The Shattrath Market

Still no news about the merge we are waiting for. But why shall we wait, if we can RP together now?

Both factions are welcome.
If you like to run a stall on the market, feel free to mention it under this thread. You can trade ic and ooc (ooc only for your own faction).

For an invitation you can whisper Maradan-Moonglade (Alliance) or Hathorion-Moonglade (Horde).

I hope to see you on the market (again) this saturday!

I’ve spread the word to all I know, i’ll hopefully make it there!

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If I can make it I’d like to run a stall, nothing too fancy, but hopefully it will be fun. I’ll gladly give more info if need be

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(on an alt)
The market opens in a few hours!
Who and what can you expect this time:

  • Karucha hopes to be running a stall tonight as a guest from Darkmoon Faire/Earthen Ring!
  • Maradan will have a stall for the Jewelers retreat, selling jewelery, gems and giving information about it!
  • Rei will be selling delicious pandaren food and drinks. And more to that: they are imbued with healing magic!
  • Tharen is expected to be back again with the best bakery food from Stormwind. And of Shattrath at this evening!
  • The ‘Tower of Krasha’ will be there selling alchemical items and they promissed some of their items are (extremely) rare. They will also be around giving information about the new Horde-wing of their guild, maybe recruiting allready?

There is still room for a lastminute decider to run a stall too.

Stall keepers can whisper for an invite before 20.00h to have some time to settle. Shoppers and visitors can whisper for an invite from 20.00h on.
(Server time)

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