The Mount Poll

Yeah, but that’s why I think voting on everything might be risky.

That one option gets the majority of votes does not mean that the majority of the players voted for that option.

In this case it is just a mount and I don’t mind it. But imagine making an important gameplay decision that 2/3 of players didn’t vote for.


that wasnt the point tho, was it?

the point was that although one thing won, there are a lot of people who are left dissatisfied. and if only ever type or style x gets voted for, others will automatically lose out on it long term cause the thing they voted for will never have the chance of getting implemented.

Including who?
I’m sure as hell can’t vote because I don’t have character on US.

if you are talking about the current mount vote, you can vote too as long as you have shadowlands. there are two polls, one for the us and one for the eu.

Link, please?

if you scroll down in general you can find the thread.

edit: if you click through the links mentioned in the article you end up here:

where you can vote.

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You will never use it… We all know no one rides mounts that do not fit through doorways… So we will end up with a Ancient that people will ride the first week and then go on a direwolf or cat because they do fit through doorways…


I realize that, hence the emoticon. :innocent:

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HAHAHA ALL this ASSMONBALD simp who voted caterpillar . Don’t cry , Blizzard will not loose potential Money . The mount who will not win the poll are going to make in one day in the Blizzard game store . Or like azeroth choppers in game for 2m + gold


My favorite mounts are the Cloud Serpents, I use them all the time and they have issues fitting through doors.
Although most doors in BFA are pretty huge, at least for Horde.

Please don’t tell me what I do and do not want, I am not a child, it is personal opinion.


Can’t wait for them to reveal cat mount #984 with the new Snot Saber. Goodie!

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You wont use it… Its that simple. You can say you will but you wont and no one does this… I can go to every major city RN and i will maybe see 3-6 transmog mounts and thats its.

And Cloud serpents are one of the smallest cool looking flyers the rest also does not fit through doors so you see them being used less… My fav are dragons but i also use cloud serpent because i do not want to mount and dismount all the time.

I would pick Ancient too but i know i will never use it like 99% of the playerbase because big mounts are annoying to often.

My favorite colour is red.
Care to educate me on why red is in fact not my favorite colour?

PS right now I am in Dazar and I see:
2 Grand yaks
1 Mammoth
1 Green Fel Dog thing
2 Serpents
1 Fel steel annihilator
1 of the fel dog type things from Argus
1 Invincible reins
and 1 of the nzoth drakes from HC.

Tell me again about how nobody uses larger mounts?


The tree will be a ground mount, serpents are flying mounts, also aggressive much?

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Ground vs Flying was not even related to the conversation.
And aggressive? How is that aggressive? LOL
I am telling them I like bigger mounts they’re stating as fact that I am incorrect (on an opinion). How else would you expect me to respond other than a ridiculous question?


I’m just wondering how many honor points the person will get for designing the winning mount.

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I don’t think they would make important decissions based on player voting.

Although I wouldn’t mind a house poll.

Give us houses already!

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The mounts might be added in the long run as shop or profession ones though. Again this is the point in voting for something. And there will always be people dissapointed even when blizz adds things without a poll. People have different taste but that doesn’t mean we will suddenly get flashy pink gear ingame.

Tbh final fantasy has these contestd where players design armour sets and others can vote on what they like best and those get implemented. That would be quite nice imo.

again, thats not the point.

the point is as long as there are more choices than 2 there will be a higher dissatisfaction amongst the player base.

e.g. if a gets 40% of the votes and b and c get 30% then that doesnt mean that a is what the majority wants.

actually, i wished we had more flashy and quirky transmog/stuff, yet people tend to choose cool/lore stuff rather than the odd one out. so what now? kind of proving my point.

all im saying is that those polls are rather useless imo. yeah it gives the player the illusion that blizzard cares and some might get what they want but the rest will be dissatisfied.

its just a mount/cosmetic so i dont care since its free and i wont complain about free stuff but i think the overall intention is rather, well, pointless.

I think it’s nice to have more than 2 choices because it gives a glimpse of what we could be getting in the future and what kind of ideas they have. Most polls have multiple options really.

They could easily implement the book as an inscription mount as we don’t have those. Maybe the nerubian as an alchemy experiment…the worm for tailoring as it has to do with silk? Just thinking here :stuck_out_tongue: