The Hydraxian Inn 1 - Classic Community Comradery & Casual Conversation


Fifty-six-g—g---- starts hyperventilating

Ok, I am now past my 20, maybe I should start saving money right away :laughing:


Mount and riding cost 90g, if you have honored reputation with your faction. If you don’t, 100g.

Back then it wasn’t unusual for people to hit 50 without having a mount and I kinda suspect it’ll go similarly for me this time around.


Well, I only played WoW the first two years, and because of that only know the “vanilla” experience. And I kinda remember my two main chars had a cat and a raptor. So…somehow I seem to have managed to collect the money, but I guess my brain just deliberately suppressed the memory. :wink:


Fair. Just to shock you even further, epic mounts cost a thousand gold, or 900 with honored reputation :stuck_out_tongue:

Normal mount is perfectly doable, though. You tend to earn more gold as you get higher level, simpy due to drops and quest rewards being worth more.


As time goes on, things start to sell for more on the auction house as well. That helps.

As Rogue, I also make sure to keep up with my lockpicking and pickpocketing. You loot every humanoid twice and it does add up!


What Sice said, and if you’re not a rogue I can still recommend to keep two gathering professions up to date along with questing/leveling, one of which can be skinning to similarly loot any kind of animal or beast twice. I still threw out some money for cooking, some AH purchases and stuff, but other than that saved like Scrooge McDuck from lvl1-41 and sold the hell out of my gathered gathering stuff, and right when I hit 41 I could grab my raptor dreamyeyes And maybe don’t buy redundant skills, you can learn them after.

I met another rper yesterday that I grouped up with for elite quests, and I was heartbroken to see that they were past 40 as well and lacked about 60 gold to the mount and riding :frowning:

Also, your pictures here all look so nice and mine looks terrible cries


You also have the upside of being a mage. Trust me, being able to conjure our own food and water saves a loooooooooot of money. I mainly fell short because I made a few AH purchases, though. And gave away a good deal of the leather I made to a guildmate. Plus bag prices kinda collapsed for everything below mageweave, so my one income source there suddenly didn’t exist anymore ;(

The AH is kinda silly in that regard at the moment. Bags going for just barely above vendor prices… makes it almost more profitable to make them and just sell them to an NPC, that way you’re at least sure they’ll get bought. I’m sure that’ll balance itself out as time passes, though.


True :open_mouth: …Hit me up and I’ll conjure some tasty yummy pumpernickels and fizzle water for you :blush:
…Can they be sent via mail? For fellow rpers of course it’s free (or for a voluntary donation coughs)

Yes, the AH…I sold some cloth to the vendor too when it was basically almost the same. And most leather and ores don’t sell for that much above vendor prices, but still, it adds up in the long run. Bags, humm, I bought some 8-slot woolen ones at very low levels for nothing, and since then I fortunately found a 12-slot and two 10-slot bags. Right now selling the raw materials is more rewarding anyway, ores go for more than bars…


Might take you up on that offer, if I remember :slight_smile: But no, conjured stuff can’t be sent via mail, sadly.


Still a great chance to meet up with fellow rpers and do some rp (even if it takes me for a short trip somewhere) :yum:


I’m Elenna. Female Night Elf Hunter, complete with back story, character traits, and bad taste in shirts.

I first started in WoW in early 2006, and played right up until 2012, before quitting for good due to the Cataclysm expansion which (in my opinion) totally ruined everything I loved about the game.

I wrote on my ‘reason for cancelling’ form that I would re-sub on the day legacy servers were released, and here I am, seven years later, a bit rusty but happy. I’m loving Hydraxian Waterlords thus far. I’ve encountered only positive, helpful, friendly people and it seems we have the makings of a great, friendly new community.

During my previous WoW incarnation I was a semi-experienced roleplayer, and a member of two pretty active RP guilds. I was never a big raider, but did get as far as the Lich King back in the WotLK period. I’m not really very good at it though.

Don’t have a guild yet, and in truth I haven’t seen very many people advertising their guilds. I guess I’m after a friendly, social group of people who enjoy some shared RP, but aren’t too super-serious, super heavy and don’t make unreasonable demands on my time (I have many real life commitments that I cannot neglect). But who also like to run a few dungeons together, and maybe a BG or two.

