The new state of Flamelash

I mean I get what you’re trying to say and for the most part i fully agree: open world pvp and small/big skirmishes while leveling with some one on one’s is what’s making pvp exciting. I think that’s why everyone rolled pvp. But to be honest, even with a 50/50 population I think the server population is just too big. For me, in vanilla, the excitement was the semi-rare occurence of meeting some enemy faction one in a while leveling. For the most part this resulted in super fun 1v1’s and trying to get back on the other. But all was in good spirit. Then there were some calls for great brawls in chat and it felt like something special to be part of that. Nowadys it’s just fighting everywhere and everyone, pvp raids happen on multiple locations at the same time. The losing/underpopulated faction gets more and more frustrated and take it out on the opposing faction. The opposing faction gets frustrated as well by the insults and now everyone is hating everyone.
I think a more balanced server population won’t resolve every isssue but I do think that it gets way less toxic than it is now. And yeah, it sucks that it happened, but as I said I don’t think that anyone’s at fault but blizzards. You feel more responsibility at the community side, I feel it’s entirely blizzard’s. But we don’t have to agree on everything. As long as some discussion can be held without insulting each other I’m happy at this point.


I agree and thats what I’ve been trying to get out aswell but not many understands that high population causes things to happen the way they do.

So understand this aswell, I dont think the alliance side was massively overpopulated, which leads me to the thought that it would be so much better if it was just the hordes that had transfers and then skimmed off those people that has left guild(s), need a new start, got friends on another server and whatnot, its the horde that needed skimming down, not the alliance.

And it honestly saddens me to see the alliance left behind, they definately didnt deserve this. Specially because they had so little time to act on it aswell, it was very senseless move and honestly that is what gets on my nerves the most. I mean not everyone can act on a 1 days notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nothing like a bit of rivalry for livening up the game, looking forward to Flamelash-H vs Earthshaker-A premades in WSG. I don’t think it will be gentle.

Good luck to open AQ’s Gates now.


I think there is no winner. Both sides Lost. Alliance bcs of leaving the realm and the horde for no fighting for the more balance realm (more ppl from horde side could join the Alliance at begin of the realm - survey showed clearly the realm is unbullanaced and everbody knew that)

Imagine your faction is so low that you have to disband the group after you’ve unsuccessfully searched for a tank for this or that dungeon for 2 hours, even whispered every person that play War/Pal/Druid from 56-60. same goes with healers. (This was probably 5 weeks ago)

Later on people leave because there is free transfer to another server.
Ironforge seemed empty, so did SW.
It starts to look like a dead private server. And you hear alot of people are transfering to this “new” server wich is medium - and still has more active alliance players > proceeds to make a low lvl on Earthshaker and see that Ironforge is literally filled. Its like night and day - Ofcourse you want to switch server.

Its not fun playing when u feel like u play on a low pop server, atleast for me.
It sucks when there is barely any groups going - you were lucky if you could see LFM UBRS, and that says alot.

I’ve been actively ranking on Flamelash as alliance, I didnt mind the faction imbalance. It was very effective for us with the high % of hordes.

Its probably a mix of casuals that didnt like getting ganked that left the server, and low population of alliance even before the transfer were open. So when the first people started transfering it just made a chain reaction that gave the most of us no other choice but to leave - if we want to have a community, players to play with.

-because it was fking dead since the first month, this is like the only chance to have a server that feel active and lively. Actually people in the main city - dungeons happening - stuff on AH - u know the normal stuff that you take for granted.

And i want to say to you smug hordes, some of you were good, but the lots of you really need to step up your game, your only strength was in big numbers.

I hope this can help you realize that most alliance that transfered probably did it because of a better community. I think its only the minority that is vocal about it - aka the ones that went frantic over getting camped on a pvp server and making angry reddit posts about how bad phase 2 is etc.
Imo those people truly deserved getting camped.

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Cringe post

Can you actually open the Gates to AQ40 when there is no alliance left for the war effort?


Not posting on your Classic character.


went in and used my last remaining 12 hours of subscription (hadn’t played for 6 weeks) to log in and to see there’s a grand total of five people online Alliance side in total.

the faction imbalance wasn’t TOO bad when i played (was like 30/70 or something), but i could see how people would opt to transfer once part of the community quit playing (like i did, since endgame content wasn’t doing anything for me), if only for the fact there’s not enough people around to even do content with, you can’t expect people to “tenacity” their way through MC.

i got what i wanted out of Classic by the way, fun PvP skirmishes while leveling 1-60, i actually started out being pacifistic as far as PvP went, but i got burned too many times letting people mind their own business, so i reciprocated in turn, red meant dead, and it felt good, it was like planting a bitter feed into other players to keep the wheels of PvP turning.

that being said, i didn’t experience the total decline of the playerbase here, but it just seems to me that OP is making a transparent bait post about how the ramifications of a low population server somehow makes Horde players look good (hint: it doesn’t, for the same reason we all know that people that roll on Draenor or Silvermoon are cowards that hate PvP cause they’re not good at it, welcome to your reputation as a Horde player on Flamelash).

