The positives of seasons of discover!

When they announced Vanilla a few years ago I wasn’t interested. I had done it before and I wasn’t going to do it again.

Season of discovery has launched and i thought why not install it and give it a try and i have not been disappointed. I had forgotten how good wow can be.

So here are a few of the positives in my opinion.

  • racials matter, I’ve chosen a Tauren shaman and I’m looking forward to being a tanky shaman!

  • gear is more interesting. When you get a blue or greens it matters! And you can see it in the numbers! You can target bosses in dungeons to get an item that suits what you after.

  • gear is more interesting. You actually build your character with resistance gear and hit and avoidance gear. I’ve missed balancing out stats. I’m retail it’s all item level and I haven’t cared about gearing in years.

  • the games slower and not 40 button presses a second.

  • the game doesn’t hold your hand and you have to read quests.

  • money matters!

  • it feels more immersive. I would never have played a Tauren in retail but I’ve loving it in SoD.

  • the games way more social and it’s nice to see people in the world again and people trade, talk and help each other.

  • the world feels threatening but once you gain power you can batter mobs

  • professions feel worthwhile

  • chests and rares feel great to find

I hope the retail team learn from this and not necessarily go back the way as retail has its positives. I think retail needs more immersion and gear and stat building needs to be more interesting.


There is now atm

classic era
classic hc
classic wotlk
classic sod

To suit everyones needs of playing classic , just leave retail alone we do not need to go back.

Happy for you having fun in classic , really i am but i am so sick and tired of people asking for even more changes when they have what they want in 5 different versions of classic already.


I’d play SoD but for now classic community is big stigma no no for me.
Half of general chat seems normal and other half feels like asmongold twitch chat, it’s like every once and awhile someone needs to publically reaffirm themselves that “retail bad classic good”, some big insecurity vibes, considering that classic community are supposed to be grown 30 years old people I’m almost scared


I´m loving it. it has a different feel and I’m amazed at how social classic WoW is and that people will beg to be invited to which leads to friendship.

I´ve died like a Dark Souls player over and over. today we had a huge horde invasion and the people in that zone had a blast playing their roles in this random event.

I love the class fantasy quests too, it´s really worth a try, and if you´re anti social or strong anxiety, give this a go and you be amazed how your life could change.

classic is so ruined with min/max and gkdp runs and toxic player base, yet they constantly feel the need to come to retail forums and tell us the game is better and retail needs to change as its dead.
most people want to avoid asmong on there realm as it makes imbalance and que’s and lag its sad and annoying we have to put up the constant ribbing from classic players.


There is hype about new season so I guess number of “gifted” people playing game is increased drastically, it’ll die out like original classic release was in time.



Agree after tourist go it be like vanilla a few realms that are active and the rest dead, yet blizzard still invest in so many versions for them.

I don’t think that they spend much money, after all its mostly recycled and redesigned content.


That does sum it up well actually. It’s been a bash but at the same time there have been…weird messages and such sometimes. I’m still happy for the most part though.

it´s true i tell you! its all true.

I mean why someone would beg someone to be invited, what about having dignity

its more like “invite me please” and you see this alot as you do quests.

It’s just a polite request for invite, dude

i have ways of saying things! don´t be weird and join us, join us, join us do it, to it now…

I have more pressing matters, like raid night today and ilvl farm, I also don’t like vanilla warlock gameplay, straight up brain dead

thank you for sharing your todays plans. :grin:

i´m here cause i uninstalled retail cause server friends are there and i felt left out x.x

never noticed this before but it seems bliz don´t like us talking:

" Consider replying to more people

You’ve already replied 3 times to @Dralkharn-draenor in this particular topic.

Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too? A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives."


Thing is you cant have possitive social interactions without negattive ones thats why retail is dead when comes to social aspect as Blizzard striped down everything what could cuase negattive behaviour.

Recently I added new person in friend list while playing m+, we chatted after finishing together several mythics, also yesterday someone commended my transmog while I was afking in valdrakken.
It’s not like there are none social element, lesser of course, but overall I feel that retail community is more adequate, because I managed to encounter almost none negative interactions while playing a game mode that requires coordination and can be quite stressful.
Also discussions of pathing in m+, raiding tactic explanations, lfr chat that as tradition is used for every possible thing besides looking for group, it’s all social interactions too.


When things are going smoothly, everyone’s buddy buddy.

The moment there’s awipe, let the toxicity commence! :laughing:


Lol, does retail have any M+ players left? Sounds like they all started playing classic.