The new state of Flamelash

you are aware to have a 80/20 ration you need to be 400% more ally then hordes
a recent census is 2600 vs 2000

Not sure why you are talking about choices, my comment was specifically aimed at the toxic posters in this thread and other similar threads in the forums who have left the server and are then posting and getting involved in bashing the server.

thats 13:10 ratio
so for every 10 horde there is 3 more

since cross talk was bad on flamelash. all we heard from the horde side i how they won pvp and we were crybabies for not winning. so many that left that was left behind to collected stranglers. (we were called doomsayer) started a massive shitposting fest. some of it can simple be shitpost. but People like nirva. really like to brag about how it was alliance fault

I usually don’t reply in forums, and I came here after a post on the wow classic subreddit.

You my man, are an idiot.

That’s all, cheers!


I would love to hear the allies crying again later today getting rekt on earthshaker cause of getting overrun by horde that also left flamelash. Horde on flamelash wont get damaged by that since bg’s are comming so soon. With bg’s would have been quiet again on flamelash if allies where there. If bg’s didnt come so fast then yea it would have been a disaster and i would have transfered too. But now like who cares. Good luck allies enjoy your new drama on alliesgotrektagainshaker

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Horde won the war as always run away little allys Lok’tar Ogar

So, should your post inspire discussion or is this just some self-appreciation thread? If it’s the former maybe you should work on your debating skills, if it’s the latter I think your golden. But let’s look at your statements:

I’ve read a lot of complaints about how the Horde camp FP’s, roam in gangs to find Alliance to fight and have driven the Alliance off the server. As a first-hand account of someone who genuinely doesn’t mind dying (literaly, we lose nothing,) I can say that the Alliance players on Flamelash were immediately terrible sports in almost every experience that I, my friends and guild members have had with them. While levelling in the initial couple of months, Alliance guilds who levelled quickly roamed to kill Horde for nothing, no honour points, no ranks, just 5-10 Alliance players going around zones of questers 10+ levels lower than them to kill them for “fun” and so spreading a bitterness and resentment from the start, so much so that many simply refused to play. Some Horde may have been guilty of this, too, but I will not let it go un-said that the Alliance were largely trashbag people in almost every experience I had with them while levelling up.

I don’t know how much you are into statistics, but in a game with 1000s of people, their personality and behaviour are very likely to be rather normally distributed. That means, that it’s very likely that alliance and horde are very much alike guilty of killing/ganking each other in leveling phase. You futher deteriorate your credibility by stating that a large portion of the alliance were trashbags, but only some small faction of the horde. How do you reach that conclusion? Have you played both sides on this server? Do you make surveys on part of your fellow hordies? How do you know that horde wasn’t also doing said things? Or is your guild/friends all the sample size you need?

Now the Alliance have lost, and pretend that it’s the Horde’s fault that their trashy people can’t stay. “Gonna server transfer, pop too imbalanced, got killed” is just rubbish. To them I say: most moved because they couldn’t win easily, they don’t want to fight, they don’t want a balanced server, they just want a server where the Alliance dominate and should stop pretending. I feel sorry for the mass-delusion that because one is an underdog it’s better to leave than put up a fight. Best of luck with the future.

Now this is where this post gets really hilarious. I don’t think that it’s the horde’s fault that alliance is leaving, as a matter of fact I think it’s a systemic failure. With that said you then proceed to make statements about motivation and psychology of an entire faction, without having experienced a single second within that faction, before insulting nearly the entire alliance as trashy people.
To then go on and call these people mass-delusioned is, to me, just expression of a rather narcissistic mind.

As to some other points of you: Yeah, maybe if rolls were reversed you would have stayed and fought the noble resistance fight. Maybe you would have thrived under those conditions and maybe being heavy, heavy underdog is fun for you.
But for a lot of people it’s not. So stop projecting your own personality traits on the entire opposing faction and let them decide what’s fun and what’s not. As I said your point of reference is 100% you. and everyone who thinks differently is just weak and trashy. For you to think it’s more likely that 90% of the entire faction is just weak and delusioned than to just entertain the thought, that 90% just don’t have fun anymore is, as I said before, more expression of YOUR grand delusion. At the end of the day we all want to have fun playing WoW, but I guess that’s not on us to decide, but on you!


It’s so naive of you to think that this exodus it’s only due to the higher skill of the horde.

Ofc this have nothing to do with Alliance getting corpse camped by 10vs1.

You are delusional


Thats funny, because thats how I experienced the alliance being while leveling my hunter. In fact I remember ur very guild doing it once.


Want a hug? You got camped once while lvling and it made you cry?

It’s amazing how people try to defend and justify what happened in this server. Since P2 is out that Alliance was overrun by Horde.

I feel for you, it’s crap when we want to level and it’s not possible… try to be in the alliance side for once. I’m lvl54 for 2 days playedtime because it’s impossible to quest. Fun :wink:


Your faction lost the war and deserted stop QQ and l2p

See? Do you even read your own attitude?

