The new state of Flamelash

Hi everyone, with the collapse of the Alliance on the server and it now being Horde dominated I thought I’d post something here to clarify what a lot of the Horde’s position is now.

To start with, I’m a guild leader here and am still a guild leader on retail, and, after 15 years of playing, Flamelash is my first experience of not having a 3:1 faction ratio against me. I’ve never changed server to avoid being out-numbered and have successfully led my guild, friends and many new brothers and sisters over the years to great enjoyment and fun times, making stories we’ll remember forever bonded by our experiences together.

When Classic launched, Flamelash was a pretty balanced server, busy as it was, the first count put Horde at about 55/45 advantage. That’s about as close to balanced as I think it’s realistic to expect without some immediate moderation or unachievable community-wide organisation, especially on such a busy server opened late to accommodate and avoid the massive over-population the first servers had expected.

I’ve read a lot of complaints about how the Horde camp FP’s, roam in gangs to find Alliance to fight and have driven the Alliance off the server. As a first-hand account of someone who genuinely doesn’t mind dying (literaly, we lose nothing,) I can say that the Alliance players on Flamelash were immediately terrible sports in almost every experience that I, my friends and guild members have had with them. While levelling in the initial couple of months, Alliance guilds who levelled quickly roamed to kill Horde for nothing, no honour points, no ranks, just 5-10 Alliance players going around zones of questers 10+ levels lower than them to kill them for “fun” and so spreading a bitterness and resentment from the start, so much so that many simply refused to play. Some Horde may have been guilty of this, too, but I will not let it go un-said that the Alliance were largely trashbag people in almost every experience I had with them while levelling up.

Cut forward to the release of the honour system, after we’d cleared the current raids, lost a portion of the population to the decline of novelty and realisation that Classic just isn’t that much fun for many people, and the Horde stuck to it more than the Alliance through sheer desire to play a version of the game that doesn’t hand you everything, allowing the slightly imbalanced server to become actually imbalanced. Not through Horde “camping FP’s” because I can tell you straight up that the Alliance roamed and griefed just as much, if not more, than I witnessed any Horde to the point when easy-going people as myself almost stopped caring about being sporting towards them (although I must confess I continue to push towards being decent to levellers and loners). Constant “I’m being ganked by a group of Alliance” messages in general chats around the world, guild chat, whispers from people who don’t even give honour yet, what mercy do you expect? For reference, the Alliance lost at Southshore so their raids went to Felwood, Winterspring and the Plaguelands to kill anyone who would give honour, if they wanted a fight and not to just murder anyone they could, why not fight where the fight was instead of going to increasingly remote zones?

Now the Alliance have lost, and pretend that it’s the Horde’s fault that their trashy people can’t stay. “Gonna server transfer, pop too imbalanced, got killed” is just rubbish. To them I say: most moved because they couldn’t win easily, they don’t want to fight, they don’t want a balanced server, they just want a server where the Alliance dominate and should stop pretending. I feel sorry for the mass-delusion that because one is an underdog it’s better to leave than put up a fight. Best of luck with the future.

To the Horde: I’ve spoken to so many cool people while fighting around the world, and although we didn’t always win the characters I’ve met have made me happy to have chosen Flamelash for my guild. We’ve now beaten the Flamelash Alliance just in time for cross-realm battlegrounds to be released next week, which is awesome! Congratulations on breaking so many of them that they just gave up and moved, and think ahead to facing them again in the future in Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch! Horde victory on Flamelash! I look forward to fostering a bright future for the server with you all.


LUL. “Horde victory”.


What would you call it when a bunch of people give up, quit and move away en masse because they lose too much? The Great Gnome Forum Troll Plan?


I think your argument started falling apart the moment you claimed that Alliance did just as much if not more griefing than Horde. Even if the average player ganks the same amount on each faction, in the days the server was “only” 60% Horde then the average Alliance gets griefed way more because at that point there’s 50% more Horde running about than Alliance.

So yeah, sure, the Horde definitely got the ever increasing population advantage because you were more devoted and determined - not because the Alliance re-rolled away because they had to put up with way more sh*t as they went about their business. By the time P2 hit there were twice as many Horde as there were Alliance and the rest is history.

It’s funny that a bunch of Alliance have transferred off to more balanced servers (not everyone has gone to Earthshaker, but even that server is more balanced than Flamelash was before the exodus) whereas you guys are apparently staying and celebrating how good you are at PVP. If you had any interest in PVP or were any good at it, you’d move to one of the new realms that has balanced faction numbers and do some real PVP.

