The many endings of Sylvanas. Pick your favorite

Seeing as how they treated Mistweaver Monks, and Gnomes in general - nope, I did not, and would not, because I’m a half-decent human being.

Sylvanas defeating all her enemies and walking away unharmed after the raid fight is done sounds good to me. The haters don’t deserve anything nice. Ever.

I prefer the one where she’s just never mentioned again and presumed to have died offscreen

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Oh, since I was just reminded of this thread, I will remind you of one of yours:

If it worked once, why not twice?:
Shot by Godfrey in the Shadowlands!

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For that we’d have to find him first. He’s not in Revendreth so where is he?

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Nah. After I got the answer in MoP that “priests are broken but we won’t do anything till the next expansion” I just took a break from the game. Till Shadowlands pre-patch. Well, technically till Classic, but that’s a different story.

I would not be that radical, but I get the sentiment. Although it works in any direction.

gl hf

I’ll take this one

when i first read that i tought she was going to literally turn the raid party all into cats become a big cat herself and bop us on the head like how real life cats annoy each other!

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A Night to Remember sounds good

Sylvanas will return to the Horde and lead it to victory against the Alliance savages. Lok’tar!

I like the cutting the head of Sylvanas option but you alliance will not get it outside a alliance capital the honor of having her head outsode the gates belong to the horde

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No she wont cause that old corpse will never be welcomed in the horde again and its just a matter of time before we get rid of you vermin blood elves aswell


My ending is Sylvanas escape on 10%, take the light path and this time no alliance character, bring back the good story for Anduin. In perfect ending, Sylvanas is back as Undead leader, but this will be too much, blizzard to make playerbase happy. :slight_smile:

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You know that by now she’s a hated meme character that’s only still alive because one of the story writers has a hard one for her?
I’m pretty confident that her fans are in a clear minority compared to people who want her head on a spike.


thats a horrible thing you sugested she dont deserve to be going back to the horde and especially not lead the forsaken again🤮. I quess she could work as a slave after all we need the manual labor to repeair under city

For me the bond forsaken and Sylvanas is unbreakable, as there is loyalists in faction itself. They say in game “Victory for Sylvanas, always!” :slight_smile:


well that true but we deal with both Sylvanas and her loyalist if they dare to set foot on horde territory again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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