I’m not crying, I’m telling you this is NORMAL on high populated servers. The only problem is that a group of you felt stepped on and decided to force a group of people off which then made others think they had to do the same.
The fact you guys did it less than a week away from BG’s coming out is just pathetic, no other words to describe it.


It’s normal to PVP to happen in High Populated servers, it’s not normal for a faction to camp every place in the world for weeks. If the players can’t even reach the max level what do you think they will do? Form a “horde” of lvl50s to counter your endless zerg? As i said, most of your are delusional.


The alliance who left Flamelash just made things waaaaaaaaaay easier for all of us Horde, and with Battlegrounds coming from around the corner we can enjoy both qualities that this fun game can provide. GG

Honestly, you’re not worth talking to, you use the same excuse over and over and I can keep telling you all day that your faction is doing the very same thing.

So assuming your one of the alliances that transfered, go to your new unicorn server and have fun, you no longer need to be here.



I really don’t get all the animosity here. Yeah, FP and corpse camping are not a horde-only thing, it’s a majority faction thing. As I said in my post above, a systematic not a behavioural failure. It’s also totally normal for some if not most players to not have fun if half or more time of their playtime is corpse running. So when blizzard offered the transfers many would choose an environment in which they could have fun again. How’s that weak orpathetic? I mean, just look at it logically, disregarding that weird hardcore faction allegiance where some people tend to get lost in: on a player standpoint there are 2 options,
-A: continue playing a game that’s not fun at the moment with the possibility that it may get better in the future
-B: having a one time possibility to move to another environment, where its way more likely to have fun right at the getgo

So for people who tend to believe that there’s not actual war going on and that you can normally talk to people of the other faction without getting called traitor or something alike, why not abandon whatever doesn’t make fun for something that quite possibly makes fun again?

It is pathetic due to the reason that the moment BG’s come out, this will end.

Let me explain; People do these strategies now cause there’s no better way to get honor. Some if not most of us would love to run around solo and kill alliances but due to the server being big, then one guild’s gonna start a group for PVP and then the opposite faction does it and then BOOM we have 50 raids running around across 2 factions killing everyone. Simple logic.

When BGs are out the numbers of which is alliance or horde heavy will no longer matter, the outcome will be the same. Heres whats gonna happen;
BG’s are gonna be far superior way to gain honor, so people will focus on this.
The cross faction with most players is gonna have longer queues, so those factions will be the annoying world pvpers since long queue times = you get bored so you go out and kill some while in queue. Also simple logic and it works weather or not its alliance heavy server because the alliance heavy servers are not affected by cross faction balance, in which case they will be busy in BGs.

Hope that makes sense?


Let me explain; People do these strategies now cause there’s no better way to get honor. Some if not most of us would love to run around solo and kill alliances but due to the server being big, then one guild’s gonna start a group for PVP and then the opposite faction does it and then BOOM we have 50 raids running around across 2 factions killing everyone. Simple logic.

Yeah, I never blamed anyone for that, I think it’s rather normal and I dont think anyone, or at least very few are ganking out of spite.
And yeah, I’m also quite sure that it will get better than it is now, it’s just really unfortunate timing that the transfer period ended quite before the bg’s were released. I guess most people didn’t want to take the gamble, which I understan as well.

There is no doubt blizzard messed up with these kind of transfers, but its still the community that allows the mistake to explode.

It is pathetic because moving to a new realm like this ruins the point of world bosses, for example on Azuregos hordes cant kill hordes so you would hope for alliance to wipe the other raid so that you could get the kill, it might be a bad example since world bosses do have way too little hp but it’s still possible fun big openworld PVP with a reward for the “winner”.

Also it is more fun for people leveling up to be ganking one another when questing in the same zone, this is also being massively destroyed, so much world content being gone just cause some 60s decided to go away and think of the people you left behind? Maybe some didnt even make the transfer cause they were on vacation and now they’re stuck? It’s just generally a dick move for both us and your own to do something like this, this is why I call it pathetic.

But I do agree and I have said this for a long time that the transfers blizzard has made is wrong, they should rather have focused all their transfers on getting more balance rather than allowing the underdogs to run away, because they do it out of fear and that shouldnt be neccesary, the highest population should be the ones splitting up so that it would further balance the servers out. And then you might ask “but whos gonna change from a dominating server?” and I would, if I didnt have a guild, cause believe it or not, after the first week of world pvp I stopped doing it, simply because I hated running around searching for people to kill and I had some unluck the first week when I went into raids I got some DK’s and I didnt wanna risk that either so decided to just wait for BGs. And also its perfectly logical that you should think “but who would do that?” because thats the ones you wanna hit, you wanna hit a dominating faction because its easier to control, having both factions open, you could just perfectly see what happend on our server.