The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


Hello my fellow Hydraxians!

There’s a tradition on my old server - a thread dedicated to conversation and getting to know one another. No clear topic, just a place to chat while at work or on the side while playing, if you don’t feel like joining a discord or anything like that. I like that tradition. It’s a nice tradition. So I figured, why not create one here as well?
Tradition dictates that such a thread will be “closed” once it reaches 1000 posts and a new one will be opened. Primarily because 1000 posts used to be the count at which point a thread auto-closed back in one of the older versions of this forum, but also to keep the thread at least somewhat readable (endless scrolling… from hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee!).

Anyway, since this is the first thread, maybe introductions are in order?

I’ve started playing WoW back in 2006, first on “die Arguswacht”, then, from TBC onwards, on “die Aldor”. Stopped playing seriously more or less around cata, came back a few times to look at new expansions and then kinda lost interest around Legion… until classic brought me back.
The perceptive amongst you may notice that those two are German servers. I’m primarily here because Blizzard decided to not give us Germans any RP Servers this time around. Still somewhat hopeful that that may change, but until it does I’ll be playing here.




Hydraxian the Hydrawesome server.



Hail hallowed hydraxia! Or something like that. Alliterarions are amazingly awesome.


The official greeting between server mates here is obviously “Hail Hydra!”.

Hail Hydra!


Hail Hydra, bro-Wimbert!


Hail Hydra, Wimbert ;> Nice to see another familiar-ish face around here.


Well, it’s here or german pve servers… So I’ll give the internationals a chance to impress me with their RP. Even better, if I embarrass myself, no one here knows me. Almost no one… narrows his gaze at Karno


My lips are sealed. Nobody understands me with these giant tusks anyway.


You’re a fast learner, if I am ever to conduct tests on you, I’ll make sure to put you in the control group. You’re welcome.


Pretty lame that Blizzard only made RP servers for English-speaking players. Surely there are enough players from the other supported language groups to let everyone have their own instead of forcing everyone to speak English?

But anyway, I guess that means we get to meet more quality RPers and provides an opportunity to make more friends, so I can’t complain personally…

Great thread idea, by the way!


Yeah, it sucks a bit. Germany had RP Servers from the very beginning and we’re probably one of the larger language communities in WoW. Lots of German RPers decided to rather play on PvE Servers than try the UK ones, simply due to not feeling comfortable enough with their english skills to try roleplaying in that language. Less of an issue for me, but I’m probably the exception to the rule. We’ll see, Blizzard seems to have pretty… conservative expectations in regards to player numbers, so might be they change their mind sometime in the next few weeks.

Thanks! Can’t claim to have come up with it, just copied the idea from my old server ;>


Hah, and my classic character is available. Wonderful.


In Vanilla my best friend was from Austria, he always had issues with his “Steigleitung”, whatever that may be, I never found out.

Cool fellow, miss him a lot. I would appreciate it, if the germans would stay, so that we can form a nice big community.


How do you do, fellow moist boys.


Standpipe is the english word for it, apparently. It’s a firefighting thing. I had to google it myself, never heard the term before.

(Mahulena) #16

Hi. I have started playing during early TBC. Tha Sha’tar EU. Very soon I realized I have missed a lot, so I was always a supporter of classic realms. I have built a succesful guild during TBC and was a raid leader through TBC and WoTLK. I have kind of given up on raiding after Ulduar and returned for ICC and ICC hard modes. I quite loved Cata in some way, enjoyed a fair share of the raiding, but with the introduction of LFR I have pretty much given up on the game. Now… I am so grateful I can play casually with my wife and that we can have nerve wrecking adventures in trogg caves of the dwarven lands. Yay! Happy questing everyone. :slight_smile:


Same here. Had to decide between international RP or german non-RP. It was an easy decision. Especially since I already played on Argent Dawn for some month with some english speaking friends during WotLK. While playing there I experienced a very friendly and open minded community.

I started playing on Die Silberne Hand at Classic release, switched to Der abyssische Rat at the end of Classic and switched back to the Hand at the end of Wrath.

I cannot imagine to play WoW on a non-RP Server and am really looking forward to play on Hydraxian Waterlords.

Edit: Since we already started playing I don‘t think we will change again even if Blizz will offer german speaking RP Server. In my opinion it is too late for this now. I was playing with the english client during my whole WoW career anyways. :innocent:


Dunno, thing is that playing on the UK realm kinda split the group of people I wanted to play with apart. Right now I’m the only one who went here, the rest are either still waiting to see if an RP Server will materialize or started on PvE/PvP servers.

So for me “getting the gang back together” might still be enticing enough a prospect to switch to a german RP Server. If one of those ever happens.

Nice to see you around here by the way, Schimmerfell. I remember you from the RP server threads on the classic forums :wink:


:wave: Thank you. Yes, I think I wrote one or two posts in those threads. :thinking:


Didn’t we all. ;D