The "real" Sylvanas Windrunner and "death"

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Sylvanas is our hero. The champion of freedom, true freedom.

She wants to obtain the weapons to kill the old gods and not be at the mercy of creepy old men known as Titans which say many things and afaik once upon a time even wanted to destroy Azeroth.

How can anyone live under such constant threat of annihilation. It is only natural to seek your own means of defence and not be at the whims of beardo’s.


Sargeras, Aggramar, and Eonar look like creepy old men to you? Get your eyes checked.

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Where was the freedom for the Sentinels and Highborne who were about to be forced into undeath, during Darkshore.

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Undeath is freedom.


Wait, the Highborne were already Banshees before Sylvanas. The Sentinels choose to side with the Forsaken with their own will.

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The two Highborne who aided the Kaldorei during the War of Thorns were about to be forced into undeath.

Only by your low-grading standards.


Which Highborne?


You made this thread because, as you stated, you felt she was acting out of character compared to her past, so this is rubbish. If she had been evil from the start, you would not have come up with the idea that she was being controlled.

I mean, your very next sentence contradicts your first:

Was her evil consistent prior to the Cataclysm or was it not? Decide!

Like, let me grant you some vindication and make this theory:
Sylvanas is controlled by Helya. We know her soul is alive somewhere. She was able to do so through the pact they made. She influences Sylvanas to make her cruel descisions, which is why none of her arguments make sense. This is all a roundabout way for Helya to exact revenge on Odyn by killing Azertoh through the blood war.

There, in two minutes I made a theory that is better than yours, and has more evidence to support it. Now Sylvanas is less evil. Everyone is happy. “The Hour of her third death” refers to Helya, whom we will kill when we confront Sylvanas. <-This is actually true, it refers to Helya.

Because we killed it… To the Old Gods, the concepts of death and sleep are synonymous. They are parasites that feed of Azeroth. For them to be truly “killed” or rather destroyed as to be rendered harmless, they must be torn out of Azeroth and crushed. This tearing is what caused the damages. Killing them/putting them to sleep like we did renders them inactive.

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Hmm let’s see.

What do most ppl fear the most? Death.
What do most undead fear the most?

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Sarvonis and Ralara

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Elune’s Light or Holy Light - undead and light don’t mix well. They also seem to not enjoy “life” all that much.

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Really? Light?

I seem to function okay during the day and as far as the person’s you mentioned, noone wants to be around an old hag frothing at the mouth.


That’s what you mean. It’s like we beaten them K.O., right?

Where? I only saw that the were there. Even if, they would probably turn into the same edgy morons like the other Elves.

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You’re right. Daelinn Proudmoore was the creepiest. And now he isn’t anymore. Let us hold a vigil. :candle:

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When Delaryn and Sira are raised, you can see two named NPC’s.

These were the Highborne characters who aided in opening up portals to Darnassus to fend off the Horde. These two were also aspecially targeted by Sylvanas and her Dark Rangers because of this.
If they were raised, I’m not sure if they’d become Dark Rangers or something else, but they were Highborne and they were due to be raised into undeath.


Ok dude, Daelin is creepier than Sylvanas who is literally a walking talking zombie.

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I think you’re just biased against thin women.

I mean one just has to look at your pic to see your ideals of shape and size. :innocent:


He likes them big. He likes them chunky. His name is Moto Moto.

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Aren’t their some Kul’Tiran men who are even more thin than the average female blood elf or female void elf?


One just has to look at my absolute favourite living character which is Jaina Proudmoore, who is definitely fat and ugly and not one of the most beautiful female characters Blizzard has ever created.