The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


Hi all, enjoying been back in classic - I’ve been playing since April 2006, initially on Kul Tiras, and then Sporeggar (now DB). On Hydraxian you will often come across Laenwe or Maedhren (my Druid alchemist) walking slowly along, gazing at the scenery. An interesting way to play the game, and as I’d levelled 3 characters to 60 before Outland came out, I hardly felt the need to rush through this one. Anyway, feel free to chat, helps if you walk too tho, my kB skills mean I can be hard pressed to respond to runners. Had some good random rp so far, and very gratified that the server population seem a friendly bunch.


Utterly tempted to roll on Hydralord.


Go for it. We’re always happy to welcome new players - especially if they are interested in roleplaying :slight_smile:


I saw something about imbalance between the factions - how drastic is it in the eyes of the denizens of Hydralord?


Two thirds Alliance, one third Horde, I’d hazard a guess. That’s fairly normal for RP servers, though, Alliance tends to be in the majority on those.

That said, since it’s a PvE Server the imbalance doesn’t have that much of an effect. Horde AH is a bit less filled with goodies than the Alliance counterpart and you’ll likely meet a lot more Alliance players while questing than Horde, but the population on Horde side is still fairly stable. Finding groups, so far, hasn’t been an issue for me.