The problem with the Alliance


Night elves won’t just disappear. Even with teldrassil gone. Which is exactly my point. All their leaders are unharmed. Teldrassil only happened to show everyone double down how awful and evil bad Sylvanas truly is. To strip all delusions about morally Grey and which faction is, once more, on the right side.

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But neither are the Zandalari.

They haven’t disappeared either.
The problem, I believe Blizzard face, is just how much loyalty Sylvanas would get. I honestly believe they thought most would side with Saurfang and Baine, but it hasn’t been the case.
Horde players are angry and they have every right to be. Another rebellion arc is horrible, let alone with it having “GURL/Feminism Power” Jaina and “Let’s combat toxic masculinity” Anduin.


Taelia was introduced with the purpose of reconnecting with Bolvar at one point. Jaina will continue to show herself even in the next expansion.

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I fail to see how this story arc with Taelia will have anything to do with Jaina. Taelia isn’t a great character - far too fast in developing the character to the extent of her being this great Human Warrior for Jaina, but as far as her/Bolvar meeting goes, that is being handled slowly.

Arthas is dead. The Lich King is not Jaina’s concern.


Oh, she will keep appearing the same way Khadgar and Illidan did after Legion?

As I said, I can play this game too. Talanji was introduced with the purpose of giving the Zandalari a role to play in a Shadowlands expansion involving Bwonsamdi and his boss, so she will keep appearing after BfA.


It is just half of the truth. The other one is the blatant carbon copy of the garrosh plot for the second time without any shame. That’s the real part players are most angry about. And nobody cares about Baine. Really. Even before bfa community gave him stinky eyes.

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I feel like most of BfA’s problems could be solved with a bit of genocide. Side eyes the Alliance and Horde leaders.

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Well you see, the biggest difference that we face this time is Tyrande.

Tyrande is in no mood to fight alongside the Horde and nor am I, on my Void Elf Hunter or Night Elf Mage. I stand with Tyrande on this, not with two Humans who’d choke the life out of the Horde lore, as well as the Alliance’s lore.


Oh no but it really isn’t the same. Positive development for trolls doesn’t exist. Otherwise zuldazar raid wouldn’t have happened.


Sure… if you ignore the entirety of Talanji’s character arc in BfA, which is an important storyline in Zandalar.

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You signed for the underdog experience, so you get the underdog experience. Now go back to the mudhut.


Wow. One character. For which we had to sacrifice Rastakhan and the fleet for to move into the center of troll story first. Meanwhile Blizzard throws one super human after another at the alliance in the span of minutes. That ain’t an argument.

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I suggest we calm down, before things turn into personal insults, whereby I will report, regardless on who you are.


High fantasy human being privileged trying to tell me what to do. I am a troll of culture mate. Not some stinking orc feeling sad about killing elves and Humans.


No, no, you don’t understand. I want to go back to the OG WC3 Horde, that brotherhood of misfits who survived in a world that hated them. I don’t want to be part of a genocidal conquering army. But at the same time I want to receive the same attention and successes that the Alliance has! Why can’t Blizzard just give me what I want?!

Wow. One character. For which we had to sacrifice Rastakhan and the fleet for to move into the center of troll story first. Meanwhile Blizzard throws one super human after another at the alliance in the span of minutes. That ain’t an argument.

The only superhuman I counted is Jaina. Who is also just one character. Who costed us a lot of men in the Siege of Boralus, the Battle of Dazar’alor, all the Kul Tirans who were slain so that the Horde could raise Derek and give him that nice reunion with Jaina, etc.

I would like to point out that I counted one more superhero for the Zandalari. Rastakhan and Talanji, against only Jaina.


Jaina could be good, if they dint constantly have her go love horde,hate horde,love horde,hate horde,love them again.
Warbringers Jaina really could be amazing, not current(and can still have her hate horde but be like tolerant of thrall since they know each other well and have fought together in 3rd war) .

Anduin should just be a religous leader of alliance/king of SW. Not high king of Alliance which is(or should be) military postion, when anduin knows crap all about really. A grunt would be more qualified.

He could be good as leader of church of holy light or study under who ever the archbishop is.

And humans do got a issue outside them, Alliance is very stormwind/human focused at expensive of other races. And well human potential meme is there for a reason.


I never cared about the warcraft 3 horde. Thrall was a fool who didn’t realise setting up camp in a desert was an idea doomed to fail from the start.


So you care about Vol’jin’s Horde, I take it? There really isn’t much to discuss here since he didn’t do anything, aside from failing to keep a leash on his subjects, resulting in the battle of Ashran. Or perhaps what you care about is the Garrosh/Sylvanas’ Horde, which is the one we have right now. But then you shouldn’t complain when you are treated like the villain.

Or you just care about some type of Horde that exists in your imagination.


In my imaginations zandalar takes leadership of the horde infact, and stops those idiots from hurting themselves repeatedly cause of crappy leadership.


Oh I see, so your problem with the story right now is not that one race gets too much spotlight, it’s that said race is not the Zandalari.