The Removal of Mist of Pandaria Portals

For the life of me i can’t see the logical reason of you going back to 6 year old content and removing a quality of life feature which was actively used by many people on daily basis to this day and did not harm anyone other than to deliberately put an even greater rift between you and player base.

Announced portal room is not coming for at least until 8.1.5 and that is month and month away at this point. What kind of vendetta are you people on to? what portals and overall life quality things ever did to harm you?

Pre legion quest portal stones also got slapped with 2hr cooldown. clearly you knew people was using them and you just had to go extra mile to make sure you hit as many people with your stick as possible on your way out.

What harm would it do to just leave those things be as they were. Even if we someday get new portal room. Is it that game changing that you just have to make sure everyone will bind hearthstones to exact location you predicted based of your statistics or else the world as we know it will end?

With all this unwelcoming changes as of late you just push people farther and farther away from this game. It is the little things that hurt the most.


I can kind of agree with you here.

At least until 8.1.5, they could’ve let this be. It’s not doing any harm and it is near 7 years ago.


I’m glad i did all the secret stuff questlines like waste of time, baal, etc, before this change, where there’s so much moving around required that, unless you have a pocket mage, every extra hearthstone and access to portals is useful and saves lots of time.

What a weird and useless change. I can’t figure out what goes inside the minds of this current dev team.

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The only thing I can think of is they are trying to make the game look more busy by funneling players to specific hubs rather than having them spread out. Orgrimmar looks dead compared to other expansions and I’m on a horde heavy realm


glad efforts and resources are going where they are sorely needed :rofl::rofl:.


Wait a second, you mean they removed the portals to old Dalaran and Shattrath? :confused:

Mhmm, I think they did.

blizzard anti-fun police on duty, fixing things that dont need fixing while other parts of the game are rotten broken


This was useless and incomprehensible

At least Shattrath we have in the magic basement thing in new Dalaran, but are you telling me if I want to visit old dalaran I have to either purchase an overpriced ring or get a zeppelin? Ouch…

A poster below has posted checked and the portals to old dala and shattrath are still in place, so I’m editing my post not be misleading, in case someone doesn’t want to scroll down :grin:


mhmm, most changes do feel, and sadly are implemented to literally keep us logged in for longer time.

few examples - when they ruined leveling back in 7.3.5., removal of an ability to delete keystones, entire azerite system, new warfront cosmetics, that require 1000 currency and each warfront gives 15 currency.

this game needs more game developers not lawers.


Why would they remove these?

How do you get to old dalaran now? Just makes Northrend another dead zone like Outland. For no reason at all.

We mages well do good money with this


There’s this thing at stormwind city
It’s called a boat
If you’re horde it’s an airship

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Are you insane? You mean I’d have to WALK somewhere and WAIT for public transport? You’re mad!


I’m not surprised they nerfed the legion portal stones, I thought they would’ve done that a lot sooner tbh. No clue why they would remove the portals tho :frowning:

I cant understand. Maybe these were too expensive in maintenance?
You know payin mages to maintain these up, Payin fees for the guards. Cleaning the room…

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You all know, portal rooms took out alot of the traveling scenery/experience in the game. You go into a room, click a circle, loading screen - Arrived at destination!
I know, when so much traveling is required that portals as necessary these days. But people who cry of deleting the old ones, are people who dont like the game - they just want to get things done as fast as possible.
Every expansions portal room is created so that we have faster traveling options to destinations that are commonly visited through out the expansion. When one ends, another begins. Doors (portals) close, another opens.

Did you ever imagined, that you can sit there, relaxed, not rushing but instead enjoying the game? There are ways to getting everywhere, use them. One-click-away is not fun, it’s fast but-not-fun, games must be fun, not fast.

And if you don’t want to waste your time, why are you playing wow, and sitting on the forums - it is just a game. Go outside with friends or with you family and spent quality time, dont waste it here… :slight_smile:

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+++Fun detected.+++



they removed the portals?
they are just spiteful at this point. :-1: