The Race to World first in the Sanctum of Domination Has Begun!

Every time I say this and have been for years, Blizzard, you have proven you can do global expansion release dates, so why not one off global release dates for the mythic raids being unlocked?
It would solve so much inhouse fighting among the fanbase’s of the top guilds and stop a lot of the negativity surrounding the race to world first.

You mean as usual US needs 18hours head start to be competitve? Nice race :slight_smile:

Are you really that naive? Do you really think world first racers go to the office to work for 8hours and then chill a bit in the evening for few hours to race for world first? :smiley:

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What a buzzkill!

mythic crossrealm lfr pls and not a half year later.

Or declare the winner based on who did it in the shortest amount of time, that way there is no complaints about the US getting a head start.

Never seen a race where the starter buzzer goes off at different times for each runner. :joy:

Shame as I would have won if it wasn’t for this.

I actually really like this idea, but deciding who should be allowed on and when would be a challenge. As a by-product, it would eliminate some of the less attractive features of the RWF, like buying Mythic BoEs during the race.

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Super excited for this world first…


If it wasn’t for the terrible state of the game, the ruined lore, GMs that mute people at the slightest sign of criticism, I might have actually cared.

Yeah, the race has begun. And so has the server lag for Korthia. :frowning:

based and lfr pilled

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It sure does allow for people to do World First races - and top end raiding more frequently so yeah the country that has such policy allows for more - and better world first raiders. Where do you think these guilds get recruitments from, Vronkis?

What again is so exciting about Horde guilds racing for world “firsts” when these bosses already have been downed during testing?

Mythic bosses very rarely get downed on PTR. At least not the later ones. The first couple bosses are easy enough to be killed quickly anyway, PTR or not. Not to mention tuning happens between PTR testing and the actual release, which is what the testing is for. Sometimes entire new mechanics are added and the final fight ends up being nothing like it’s PTR version. That’s how we sometimes end up with mathematically impossible bosses on live, or with gamebreaking bugs that make them impossible or inconsistent.

Each boss is available for testing only for 1 hour and are often unfinished, undertuned or overtuned, and mostly to see if the mechanics work and how the number tuning is. And as far as I know, end bosses don’t get Mythic testing on the PTR at all.

If every boss was killed on the PTR before release, you’d have a point, but that’s not even close to reality.

world firsts have been boring since cataclysm.

Damn…Once again the time has come to see how hard I suck compared to those guys :smiley:

how about balancing this game before making a race nobody cares about lol

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Well. Now that we have your attention, and you seem to be advocating for the world first race, How about we change something about it?

What if… We make it global release, so that it would ACTUALLY BE A RACE? Instead of NA being nearly a full day ahead every time?

That would be nice.

I mean it’s funny to make fun of NA for being our beta testers every patch, but at least make the raid release global. It needs to be a proper race.

About at least 100 000 people would disagree with you at this very moment.