season then you can also play venthyr again. I played mastery since 8.3

This is Mysticall a former 3k player (US) (youtuber) he has 144% mastery and says 5% haste is the optimal for mistweaving. I don’t believe in full mastery since it has to slow GCD to react to certain things.

However mastery MW is easier to play for beginner, however a mediocre MW cannot play at all anymore…

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