And there it is. I could write reams about my personal life, but this is a fantasy game, so who cares.


Hail Hydra!

I used to play on Darkmoon Faire back in the day, in the guilds the Silverbrand Cohort and the Blackmist Brigade, under the name Edwardson. It’s been so many years since those days, but somehow the Cohort has been able to reform with a lot of our original members, which feels amazing - getting back into things with friends once thought lost.

I’d love to be able to make some new friends on the server eventually though. Being isolated in a guild-sized bubble is no good for anyone, no matter how comforting a bubble it is. Hopefully acquaintances and friends will come sooner rather than later, with community events, dungeon runs, and random chance encounters out and about. … and of course the fantastic people here on the forums!

Stay hydrated, folks!


That’s the great thing about Classic. We planned to do something similar - in fact, my guild here is a variant of the guild I was in back in vanilla. Back then it was named “Axt”, which is German for, well, Ax or Axe. The latter people tend to associate with deodorant, I feel, so I went with the american spelling.

Sadly the whole “no German RP Servers” thing kinda ruined the plans there and instead of playing together the people I managed to contact in the months leading up to classic ended up on lots of different German PvE or PvP realms. Only two of them ended up coming here with me. Shame, that.


As unfortunate as that is, on the other hand I’m glad that there’s only one RP-PVE and one RP-PVP realm for Europe. I’ve always felt that more than one RP realm separates the rp community.

Still unfortunate to lose old guildmates like that!


I understand where you’re coming from, but I’d argue that the community is getting separated anyway. Just look at the German classic forums, there’s a huge amount of people who won’t play on UK realms, due to not speaking the language well enough or similar reasons.


Finally got my RP outfit together \o/


Huh. This thread sure got quiet.

I love the RP outfit! It’s very well put together - is it a set, or are they just individual pieces that work together super well?

Mine is currently a bit… lacking. I’ve got a Crochet Hat though, so that’s good. A hat and a beer stein is really all anyone really needs, right?

How’s everyone coming along, now that things have settled down a bit and we’re down to one layer? I’m finding more people are hitting 60 and hanging around in Ironforge - I like it. Ironforge is clearly the best city, after all.


Yeah, the forum in general is a bit quiet and most people don’t seem overly interested in chatting here ;(

The set above is just a bunch of items that fit together. Stonecloth robe, Bleeding Crescent, Spirit Hunter Headdress and Earthclasp Barrier as the shield. The Crescent, Headdress and Barrier are horde only quest rewards (but a Shield with the same model drops in Dire Maul, now that it’s available).

Things are going alright, all in all. I sorta put Raindancer aside for now and have, instead, been leveling Earthhorn, a druid. Primarily so I could join the Frostwolf Legion, since I didn’t want to disband my guild with Raindancer (plus she’s not really a good fit for a military guild).


I googled it and this was what I got: A riser is the afferent transport of water, gas, or electricity in or on buildings serving fire protection or supply techical pipe or electrical conduit.

In the domestic drinking water system, all lines that are branched off after the distributor and usually lead perpendicular to the floors, called riser. According to the corresponding installation regulations of [DIN 1988] , all risers must be individually lockable and emptied. The branch to the floor ducts must be made at a height of 30 cm above the highest possible water level, unless all the extraction points are individually secured against backflow. [DIN]1988-3 further stipulates that several houses built next to each other must be supplied via separate risers.


Zeze is here! sheeps everybody

Sounds about right regarding the Steigleitung, sounds like your old friend had problems with connectivity because of that. Maybe was an old building.
And I guess the forum here isn’t that well frequented because the people that want to be in the community out of game use the various Discords for that rather, that weren’t around back then.

Also \o/ Heya Earthhorn :3

It’s going nicely, Zeze here has capped and at the moment mainly doing rp with her, not many dungeons and stuff. In the meanwhile I’m leveling my alliance alt so I can participate in rp events and experience the rp on both factions! I believe it’s going slowly with organising rp on the server at the moment, some drawbacks, some isolated events happening, some regular taverns setting up shop and events being planned.