The Second Phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live!

The Second Phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch is Now Live!

With the second phase of the pre-expansion patch, players with Dragonflight will be able to experience the new dracthyr Evoker and begin leveling through the Forbidden Reach. The second phase of the pre-expansion patch also brings with it a new event— the Tempest Unleashed.

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Why can’t you have the weekly reset at global time, instead of different times per region!? It is so annoying, I have legit no words for this…


The hype is real!
Make all the alts!
Spam all the invasions!
(Can I last 2ish weeks of this without getting bored? I hope so!)

very nice mog.

Does anyone actually have an answer for this?

Way back in the day I remember the Community Manager, Thundgot, answered it by saying that it would be a bigger challenge than people would think. Blizzard’s team would effectively have to work at night. And the gains would be minimal, because most people do sleep and work during those first few hours where the US servers are up. Plus, they’d lose the benefit of the US already having ironed out any unforeseen issues by the time EU gets patched.
But that was the explanation, as I very loosely recall it, some 18 years ago. Maybe the circumstances are different today, although I doubt it.


I imagine the answer is the same but they just have a clause of making workers work over time with an expansion release so it can be a global release or some questionable practise.

Reading the US forums, the game is unplayable because of lag, disconnections and servers don’t working.

This shall be fun. :popcorn:


And this is why we’re happy to get our patches half a day later.

I have lost count of how often technical issues are identified and remedied in the US, in time for the EU to receive a more polished patch or expansion.


Very cool! Good job on the effort so far into DF.

Any word on WOTLK classic? Like server lockouts and such?

What lovkouts- its empty like Sahara

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One per 2 years. And once per week are very different things.

Meant Locks on transfers

I enjoy phase 2 so far. Luckily, it is possible to complete within a few hours so even those who have to be away for most of it can do it pretty fast. The server hasn’t crashed so far from the load which is a small wonder, given the amount of people farming the quest areas. Only my computer gave upon me once, complaining about not having enough memory.

Dractyr is not my thing but I may level one at some point to see the new starting zone. A lot of people are having fun with the new race already.

The only thing that left me disappointed that even if the currency is account bound and can be traded to alts, alts cannot buy the gear and collect the appearances unless they are 60. It’s a shame.

My game stuck with initializing and wont update. Nice


Should have had more locations for the bosses. The lag is unreal when everyone descends to kill one at the same time.

U.S. are beta testers so any issues arise they are, shall we say “fixed”, for EU release :wink:


My game stuck with initializing and wont update. Nice

Did u get this sorted, this is the issue im having atm

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no me and my local friends same issue