The "real" Sylvanas Windrunner and "death"

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Every XXL sized blow up doll owner says that in public.



But this isn’t a public place like a street or a square, there’s always the same 10 weirdos around here, some of which comment on alt accounts to hide their shame. What public.


From which shame they should hide?


The same of being silly Sylvanas fanboys who make no sense, though to be fair that is true for every WoW-related forum and not just this one.

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Well just coming in to take the opportunity to say thank you for contributing at anyone who shared their thoughts so far. This went smoothly at the start.

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I myself am digging this theory because it offers a neat solution. The Horde is spared from another evil warchief, and the Alliance can actually get revenge for what happened without infuriating the other half of the player-base.

Sylvanas not being a complete psycho is a neat bonus too.

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I really want to see if their will be a conflict between Sylvanas and Alexstrasza at some point.
One is #ProLife, whilst the other - well, she’s #ProUndead.

After some time, dwelling on it, I have to say and I’m not telling lies:
I don’t like Sylvanas as Warchief, but I really don’t want her to die.

I think Blizzard can pull of a Forsaken vs Night Elves and Red Dragons quite well. It is the vision of life vs death.


Nice thread Erevien, cool to see one of your theories again.

I am still thinking about whether this is Blizzard’s bad writing or actually true. I think it is plausible, given Sylvanas’ history (being impaled by Saronite etc.) and the quote of Yogg-saron that might indicate he has taked control over her.

(Elyssarain) #49

It’s Blizzard, who are characteristically incapable of such a complex narrative. I trust it as much as I do now on Golden saying that people should wait for more info before they lambast her writing over the War of Thorns and what Warbringers Sylvanas showed/did. We all know how that turned out. And I believed her twitter post all those months ago.

Sylvanas is an evil character doing things because she can, and the sooner people accept this reality the better. The mental gymnastics required to try to justify her actions becomes more ridiculous the longer this game goes on for.

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The dude just posted a theory, I don’t really see any gymnastics. And you know I don’t like Sylvanas.

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‘Sylvanas = Yogg-Saron’ does not scream mental gymnastics?

Carry on then, I have nothing more to say on this.

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Its a theory, you wanna burn him at the stake?

(Erevien) #53

I am not selling any of this as a fact. It is a fully subjective theory. And I dare to say it is much deeper than whatever Blizzard recently throws at us for the story.

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Honestly, I really enjoyed this theory Erevien, it does make sense, a lot of sense. IT is also something I wouldn’t even be mad at if it came true.
However I disagree with this part

Feels a bit exaggerated and ruins whatever is left of Sylvanas’ individuality. I think that she is definitely influenced in a way but she retains her liberty and free will. Having her as a vessel for Yogg indirectly means she is exonerated of all crimes she has committed, further attenuating the faction war.
There is also the part of ‘‘Sylvanas’ endgame’’ referred in game and by Blizzard.
Who would have thought a troublesome arcane munching elf could come up with a realistic theory :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are two big flaws to this theory:

  1. Blizzards inability to write complex plots that create callbacks to expansions that were written by other people (the ones in charge of Wrath aren’t the same ones in charge now).

  2. Blizzards unwillingness to step one foot out of the line they drew with their ideas. They rather write themselves into a corner a thousand times, and create the stinkiest pile of dung out of the story itself, rather than shake things up.

That said, it’d be interesting.

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Not forced , they had a choice the ones that resisted fought as wisps and died without being turned


Sylvanas don’t have a Soul .


Yeah. Mass necromancy is fine so long as you leave a choice. Sylvanas did nothing wrong.


Actually she have a soul. Her soul was transformed into a Banshee… Questions…


Neat theory! I’d really like to see more of the other Old Gods than just N’Zoth, if this theory was true it would be a nice way to show that they still have an influence on the world, a rather heavy one at that.