The last of the great guilds still around

When it comes to PvP and World PvP many of you will have heard of Honor Capped or even played with us at sometime or another or even played against us. For the past 12 years our guild has been around World PvPing giving that little extra bit of community spirit something everyone who loves pvp can join in with,Something that does not require a rating. This is the final call with out a doubt the most active WPvP guild around today.

This is a call for World PvPers to join in with us or join us! :slight_smile:

our thread



You are Ally…well, we can just battle!

Oh yeah, “Best eu guild” again :rofl:

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lets do it get 10 of your friends and ill bring 10 of mine for a fight?

Hey there Destinite,

saw your Stream a while ago. But i was actually disappointed. I don’t really think that having an Arena Que Pop open to vanish if something goes wrong for you is a real World PvP Experience.

If you ask me, World PvP is more about huge battles and fights. And dying to your oponents sometimes is a part of that aswell.

Futhermore, there are a lot more World PvP Guilds.

World PvP is anything goes.


Yeh great guild just sits at the maw camping the entrance haha


Go where the enemies are is a good strat :relaxed:


Should have a fight with them abomination lot on ravencrest. I got a horde to 60 a couple weeks back and i was fighting ally at the maw entrance for a good while then all of a sudden 20 hordes called abomination turned up all with the same mog and we camped ally for ages at the entrance was fun


We do have fights with them, and we obliterate them every time, but on stream Scarlet Scourge claim stuff like “oh, it’s seven different guilds” (when they’re basically just ex honor capped people who moved server) or claim things like “those guilds are just inactive with no more than five members” lmao

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Hello we do kill that guild all the time live on his stream apparently who knows i never use twitch, They are easy targets.

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yeah we are considered th best choice on the EU

Can i get your discord or battletag? Wanna talk abit :slight_smile:

hello sure you can destinite#2627

Sorry for late reply i dont check the forums as much as i did before

I remember you guys.

your entire officer stab got banned back in cata for mmr bug abusing rofl.

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