The Irony of Honor

Isn’t it ironic while those players desperately try to farm more and more honor in game to not fall behind in their PvP ranks, they loose honor in real life for doing things that are far from anything honorable in Classic?

Don’t get me wrong I do understand it is a PvP server, and I absolutely think people who whine about this issue after choosing PvP servers are pathetic, that is not the point here, I have said my opinion about that many times in many whining threads.
I choosed a PvE server because I was aware after many years of PvP servers back in the day, this time around I want to play Classic in peace.

I simply find it funny that people want virtual honor more than real life honor and willing to do things that are not honorable at all or even mean.

We all know that most people (sadly) choose money over honor, but choosing virtual honor over real life honor, lol new stupidity record for humanity I guess! :laughing:


It’s American honor. Not real honour. Don’t worry about it.


When phase 2 came out, I made a joke that no one seemed to have got. I said, “since phase 2 came out I’ve lost my honour, but all I get now is honour.”

In phase one, apart of special occasions, I only attacked horde that attacked first and I consequently put them on my kos list. However, now nearly every horde is kos. It seems this numerical honour is so important to some players that they’ll lose their own honour :stuck_out_tongue: Today we saw a solo mage and waved at him. Then his friends came a minute later and attacked us, and he joined in. This is not an isolated event either.

There’s just no mercy given, most of the time. Though I do enjoy the moments when I have the clear upper hand and I offer mercy or a truce. Only farming for numerical honour gets so boring.

I like to pretend that I’m helping Horde lowbies with that escort quest in Stonetalon Mountains. I help them kill the attacking mobs, right until you get to the the last pack before completion… Then, I turn my blades on the Horde noob and one shot them.


Thats how you spot a serial killer.

I agree. Horde scrubs are budding serial killers.

It’s like, the duality of man or something bruh, to gain honour you must be dishonourable. Trippy dude.

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This post is funny, you’re mad cause you got killed. We all see through it.


How did I got killed on a PvE server? :laughing:

Maybe learn to read?

Also if you would’ve checked my previous posts you could have seen that I think people who choose a PvP server and whine about getting killed are pathetic.

You are a troll or just dumb :grinning:

Internet tough guy spotted !

You know it!

Have you ever played GTA and went on a frenzy with a chainsaw and a bazooka just blowing up everything?

This is no different than people grouping up and killing everything in their path.

People do stuff in game that they can’t do in real life. They won’t enjoy it in real life that’s why they do it in a game.

Sometimes when I drive my car on the highway and I press my gas pedal to the max and hear my 204 Horse power TFSI engine I get the dark thought of smashing myself into a wall. I’m driving, I’m behind the wheel and I can do it if I want. Just a tiny swing on the wheel and I’m there.

But I don’t do that. I just know I have the power to do that. Crash myself and my car. In GTA I have done this. Just go all out with a fast car and smash my digital self into a wall just to see what happens to the car. The result is hilarious. My character flies through the front window and the car is wrecked. Something I don’t want in real life cause I will be dead.

In real life this is not fun. In a game, it is.

This is the difference between RL and a game my friend. People do stuff there that they can’t do in real life.

P.S. I’m not suicidal. It’s just a very interesting and scary thought that rises when i drive.


This reminds me of an article from many years ago, by some journalist that wanted to take a look at this dreaded addicting game called World of Warcraft.

This man had a family and had gotten a permission from wife to play couple months, as long as he stops after.
So this guy makes an Alliance rogue. Takes his time getting into the game and its mechanics, not being much of a gamer beforehand. He still picks it up quickly enough and levels start flying in.
Soon enough he hits level 30 and goes to Stranglethorn Vale.
After a while questing in the area, he happens upon the first Horde player he had seen, and decided to try some PvP.
This horde player is in low health after fighting a couple of mobs. He sneaks behind the hordie and one-shots him with Ambush.
cool reward sound intensifies
Achievement earned: A Honorable Kill!

Imo that’s the irony of honor in WoW, knife in the back of a defenseless unsuspecting enemy, from invisible foe. Honorable kill.


What is real life honor lol?
Are you guys in the army?


It was something that struck me in vanilla as well. A lot of the time little to no honour in honor :wink:

I have always found it much more fascinating in a way that it doesn’t apply to everyone. Those who don’t when they can are as real as those who do.

It’s actually a thing. It’s the “call of the void” it’s basically the part of your brain that’s wired to try new stuff for weird reasons before the rational part says, F-that I don’t want to die…
It’s pretty much accredited for most of the major breakthroughs in human evolution and technology… “people” who didn’t have the self controll, did something crazy and lived… then proceeded to repeatedly do crazy stuff and live and others did as well…
It’s pretty much why sport/extreme sport exists. Ever wonder how someone decided it would be a great idea to learn to fly… but had to jump off buildings holding bits of wood on their arms… ya, that’s the call of the void for you…

I will admit i’ve done some fp camping at LHC after being jumped 500 times in EPL out of frustration.
But other than that when I cross paths with an alliance, i’ll greet them and move along, especially if they aren’t level 60 yet.

There just isn’t any fun in jumping someone that is fighting an npc or outnumbered.
I keep my fights for those who seek out pvp, to reclaim LHC or help fellow hordies that are being trampled.

Like yesterday, we had a rogue killing afkers or new arrivals at camp mojache.
I focussed on breaking his stealth when vanishing and stunning him as soon as he attacked someone.
I honestly felt bad after a while, but he kept coming back for more.
Kudos to him.

Doesn’t L’appel du vide refer to something more sinister than that?
For instance if you were standing on a cliff and a voice in your head would say “just jump, see what happens”.
Or when you’re talking to a buddy of yours and it’ll say “what would he do if i just slammed him accross the jaw”.

What you’re referring to seems like human curiosity rather than L’appel du vide.

You just used the French term for it, but it basically amounts to different things for different people, it’s more extreme than curiosity. It’s like curiosity on drugs. You know it’s wrong but hell let’s do this.