The Race to World first in the Sanctum of Domination Has Begun!

Thats out of millions, billions players playing? :smiley: Pathetic :smiley:

A couple million, probably, but billions?

Doesn’t matter how many active players the game has. About a 100 000 players watching online in the middle of a work day is still a lot of people, which is all that matters. Besides, Blizzard has nothing to do with the race. It’s purely a community event. All they did was release a tiny article shouting out some of the guilds. They aren’t “making” the race.

not very many people when u think how many there are in one country alone.

Just make a different realm only for the top raiding guilds in the world, that way no will be behind and no one will have an advantage. Like as being suggested by an alternative to the Tournament realm we have.

EZ fix, everyone is happy, no one is annoyed.

i say since it has been infected whit “the love everyone mentality”.

i have more fun watching the race to be first guild in mine country, where there is actuall real feel of a competition with the flame, mocking vods and so on.

Irrelevant. The population of one country is tiny compared the populaiton of the entire planet, yet the country can still play a massive part in the global economy. When you get to numbers like this, any activity is bound to be interesting only to a tiny percentage of the people. The amount of League players watching Worlds will just as well be tiny compared to all League players.

A tiny amount of people actively farm mounts, a tiny amount of people enjoy doing pet battles all day, and so on and so on. Doesn’t make those things unimportant unless the amount of people interested gets microscopic.

So… fix new dungeon bugs its for patch 9.3?

Last WF race i really seriously mean it, i will watch this time. The old blizz would have not done majority not known enough changes to a boss encounter without letting that majority know it. Until it’s too late. They would have being transparent about it. But modern blizz dosen’t want to get back to that prime attitude again…

WoW: Unbalanced nightmare. Boomies 1 shotting people, Rets full healing with a single global, BM being buffed when its already the best arena class.
Blizz: I sleep.

WoW: Echo is now solo tanking an add in phase 2
Blizz: NANI!?!!!?? I WAKE.

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