The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


Well then.


Last night, as members of Tarren Mill did their questing, very respectful of the living, they stumbled upon a troubled Orc boy who was stuck in a log. In a display of love for the living and definitely no intent on annihilating all things that breathe, our heroes saved The Boy. Footage below:


Well done. That’s some lovable, completely trustworthy forsaken right there!

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Apologies for derailing the chatter :). I was just wondering how the server is going from a Horde point of view? :slight_smile:


I’m leveling as a group with 3 of my friends and we’re having a blast. We see familiar names all the time, and we’re making friends everywhere along the way.

Also our guild has started to IC go to Brill to give starting supplies to newbies and it’s been a blast :smiley: .

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That’s brilliant, I love that :slight_smile:


Hell yeah! Mages and shamans really put the others to shame when it comes to global mobility. Time to get them bragging rights!


Hydraxian Waterboys repressent. Adam Sandler intensifies


Yep. I do love how mobile Shaman is, just by virtue of having access to, essentially, a slightly slower mount at level 20 already. 40% movement speed buff is amazing considering just how much you have to walk around. In retail the wolf mostly just gets used in dungeons, in my experience. The “level 16-20” window just isn’t long enough to warrant using it much.
In classic it’s one of my most used spells and will probably stay in that position until 60, even if I manage to scrape together the gold for a mount by level 40. Mainly because you can relatively easily shorten its cast time to a second, which makes it much faster to cast than a mount. Sure, it’s slower to move, but more convenient.


Indeed. I never really thought about the fact that there was essentially no use for stuff like ghostwolf after you’re able to get into dungeons, thanks to being teleported via dungeonfinder. And it’s not like you’ll use it that often within the dungeon itself anyway, given their modern design.


Yeah, retail made a lot of the movement abilities more or less reduntant by making the mount a level 20/40 thing and generally reducing walking times by a lot. On horde it’s really apparent just how much more you have to walk the moment you get into the barrens, which are just this massive zone that takes ages to cross. In retail you get like five, six flight points in the northern barrens alone.


On the other hand… My Sprint has a 5min cooldown. I am quite jealous of the treehuggers and mushroom eaters.


Quick question, are there any Alliance warlock trainers across Kalimdor? I wanted to level this character across Darkshore/Ashenvale/Felwood, but ultimately I haven’t found anyone to report back to train with. I understand there being none across Night Elf lands, but are there any in Theramore maybe? Ratchet? Sucks if not, cos I’ll effectively be stuck in Eastern Kingdoms.


Ishnu dal dieb.

Oh jeez, introductions… hmm… Well, I started playing back in early US closed beta, initially played a Night Elf Priestess but by the time EU launch happened, I decided to roll her as a Night Elf Druid. Initially played on Earthen Ring until ~40 before having to take a break due to real life events. When I returned, I migrated to Moonglade which I have called home ever since.

With Classic’s release, as I had made Cherwina’s background that of a Priestess who joined the Druids once they allowed female Night Elves to train, I decided to play an alternate universe where she decided not to. So here I am, or at least, the alternate timeline version of this character because I can’t post on my classic one for some reason.

It’s been interesting jumping back and forth from Retail to Classic and I hope that, with it’s success so far, Blizzard can see that not all the simplification the game has received is good.

Unlike some I’ve seen discussing the two, I don’t think Classic is better or harder than Retail, but Retail has definitely lost a lot of what made WoW great once. Personally, I think what needs to change is to remove the ‘features’ that killed social interaction. What do you guys think?


Met some nice people today,

did some grouping and shared the adventure. Sadly, I always have limited time, so that I often can´t stay long in group. :frowning:

Soon I might attempt my first dungeon, bit worried as I have no “friends” yet, having to run a pug, let´s hope for some nice people there too.


Looks at blink What’s sprint? :stuck_out_tongue:

There has to be on in both Theramore and almost every goblin city.

That’s something I considered aswell, truth be told. However, in the end, I really just went with treating classic as my char’s prequel story. Which has the negative side effect that she can’t ever be in any real danger, given that she can’t die. Time to come up with creative ways to punish my characters!

When it works in the same way it really did back in OG classic, the majority of friends actually came from PUG rounds. You know, putting that one healer that was really nice all of the day onto your friends list and so on. Networking!


There’s actually a significant advantage to the way PUG’s work in Classic over Retail. In Classic, you chat and get to know each other before the dungeon as you are making your way there and also as you work out how to deal with the trash. Retail just chucks you together with other people who’s only goal is to get it all over ASAP and the only thing that even matters are the bosses.


Ya, I am actually hoping for something like that. That I end up in a nice group, my bear girl still has to gain a few levels though, but I always watch the LFG channel to take note of people who advertise very friendly. Tanks and healers seem to be needed most, so my Druid should have a good chance to find some nice group.


Honestly? Just let yourself get carried away. Put yourself out there! Eventually, someone will ask you if they can put you on their friendslist and from then on you’ll keep on meeting new people :smiley: !


Hello fellow role players,

I first started playing with the release of The Burning Crusade and ended up on Die Aldor after learning RP servers are a thing.
I’m currently interested in casual RP and you’ll mostly find me lingering around Undercity and Tirisfal. I’ve always roleplayed Forsaken and will probably stick with it.
English isn’t my first language and when I played WoW, it was a German client, the chance to English roleplay might be a bit clonky. Especially since I’m not the fastest typing person. :smiley:
Anyways, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you in character.