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Guild name: Forest of Elwynn
Horde or Alliance: [A]
Type of guild: Casual/Light RP Guild.
Ingame contacts: Goldshire
Introduction: Forest of Elwynn is a semi Villager-Roleplaying community based largely in Goldshire, with the goal of teaching newer roleplayers our beloved trade. Further info found here. [A-RP] Forest of Elwynn!

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Guild name: The Kirin Dal
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: Heavy RP
Ingame contacts: Valven
Introduction: The Kirin Dal is an old mage-rp guild that represents a subbranch of the Kirin Tor, offering both traditional, scholary mage events (apprenticeships and all that good stuff included) along with more proactive duties, such as securing artefacts from falling into the wrong hands - such as those of cultists. Forum thread here.

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Ran across the limitation of only being able to add 2 links in a post as a ‘new’ character (which Naradia is on the S T post) . Your forum link will be added as soon as I managed to unlock those forum rights.

Horde or Alliance: A
Type of guild: Heavy RP, Casual PvP, Casual PvE, Casual Raid
Website and/or forum thread:
In game contacts: Steadyheart [G]
Introduction: The Argent Vanguard aims to be the premier destination for all your Argent Dawn themed Roleplaying needs on Classic WoW.

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List updated. Temporary work-around to the not being able to put more than 2 links by using link template (thanks to Steadyheart for posting it, I stole the idea from you)

With all these ‘the’ guilds I might split up T & S as separate posts.

Guild name: Frostwolf Legion
Horde or Alliance: Horde
Type of guild: Heavy RP, RP-PvP, PvE.
Website and/or forum thread:
Info Document:
Forum thread:
Ingame contacts: [G] Behemoth, [O] Arinnaya
Introduction: The Frostwolf Legion is a subsidiary of the Frostwolf Clan formed of all races. A warband at heart, the Legion strives to defend not only the clan’s home of Alterac but the Horde’s interests abroad.


Guild name: Lordamere Rangers
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: RP, RPPvP
Website and/or forum thread:
Player’s Guide:
Forum Thread:
Part of the Survivors of Lordaeron Group:
Ingame contacts: [G] Halder
Introduction: The Lordamere Rangers is a guild of rangers in Lordaeron, consisting of wayfaring bowmen who have pledged themselves to help protect and range for the town of Southshore.

Frostwolf Legion and Lordamere Rangers added

Guild name: The Postmasters
Horde or aliiance: Horde
Type of guild: RP guild.
In-game contact: Ligeia or any member

Nothing can stop the mail and we serve the Horde by ensuring the mail/post gets through. Deliveries, escorts, espionage - if it involves the collection and delivery of anything we are your first port of call.


Ligeia, you seem to be in the guild ‘Infinitas Fedilitas’ on Argent Dawn, not in ‘The Postmasters’ on Hydraxian Waterlords?
I reckon you have the same character on different realms, but just checking to be sure.

I have Ligeia on classic and retail, i couldn’t see how to select my classic character :frowning:

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Found it, log out and in, here she is.


Guild name: Silver Lion Vanguard
Horde or Alliance: [A]
Type of guild: RP, Social, Raiding
Website and/or forum thread: None as of yet
Ingame contacts: [G] Rolas, [O]: Neft & Marus fort the most part
Introduction: We have two goals; reclaim Lordaeron and cleanse the undead taint. We will not shy away from our duty, and when the time comes to reclaim our homeland, we will be on the frontlines. In the name of the Light.

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The Postmasters and The Silver Lion Vanguard added.

Neft, your description is running a tad long (342 characters). I’m not too strict on the 250 characters rule, but to avoid a snowball effect of the descriptions getting longer and longer: could you see if you could cut down a few characters from the intro?

edit: Also, I now see the guildname is ‘Silver Lion Vanguard’. not THE Silver Lion Vanguard as you posted it.
I’ll move the entry to the S section

Second edit: if no shorter intro is provided I’ll be shortening it myself by scrapping some words.

Guild name: The World Tree
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: Heavy RP
Website and/or forum thread: theworldtree. enjin. com
Ingame contacts: Guild leader - Elrienne / Officers - Gen & Shiqane
Introduction: Citizenship Guild based in Darnassus, we are a RP Hub for ALL Races/Classes residing, working or traveling through Elven Lands. Guild is OOC, we RP as Citizens of Elven Lands but we do have IC groups such as Sentinels, Temple & Druids etc.

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The World Tree has been added

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I’d like to ask you to keep the text shorter. It’s 611 characters long as it is. If I shorten your contact bit to ‘Mad & discord channel’ then the rest of your guild intro is still 508 where I gave a 250 character limit.
Please shorten it to 250-300 characters.

I also requested people to post with a character that is in the guild. Please do so. I’ve already had one case of the guild name differing slightly from what they posted, so I’d like to be able to check for accuracy.

Guild name: Yseras Embrace
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: Community-Pve-rp
Website and/or forum thread:
discord bvFgHTb
how to get in contact Message “mad” on discord/ingame
activity We’ve been around since day 1 and been growing steadily. We promote healthy interaction with the members and this has caused a lovely result of members helping each other. having small banter in /g we have active 20-40 people on always during the day.
plans To Build a raiding community with a close community attitude.

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Thank you! Yseras Embrace has been added.

Guild name: Eternal
Horde or Alliance: Horde
Type of guild: Allround casual RP/PvE and PvP
Website and/or forum thread: theeternalleaf .com
Ingame contacts: Ashmane, Atlas, Zyra
Introduction: Casual guild providing an allround experience of classic in a friendly enviroment. We provide a community which spans from classic to retail and even some other games. Our aim is to relax and have fun, and thus our aim is not to rush the game but enjoy it in it’s time, whilst still giving the framework for those who wish to go ahead.

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