The Azure Vault

This has to be one of the worst dungeons in the history of M+.

Every time I build up my key I get an Azure Vault and I just know it’s going to downgrade two levels because this dungeon forces you to take incredibly risky pulls and from my experience people leave this dungeon the most. I legit haven’t had a fun experience in this dungeon ever. The timer is too short, the packs are incredibly frustrating and overloaded with annoying mechanics, the bosses are hard and everything just feels like it was designed to waste your time.

I think the most obvious fix would be to increase the timer and probably nerf the frequency in which certain mobs cast certain spells.


one of the easiest dungeon in DF.

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Not from my experience

Easiest m+ key next to Shadowmoon and Court after the recent nerfs.

In what universe

timer is very good. We did 22+ twice yesterday, and we could have done 23 as well. 414 gear only. Pug group.
24 and even 25 will be doable with more dps / more gear.
U just need a good tank with good rout and 100k+ dps from everyone.

Ofc i dont know what lvl ur are making atm but AV is one of the best designed dungeons at all.

Look some videos maybe.

The timer is very manageable, the problem is the dungeons’ telegraphed routing is horrendous. If you just W through and pull the things the dungeon is telling you you’re “supposed to” it’s incredibly time consuming. Skipping trash in the upper ring, or after the second boss saves a tonne of time and the pulls you have to do to make up that count are really not that hard since the nerfs.

If you are playing the frog section you make the key infinitely easier by just single targeting down the breakers in any pull you do, they’re the only danger and once they’re dead your tank can just drag the frogs and kobolds to the next one. Also never play the last 2 breakers, even having your tank pull them to the side and die as you run past is more worth than dealing with them.

I’m gonna be real with you, that’s a little unrealistic of an expectation for a 22. AA / Nokud sure, you can expect that because those keys have numerous massive pulls and bosses with large amounts of pad / damage buffs, but RLP CoS TJS HoV are more in the 85-90 range, HoV dragged down by having 5 single target bosses.

You gotta be trolling. 1 wipe = deplete

Again, it’s about routing. I’ve had AV’s that I barely timed by a few seconds despite no major mistakes, and runs that we’ve had 3-4 minutes left by the time we finished.

We tried a new route in a 23 yesterday that we’d never done before. We wasted bloodlust and full wiped on a pack having killed none of it, we forgot to do a pack and had to backtrack for count, and we had 4-5 random deaths on bosses and we still were within striking distance of timing it (Had the last pull we had to backtrack for at like 40% when timer ran out).

Well, I’m guessing your group is pretty exceptional. From my experience (and I mainly pug) is that people try the skips, they go horribly wrong and then people insta leave. We do the skips, everything goes right and we have like 4 minutes left on the timer (meaning 1 wipe = depletion).

Some people don’t do the skips and then it just becomes constant pulls of packs that require billions of interrupts with billions of swirlies and 1shot frontal cones. Usually people die on the ring trash and I have to hold my breath that a random person doesn’t just leave after dying.

I find any other key a lot less frustrating, this includes HoV/TJS/AA and other dungeons that people consider hard.

I pretty much exclusively pug, I say we because it was the 2nd key we’d done and the tank was excited to try something he said we could do because we had a priest. I wish you could have seen the absolute mess we made of basically everything we attempted from the 1st boss onwards.

I think it’s also a key that is genuinely almost entirely on the tank. If the tank is doing what he’s supposed to, and just getting a little coordinated cc from the dps to stop the crystal frontals, nobody else in the group is taking any damage at all. I think a decent chunk of the problem in the 16-20 level, which I’m assuming this is, is that people get stuck in their ways and therefor aren’t necessarily practiced with the newer pulls or mob combinations. It’s not that those pulls are necessarily that hard, the mobs they involve have been significantly nerfed since the dungeon was added, it’s just that they’re different and typically unknown to the people attempting them for the first time.

This must be a sarcasm coming from classic andy. Have you read it?

did 23 yesterday. Kinda easy. Was about to do even 24. Came to 3rd boss with 9 minutes left. So - it s easy. DPS was 110-120k from every one.
It s all about rout. But the easiest rout is with tons of shards - ur group must have to have tons of mass CCs to deal with all frontals. Sooo just find a good tank :slight_smile:

The key in general is heavily on the tank. Between routing and management of frontals, as well as the fact there’s very little damage on the rest of the group at all if things are going as planned.

Post nerfs this dungeon is kinda trivial. Don’t really understand why people still have such issues with it. The entire 2nd half of the dungeon after azureblade is perhaps the easiest M+ section of any dungeon.

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You’re saying this when Ruby Life Pools exists

The last boss is just bad and on Tyranical is even worse

I heard that prot Warriors can Spell Reflect almost every Boss Spells in this dungeon. Nerf Spellreflect please.

I heard Deathknights are immune to all magic debuffs with AMS!

Unfortunately your personal experience doesn’t match the statistics.

AV is one of the hardest and most annoying dungeon during tyrannical weeks.