There are many servers with pretty severe faction imbalances, but only on one did the entire faction collectively give up.

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I gave up weeks ago, got up to level 36ish and just ran out lf arsed. I’d say that 50% of my time logged in was corpse running, logging an alt to wait for the campers to lose interest, etc. I think I fought a solo hordie maybe 5 times, the rest was just trying to survive the 5 players, all 20 levels above me, it turned my favourite game in to a nightmare.

What got me the most was that there was no reward at the time, it was just for lols. I didn’t instigate a single fight and only ever fought back which just dragged on and on with more Horde joining the fight to celebrate them grouping up to kill someone 20 levels lower than them for not so much as a single honor point, single copper or single reputation point. The only reason this took place is because people are dicks, plain and simple.

I left and play on a PVE server now (and just to support the “omg quitter lol” comments, I was probably the first to leave, so I am the OG Quitter Pro+ Gaming Edition, tell someone who cares).

Hope you hordies enjoy your lovely PVE server, you’ve earned it <3


It was on this one that we had a chance to transfer. Other are trapped, but would transfer if they could.

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Apologies for leaving this, I don’t visit the forums much let alone on weekends. This will probably be quite long due to the nature of this getting a lot of comments over the last few days.

Forgive me, my initial experience in the game 15 years ago was on a server that started about 85% Alliance to 15% Horde, we stuck with it and through sustained efforts built a working little community, we rallied each-other and organised big server-wide efforts to put the Alliance in their place, bold plans which worked. I was prepared to do the same again but the capitulation starting from 55/45% that we’ve just seen made it unnecessary. Please enjoy yourself where you’ve gone as I will continue to enjoy myself and the new experience here while I have the opportunity to.

They have my respect and they will rally, bond and share this amazing experience to test their patience, team-work and epic over-arching storyline that inevitably will make them heroes, together. As I said above, battlegrounds come out this week and I play to enjoy the game whatever circumstances that are presented to me with my friends, the fighting is extra. Best of luck on Dragonfang.

Hi Stankypete, I do remember your name from the Bulwark (Wednesday night, I think, or Thursday?) There I hope you’ll forgive me as you seem to have come to an understandable yet incorrect conclusion - I was there initially to wait as one of the Alliance (who apparently left in the exodus) had made a forsaken character and parked it at the Bulwark where they apparently watched for lone Horde players to go through to WPL, and I was there intending to counter-ambush the rogue (I think it was a rogue) who was the perpetrator - and as the first time I killed you you were already damaged you were a suspect. However, after killing you I actually logged off in Undercity to eat, then when I logged on about an hour later got a message in guild chat that some Alliance had killed a guildie at Bulwark so I came as I was close, watched you and your friends kill Barov as I don’t like interfering with quests then killed you again, I’m not sure that counts as trying to stop you from questing but I don’t really care if that is your opinion of me anyhow. I wish you and your friends the best on your new server.

Seems quite legit, seconded.

Anywhere I go there’s at least one good person, why shouldn’t I expect a bright future? I can understand how you might feel differently about the world in general. How is Earthshaker or wherever you’ve gone?

Thanks, it’s been great. We have tonnes of resources, we can do dungeons without too many problems, and the Alliance that remain have our respect, something that many of those who left could never hope to achieve.

I imagine this is aimed at me, and I don’t mind people having wrong opinions about my character, you’ll never matter. Thanks for coming to post, though, look for a silver lining somewhere.

Aye, a Horde server with cross-realm battlegrounds literally days away is just dandy, we’ll still enjoy the odd Alliance skirmishes here and there and I’m sure the Alliance will grow back a bit over time anyhow.

For the glory of the Horde!

Aye, I know both factions were stomping corpses all over the world, I just never saw any groups of Horde specifically going around while levelling just to kill Alliance players while seeing it many times every day in the first couple of months.

I don’t think I’ve commented on the behaviour of the Horde other than praising the many great personalities I’ve met on Flamelash and that I only saw Alliance griefers while levelling, so your conclusions are selective and missing some logic.

You’re right in that I’ve not been a member of the Flamelash Alliance, but when there’s posts everywhere on external platforms which I don’t know if I’m allowed to bring attention to in these forums (I don’t know if you’ve Read It, but there’s some Discord around?) it’s not difficult to come to some conclusions about motives and the common cry-baby nature of the capitulated many. Also, it’s part of my privilege as a player to insult the weak and beaten whenever I want to, so I can say what I want about their failures and there’s not a thing you can say that will make them stop being funny. The comedy value is just too high to avoid.

