The Horde should keep Shalamayne


The sword wielded by Saurfang in the cinematic is now a Horde relic. It belongs in a museum or to be buried with him.

Anduin’s a priest. Priests can’t use swords. He can get fearbreaker back.

Shalamayne belongs to the Horde now.


No. Shalamayne belongs to Anduin as he is its rightful owner, and he can indeed use it as he is a special priest. Get your ugly garbage toes away from that shining sword.


But it’s a Horde artefact now, and part of Orcish culture. One of our greatest war heroes used that sword to dethrone Sylvanas.

Anduin should hand the sword over to the Horde.


He borrowed it because the axe he had was too weak (what to expect from orcish weapons?). It was never his.


And yet it’s now a crucial part of both his and the Horde’s legacy. If Anduin truly wants peace he should give it to the Horde as an act of good will.


Then come get it. I eagerly await to watch the savage garbage of the Horde pile up at the gates of Stormwind.


Really weak bait if you ask me. You should become better, young padawan.


Poor effort OP


It’s quite ugly anyway.
3/10, would not mog.


Yeah, because swords look trash on gnomes. How can you wield something that’s bigger than your entire body?


Yeah, wielding things too big for their body is totally specific to gnomes, and never looks cool at all…


I suppose you should take solace in the fact you have company as far as oversized weapons are concerned.


Didn’t Rexxar at some point consider Kul Tiras “our lands” as well?

We need a neutral faction consisting entirely of lawyers to settle these disputes. Maybe we can get a few Nathrezim from the burning legion on the job now that the legion is gone, that seems to be right up their alley.

(Sanara) #14

The Horde can keep Shalamayne, but the Alliance gets to keep Orgrimmar itself.

Grommash Hold will be converted into a visitor center for the new theme park/museum/zoo, the Museum of Failures.

Ride a zeppelin around the old towers, complete with the thrill of a simulated catastrophic crash and explosion thanks to our Gnomish Simulated Catastrophy Goggles!

Tour the Valley of Strength to see the pens full of filthy Orcs wallowing in their own hypocrisy!

See the Valley of Spirits where the last surviving Trolls climb around their cages and fling their recreational drugs at visitors!

Delve into the mysterious Drag and Cleft of Shadows to see animatronic Forsaken practicing their evil deeds - but don’t touch the glass, please.


I agree. Dirty humans shall not be allowed to keep such a magnificent elven blade.


you can have a replica its all you mongrels are worthy of also it’s sylvanas’s loot now since she killed saurfang and shes a traitor so you should have joined her party if you wanted the blade of the one true king of all azeroth

(Däkär) #17

Give Shalamayne back, but you can keep Anduin.


Imagine the response if we got Shalamayne.

It’d be worse than the rants about Teldrassil.

(Zakkaru) #19

This is hilarious +1 from me :joy::ok_hand:

(Zakkaru) #20

Speaking of which - why every other Artifact had to be used to neuter Sargeras sword corruption except Shyamalan and Jaina’s staff?
They talk about “Azeroth is our Home” - but not important enough to give up shiny legendary I suppose.