The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


For me it’s all about the RP. I don’t think my English will be a problem there, but I just don’t know the community, yet and RP culture can diverge widely from server to server.

I myself (while also starting on Die Silberne Hand) did most of my RP on Die Aldor. If I don’t feel at home within Hydra-RP I might be willing to reroll, if another community, be it English or German, better fits my ideas. Not seeing that coming, though.

And my RP friends… are mostly split up. Some lost any interest in Classic RP after the to and fro with the server situation and too many had no interest at all… So, a new beginning it is. I’ll be interested to see the projects popping up here. I’m going for a gnome scientist/adventurer, shouldn’t be too hard to fit him somewhere…


In all fairness, even if you had a very broken english it wouldn’t be a problem.
I used to know a Serbian hunter that used his broken english to his advantage playing a very confusing Orc. And he was amazing at that.

I’m not an english native either, do I make silly mistakes? Yes, but I also do them in real life because I speak super fast aha :smiley:

Right now I don’t think anyone feels totally at home within Hydra-RP, we’re all just settling in. And people will come and go during the next weeks I reckon.

But I’m going to tell you this, I feel more at home here than I’ve felt on retail for quite some time.



You need a brown coat.

But yeah, I can confirm the “feeling at home” thing. The community feeling is much, much stronger than it is on retail realms. Constantly stumbled over people helping each other, tailors offering to do bags for free if you just give them the mats, druids buffing everybody they stumble across, lots of team ups to do harder quests… it’s nice. I’ve missed this.


I’m still forming my opinion on the Classic experience in general. Yes, it is more social. Mostly. But there are also many frustrations on the way. Especially on “collect”-quests, where a group doesn’t really help at all… I guess some of it will be a bit more reasonably doable after the rush on the starting zones is finally over, but for now I can’t convince myself that it is fun to need one hour for a simple quest like that, nor to leave groups, because grouping up only made things worse. And I am a bit disheartened, when I remember that problems like that are never ever supposed to be fixed here…

Oh, well, I’m here for the RP anyway, so I’ll see about that.


Not sure I’d say grouping makes things worse. On one hand, yeah, you’ll have to share the quest drops. On the other hand, being in a group allows you to pull more mobs at once and survive a lot more than if you were on your own. So far I found grouping up to be the quicker solution. But I’m a Tauren, so my starting zone is probably a lot less crowded than yours :wink:


Depends on the quest, really. If the group stays focused and together it is probably at least as effective as going alone. If the problem is finding the spawns in the first place, and everyone runs wherever they will… Well, you might actually miss the mobs that you could have looted, you’re still often alone at your target and since people have something to do there isn’t much socializing, either. I am specifically thiking of my experience with the collect quest at the gnomeregan surface right now, but it’s not the only one. I guess for things like caves grouping up always works.


Yeah, that’s fair. It’s certainly not a system without its problems. Still, so far I’m happy to be back. Sure, it’s often a lot more cumbersome and slow paced than I’m used to these days, but that’s a nice change.

And I finally have my talent trees back. I missed those sooooo much!


wait what? :confused: confused

Small groups, as in 2 people are the best in my opinion. I remember how grindy it was to collect X amount of [insert item] but that was on purpose. There weren’t as many quests as there are in retail WoW so the experience was a bit grindy in order to give you the level XP.

Plus, after a couple of quests with the same people you start to bond. I ended up doing the same quest twice because on our way back to Brill a new party member needed to kill some enemies we already killed.

It’s funny how that works. I tried to slow down the pace several times in retail, leveling alts and always ended up rushing again. Now I’m forced to slow down and I’m loving it like 2006.



When I read “Mal” I think of Malcom “Mal” Reynolds, one of the main Characters in the TV Show Firefly. ~grins~ Mal used to be part of a rebel group who used brown coats as a sort of uniform, colloquially known as “browncoats”. The fanbase of the show has taken to naming each other that way, too.

Mhmm, it’s human nature to choose the path of least resistance, I feel. Making things deliberately harder for yourself by, say, not using heirloom gear and the like just doesn’t feel all that great, at least to me. Having it be the default, on the other hand, is fun.


Blizzard, make it happen, now I want a coat.
Also, I want my classic forum avatar! /shakes fist



There’s a few robes that kinda look like closed trenchcoats ;D

One is fairly early dropwise… Forgot what the name of it was, though…


…is sap supposed to break stealth? because at the moment it does… or is that just the lower form of sap? I can’t remember it doing that back then…

Nevermind… working as intended. Sometimes returning to stealth is a sub talent. Huh.


Tragically, Sap broke stealth, yep.

Or I suppose I should say breaks stealth, since here we are, now.

I came from Argent Dawn, where I’ve played on and off since vanilla. I’ve hugely enjoyed Classic so far and bumping into old faces and meeting new folks alike. Hopefully see you out there!


Look at all those Die Aldor’ers running around here! Hello to the old server! Given that I never really had the chance to involve myself as much as I would liked within the realm community, I’m happy to see this thread up and about!

Yes, I’d murder for some nice coats.


Aldorians, aldorians everywhere :wink: The thread is sadly a bit quiet so far, but that seems to be the case with the realm forum in general. Maybe it’ll pick up a bit more in the future, we’ll see.

I’ve been having a lovely time on the server so far, at the very least. Even stumbled into some RP here and there.


Ya, but the LFG channel is busy with some people not playing nice. I have the feeling we are their venting point for queues and class balance :frowning:

Overall though, people I met were nice. Someone gave me a bag, another some potions and I was given help when I was about to die. No RP yet, except the Dwarf in LFG, looking for companions.

My Druid just learned 2 handed maces, took her an hour to reach IF, but she did it without any deaths as level 12! My mage is waiting for the postman, taking ages today, must be Gnome…


Gosh, I had completely forgotten that mail takes an hour even if you send it to an alt of yours. Was very confused when it didn’t arrive immediately and had to check if I didn’t accidentally send it to someone else.


Same thing with Hearthstones. Boy above everything else, the 1 hour CD really slipped my mind!

But yeah, give it time. I see a bright future for our community, especially given that we are on a RP server :slight_smile: I gotta get into some casual RP next week though! Strange to see how little changed within the Mage’s quarters.


That one I remembered. One more reason why Shamans are objectively the best (I’m not biased there in any way, no Ma’am!). You essentially get to have two hearthstones, with Astral Recall ;>


Ya, same here. I thought I messed up :smiley:

Today my Druid learned how to fish and how to cook some meat and fish. Lots of hunting involved and lonely hours at the shore. Quite often she feels lonely. :frowning:

At the trainer she had no money to buy her lectures for Bash and Healing Touch, that being said, she was healing with Level 1 for quite some time, as the stupid me, did not pull down the level 2 on her action bar.

Now with 50 copper, she will need to find a bar to sell drinks to drunk dwarfs, so she can afford her new skills.