I’ve done it before, nonetheless I think by adapting to a situation rather than aiming for the situation to achieve preset expectations one can achieve more sustained success and happiness in the long run - silver linings, etc.

My personality has nothing to do with how the Alliance surrendered en masse and took rash, ill-thought moves out - the Horde should be allowed to celebrate and laugh at them. You’re allowed to keep your opinion of me that I’m deluded and some sort of weirdo, this is probably the only frame of reference that you have on my character just as my only reference for the thousands of “ganking or fleeing” Alliance players Flamelash just lost is face-to-face in the game world or reading their many terrible complaints outside, your opinion of me matters just as much as my opinion of them, and I’m sure that my opinion on their individual characters is probably kinder than theirs is of mine after reading this, I don’t care. Have fun on Earthshaker or wherever you are now.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the word “skill” as I know, personally, skill has very little to do in any fights involving more than like 8 people in general, but if you think that none of the Alliance were roaming around in raids of 10-15 killing any Horde they saw in any zone then perhaps you’ve either missed a lot of what was going on or chosen to only remember the Horde doing it. Every day, in every zone, Horde were corpse-camped by Alliance teams of 5-10, and I know that Horde were hunting Alliance, too. The main difference is who lasted the longest.

Horde had very much the same experience, believe it or not.

Again, this was the same for the Horde people still levelling. Since P2 and the honour system I think my guild only had one or two people able to reach level 60 from 50+, even with responses to “I’m being ganked” because as soon as someone 60 got there to try to defend them, the Alliance are either in a team of 10+ so it’s hard to stop, or they just run away as soon as anyone able to kill them comes along, whether they kill them or not. On Horde we’ve been reminding everyone, “battlegrounds are out soon, world PvP will calm down” because that’s just logic.

Indeed, most of the time I’ve just been with a friend or two regardless of who’s around lately, it just feels more fun.

The crux of why the big move is so darn funny this week in particular.

Aye, I had been trying to counsel people towards being patient as so many were just super sick of there being fighting absolutely everywhere, it was different to what was expected but also for others who were up for it a lot more exciting than the odd skirmish here and there. When there were raids going through Felwood looking for little level 48 shamans or whatever it feels a bit too much, people are bound to grow resentful and it’s difficult to stop them feeling super hateful.

Definitely not, they have my sympathies, too - and I’m sure they’ll make some great relationships amongst themselves from the experiences they’ll have here together.

Aye, am fully expecting them to be tunneling me every battle - I will die proudly.

Thanks, I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

I do understand, I’ve experienced that, too. Statistically the Flamelash Alliance didn’t have such a handicap, though, according to census stuff, and certainly no shortage of them out in the world until Thursday?

That’s terribly sad and I hope you don’t pay monthly!

So the loads that quit before the loads that quit are to blame for the loads that quit quitting and telling those that hadn’t quit to quit?

Finally someone even remotely satisfied, very refreshing and I’m glad to hear it.

It’s pretty transparent, isn’t it, and it’s my job as a guild leader of the Horde to make the Horde look good, because look what happens when loads of people lose motivation to play and maintain an active and functional community. I don’t have to care if people like me, I don’t need people to have a high opinion of me (although I don’t think I truly deserve any harsh words, I try to be a good and helpful person), especially when most of the people who are reading this to try to find some fragmented reason to say “there, look, we were right to move away” have already left. The Horde deserve to celebrate and the Alliance leaving is not our crisis on the week that battlegrounds are opened. The only thing we need them for is AQ and we’ll deal with that when we have to.

I’m sorry that that was your experience, and I can assure you that that was also the experience many Horde had while levelling, too. I hope your new server continues to satisfy you.

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nobody is the blame mate, i don’t hold anyone accountable for how things worked out because that’s just how player behavior works out for each realm, rather than stagnating to death (a 30/70 split isn’t going to shift favor to the minority) the transfers just sped up the process, Alliance bleeding out to these numbers just happened sooner than later.

what is the actual plan for AQ for Horde players? buying second subscriptions? Horde is going to throw Alliance a bone for the war efforts because of self interest? that doesn’t like the Horde i know.


Horde flexing while they are basically playing animal crossing at this point, priceless.

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You moved on the server where you had the advantage increasing it even further, you exploited that advantage to full extent, and now calling this a victory.
Well, congratulations… I guess? Some people are calling killing LFR boss “raiding”, so this is probably counts as “pvp” as well.


Congratulations, you killed a server ! XD

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You seem upset

I Don’t even play on flamelash, I Don’t like pve servers.