The Race to World first in the Sanctum of Domination Has Begun!

The Race to World first in the Sanctum of Domination Has Begun!

The race to see who can be the first to breach the Jailer’s lair—Sanctum of Domination—begins this week. The best of the best will face the formidable servants of Sylvanas and the Banished One within to see who can cross the finish line and claim World First!

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Gz to Limit.


I’ve loved these ‘races’ since they started to appear in Legion. I doubt I will watch a second of this, absolutely no enthusiasm for it this time. It is such a shame and I feel I am not the only one in this position.

Are Limit the only ones bothering this time? Are echo still a thing, not read anything about them for a while


Hey, all you Alliance fans whinging about Horde Bias?

This is who you should be whinging about.

Idiotic -races- to get a world first. This is why you can’t have nice things, now can you stop whinging about Horde Bias please, and actually pay attention to the real issue at hand?


Here before the usual “I dOnT cArE wOw iS nOt isPorT” sheep happears

Such content
Much wow

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I don’t have a streaming channel, but I can inform you all that I am already on the final phase of Sylvanas.

I expect to kill her any minute now!

So gz me. Ez gaem. gg.

i am watching Savix raiding magtheridon lair atm, so my raid quota is full atm, sorry :slight_smile:

Being on the final base is scary - you’d have to fight Steve Danuser.

NA guilds getting head start like usual? :joy:

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Why simply not implement timers ? winner should be the one who kill in shortest time after servers are on.

Nah, it is not! US and EU should start at once, not behind 1 day for EU. It is difference!


It’s compensated by US being EU beta testers anyway.

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I’ve got Amson on, he is in some playboy mansion style casino in FFXIV at the moment.

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there it is DUUUDE


Better content tbf.

Not a full 24 hours is it? Also, EU get more time off work - generally easier to request and get time off work, and generally work less hours than those in the US. So there are some differences in a lot of things. + US gets to beta test, can’t remember a time that there were not bug fixes - and sometimes difficulty fixes before EU servers come up that generally cost the US hours.

Not to mention for N’zoth - Method killed it just under 2 days after Limit.

They should really do like a tournament realm for the Mythic race where they all start at the same time globally.


I am still waiting for a timed run raid score…


Looking forward to watching once the EU teams get started tomorrow. Good luck to all teams going for it! :grin:

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