The Deeprun Tram

This really bugs me. How does a tram that runs East and West link two cities that are North and South of each other?

Who designed it and why can’t they use a map?


The Deeprun Tram is a triumph of Gnomish technology. Designed bt Gnomes and maps are for noobs :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually you are going through a portal while halfway through the tunnel, but it is designed in a way that people will not notice. That’s also why Nessi is there. Everyone is supposed to focus on her so nobody notices the portal stuff

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Your compass just goes wild near the tram because of all those crazy gnomish gizmos and whatnots.


On very beginning I believe it was about to connect Ironforge and Darnassus.
You can tell this also as you going underwater.


Who cares? The tram is the best place in Azeroth for some serious furry yiffing roleplay. I like to try and get at least an hours worth of furry yiffing roleplay in every evening before I log out for my supper of sardines and Doritos mashed up onto a cheese scone.

You can’t yiff in Classic, there are no worgens and pandas.

Dear Mageinchina

Thank you for filling your query with the Deeprun Tram Company

Our Tram System uses high-end Gnomish Technology that unfortunately is not compatible with most compasses and forces the compasses to show that you are travelling in the wrong direction.
Please be assured that this is perfectly normal and that the residual energy is well under the limit of all current health and safety requirements as set out in the Gnome and Goblin Health and Safety Act section 2.01 which which can be found quoted below:

2.01: For technology to be deemed “safe”, the risk of death must be below 50%

We hope this alleviates your concerns and that you continue to travel with ourselves!

Yours Sincerely,
The Deeprun Tram Company


Sorry for some bad spelling.

Sooo… well if i remeber this right The Deeprun Tram was suposed to go to Darnassus from the start but for some reason it ended up going to Stormwind insted. If any one can conf this il be happy as im not 100% on this.

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Check my post The Deeprun Tram

You are right.
They changed it on last minute as it would be a little unbalanced faction wise to get from one continent to another on early stage of game, and for whatever else reason.


You just THINK youre going south.

While the North/South, East/West query is an interesting one, we should also be considering the other important question, where might those unused stations have taken us to. Are they request stop only, and we don’t know who to place the request with, do they lead to unknown, underground cities, or secret magical labs (knowing us gnomes, probably the later), have they been closed off for a reason, due to world eating horrors worse than anything yet seen?

What does lie beyond those unused stations?


Yes, unfortunately we left the digging to Dwarves and the Gnomish supervisor was sick entire week, so those shovelheads dug a tunnel to Stormwind on accident.
We would punish them, but they never came back and just chilling in Stormwind, drinking human beer. True story.


It was supposed to go to the Gnomish capital of Gnomeregan but then that got made into an instance instead, so…

Magnets. Gnomish ingenuity knows no bounds :nerd_face:


How do they work?!

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And how fast must it be running to make the trip in less than 1 minute!

As fast as a gryphon flies :slight_smile:

Is that an African gryphon or a European gryphon?


Funny … ? I do not know from which the Azerothian variety descended. Do you know? Then please tell.
I just wanted to say thar the time is the same whatever you go by Deeprun tram or buy a ride on a Gryphon. I can’t be the only one having timed this.