The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj Opening in WoW Classic

How long are you going to flatout ignore your paying customers?

Remove the 30 a day instance limit.


Unlock dead servers idiots!

Unlock server for people who already got a character on it …

Good. You deserve it.


could have farmed all ressources since almost a year so every server should have them unless lazy

Makes me sad, 1 its way too early 2. its still freaking summer.


Any change of getting the tier 0,5 quest-chain online at beginning of July like how we got the battlegrounds before their intended phases too? Would be fun to get something fresh while waiting.

No ETA on unlocking the realms?

this blizzard…


Yeah and from reading a lot of the comments it sure smells like summer in here, if you know what I mean.

we DONT care about AQ, just unlock the servers

I guess it means that we also access to AQ40 after the opening of AQ doors ?

« With that patch, we’ll be ready to unlock the content we’ve been testing on the PTR. »

AQ40 is not currently available on PTR realm (just to confirm, unless I am mistaken).

No thank you

Cool, now please open the locked EU realms, thank you.

Should’ve made materials gathered pre-patch unable to be used towards the war effort. Realms will not experience the event because individuals will open the gates within a lockout. A shame really.


Too late, then I may return on september.

It’s impossible to open the gates within one lockout. You need to clear BWL twice for the quest.

Who know ? The “proof” was done in 2006 in the 1.9 patch.
Maybe it’s killable in it’s pre-nerf state in 1.12 in 2020.

unlock realms

Imagine playing on a PvP realm and not PvP with the other faction. You allied rats have destroyed so many realms for your coward stance of fleeing instead of fighting.