The possibility of transfering from tbc/ wrath to era?

As the topic say, is it possible to move the chars back in some way? Stoped playing after all transfered to tbc.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:


No there isn’t

Ok, thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, there is no way of doing this now.

Didn’t think I’d go back to Era, so I didn’t bother paying to copy my characters. Regret it a bit now. But it’s been fun to re-create my characters and gotten a fresh start!

Join us!

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I actually copied a few when it was cheap just before the ability to copy ended.

I was thinking I might play Era, so when I started on Era I had some characters to play with, they weren’t 60 though, they did have some good stuff to sell.

There should be a way in going that. But without gold

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There was a 18 months window to transfer characters, but it’s over. Apparently the backups from cloning no longer exists.

Sadly no, but re-roll is potentially lots of fun. Give it a shot. :wink:

Actually make the clones yourself by leveling and getting the same gear.

Bring back cloning blizzard, you can do it

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They can’t if they don’t have the data anymore.

True. Only blizzard knows if they still have the data on a floppy disc somewhere and until they come out and say categorically there is no way to bring it back then posts like this will continue. Unfortunately they aren’t saying a word atm

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In my opinion the data was not copied but it was all moved to Wrath when they moved everyone who didn’t choose to Mograine. I’ve thought about how I would structure the databases for a realm based system and that was my conclusion.

I would have an account database linked to one character database, with options for version and realm. Not having each realm server holding all the character data but it’s copied to the realm servers RAM from the character database when you log into the realm. It’s then copied back when you log out.

It would explain the delay when you log into a realm.

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