But if playing on a PVE server while claiming all your 10v1 kills make you a PVP god makes you feel good about yourself, go for it. It’s pretty laughable though.


Congrats, you won the World of Warcraft! Alliance lost to much clearly! We have a winner!


Imagine being bullied of a server how many sever are you gonna switch before you realize your faction suxx

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That’s the spirit! /salute

There is no argument, I made a statement about my personal experience.

Yeah, we’ve all had to deal with being aggravated all the time, not our fault people lack tenacity.

Never said we were better at PvP? I’m pretty good at fighting, dying and getting up to fight again, though, something you might not understand, and it goes without question that the Alliance surrendered Flamelash, so that is a victory for the Horde in a way, as I said above, which might not be the ultimate desired victory but it’s a victory nonetheless. I don’t play this to fight against Alliance, I play this to play WITH my friends and killing gnomes is an added bonus, one which I’ll still be able to do in battlegrounds whenever I want so who cares?

Thanks, nice to be appreciated. Good luck whoever you are.

I know right, blame the Horde for it all they want, they contributed as much to their own losses as much as anyone else, all I want is to point that out.

Yeah, gonna stay and enjoy the easy life then rank up immensely in bg’s because that’s where the action actually is, enjoy reestablishing yourself with your friends who all lack conviction in on way or another. Best of luck!

Have to say I agree with this. We’ve had what, 2-3 weeks of honor system and gank squads?

The whining has been spectacular. You should see, you would think people were paying for this game or something! Oh

But yeah. The whining level has been astronomical for 2-3 weeks of play time of a game everyone already knew every living gd detail of before they even logged in.

In summary, I do understand why the Big Important Old School Alliance Raiding Guilds transferred out (so they could finally get MC on farm 3 months after Apes). GG

Yeah, that’s the whole point of my post. You talk about how resilient and tenacious you are as if you expect people to be impressed that you managed to stick out the awful experience of playing Horde on a server that was Horde dominant from the very start and proceeded to get so unbalanced that it is now literally a meme.

Whatever you had to experience, the Alliance on your server got it way worse from the start and by the end had to deal with ten times as much crap as you did on a daily basis. Every Horde player on pretty much every other PVP server has to put up with more crap than you too. And yet you’re writing a self-congratulatory posts about how tenacious you are?

You haven’t had to show any tenacity playing on Flamelash. The fact you think you have is hilarious. You got ganked a few times by the Alliance minority and you think you had it bad? You would have quit long ago playing on any other server or faction.


Lol 20 level 60 alliance online at peak time on Flamelash right now. Congrats to your PVE server. For anyone who wants to xfer Dragonfang will take you <3


From the way you are speaking I would think ur from flamelash and u left the server. Considering in the beginning the server was pritty even (not perfect but not horrid eighter), now we have as far to my knowledge atleast 4 big Ally guild fleeing the server to find and easier place to be. BG is out in a couple of days and we all know that the horror of world pvp will lessen. but what off the poor alliance that actually stuck with the server? u left cuz you couldnt win. if u were the boys on top you would have stayed, would have felt good about it to I will take a stab at assuming. Just stop playing the high card when u made the problem worse by running away from it.

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Dayum faction rivalry
Feels like the 2004 all over again

You know, last night when you spent an hour doing your best to keep me from doing the quest at the Bulwark, I asked myself, “what kind of literal animal would do something like this?”.

Glad to see you exceeded my imagination. Enjoy your dead server.


To all the toxic individuals still trying to bash the server “it’s dead” etc after running away yourselves, it seems all the hate you are directing at the server is probably due to your own insecurities, you’re probably worried you made the wrong choice or just angry that you couldn’t succeed on Flamelash and want to see Flamelash fail to try and make yourselves feel better, I get it, but just move on and play the game. It is just a GAME after all.

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How delusional can someone be :joy:. He is looking for a „bright future“ on Flamelash. Horde on Flamelash is so pathetic and stoopid i don‘t know to say anymore.

It was unplayable as an alliance from the beginning on if you weren‘t in a group of at least 5 players. Horde outnumbered since day one and not slightly as you say it was significant don‘t talk too much BS.


Have fun on your Horde PvE server LOL


how can you regret a choices. when the choice was to play with the same people on a diffrent server

Comes from the guy who server transferred to an 80/20 A:H ratio server lmfao. Earthshaker is just Flamelash painted blue so shut up.

Horde is doing an awful job at containing us here, then! :wink: