The Silver Hand and Church of the Holy Light

Appologiez for delay, but it must be known, that guilds named “The Silver Hand” and “Church of the Holy Light” are taken for the preservation and longevity of their existance so that they don’t fall into unknown hands and become forgotten and their RP concepts unreachable.

If anyone finds himself interested or wishing to bear these guild titles under their character names, then you need just join where I shall make sure to invite you to these guilds at earliest convinience.

Shall there emerge a leader ready to provide organization and take charge over members of those guilds, I will talk with you to see if you’re serious and possibly give you all necessery mechanisms or guild itself to accomplish that.

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some say they are already in “”" unknown hands “”""


Oh boy. I don’t know what’d be worse: that someone rushed to get all these guild names like “Church of the Holy Light”, “Scarlet Crusade” and “The Silver Hand” and started a post making them sound vaguely suspicious of intending to sell them, or that they’re just a strange RP gatekeeper.

I voice my unattached bystander’s preemptive “yikes” on this one.


Not a fan of this move. Not sure why it matters if people you don’t like have these tags, it’s just needless gatekeeping of concepts.


Well, there is nothing to be said but that it was indeed our intent to rush and take The Scarlet Crusade for a reason of making our guild, like other guilds had intended at launch.

We had a competitor that threatened and bribed our members to reveal our plans for launch, so we had to act quickly.

And I must say I agree and my friends with whom we organized this have considered it also not a splendid move, though we really intended to safeguard those names in an adrenaline rush of the launch.

We have 0 intentions to use or keep those guilds for our own ends with all my honesty. If a good leader will be found to take it, I shall hold no attachment to it.

I mean if I’m being honest you livestreamed most of your call with an officer the other day, the plans aren’t exactly hidden.

EDIT: As for safeguarding the tags, again, it’s not needed. The only people who are going to take these tags are people interested in RPing those concepts. So what if they’re not up to your standard? Help them improve. If someone wants to do a Silver Hand or Church concept later down the road and those names are taken, they’ll look for other names.


Your plans to monopolise Scarlet RP, or to play a pseudo leader of the Scarlet Crusade with all the lore tags. Since you are the grand gatekeeper who can only decide yourself on who “good rp” is and is not. Seems like “The Scarlet Crusade” tag has already fallen into the wrong hands.


The Silver Hand and Church of the Holy light shall be free for grabs any moment now, if that’s what you want. Hope it will find good hands.

I’ll chime in on this. Me and mine saw the multi-boxers snipe all these guild names launch night. We were in Discord talking about how something shady was going down.

We were right.

Anyone who thinks this isn’t some blatant attempt to gate keep is a fool. Anyone who is trying to tell you this isn’t an attempt at gate keeping, is selling you snake oil.

Classic is about community. Let’s self-correct and dunk on these fools, collectively.


Seems like a pointless thing to conspire about. It’s just generic guild names. No player guild can claim to depict the whole of an ingame organization, so their guilds will have to have some lower level identity anyway that can give them their name.

I’d be much more upset if people stole guild names from planned player projects, really.

…which isn’t meant to defend the practice, just to devalue the discussion, I guess. :wink:

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That’s a big yikes from me, chief.


The multiboxer was only myself. I have been multiboxing since wotlk when I also decided to try Role Play having not found connection with then current time expansions and looked for something new in WoW.
I can afford to pay for it due to stock trading which I was always happy to teach others, and I wanted to do it in classic because I wanted to see what it will be like.

You can hate and take on me. With snake oil calls or accuses of selling guild names. That is wrong, and I do not want to excuse myself for what I am not guilty of and we are all egoists, we all have pride, in different ways.

I, like many of whom I know, was disconnected from WoW RP community for a long period of time, many years since Defias Brotherhood had slowly died and I must say our large group of friends have been happy to know classic returns and built interesting plans. We had other, different experience in the meantime and it somewhat had us tought that preserving those guild names in a server we invest time in would allow for the lore of it’s truest, purest aspects that we like to survive. It’s important for myself and some of us that exactly those names exist in the RP field as they are the original and needed for deepest immersion into wow lore.

As for our Scarlet Guild, then understand that, leading and being in a scarlet crusade guild is a different type of experience. Different difficulty, different people, different approach and reception from faction integrated role play guilds. It’s hard to explain but it has you already on the recieving end of the community’s sword so we are used to fight hard and defend what is ours.

We’ve been rusty, like many my friends we forgot alot about retail RP and it’s community over years. With that said, we still had good intententions to help the server be better. I have disbanded the guilds into free swimming at unknown waters today, but I have taken them back now in true wish not to have them lost and forgotten so who ever takes them from me will be known and won’t keep them on their single offline character to be forever unreachable, because it’s what is always happends.

People rushed to reserve many names. In case of those guilds you know me, you can reach me and have those guilds or guild-tags taken. I wish best for them and grow into big active guilds true to lore, even if it’s unlikely. I want feel to be in real wow lore, because I don’t find WoW retail rp to be immersive enough.

Ooft. B-I-G yikes.

Sigh. I see that there is no talking with you. I did what I think is right and I’ll stand by it. The messege is out, guilds are available. If someone sireously needs those lore guilds or just wants to bear the tags, use discord link.
I wont be replying here any longer. Your “community” constantly fights each other on general and trade chats and always has someone to hate. Take it seriously or not, like it or not. No point. It’s inevitable. One cannot be liked by all. Have a good classic.

BIG OOFS man. Sounds dodgy.


This is the most tragic thing I’ve ever read


but they’re not

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Very cringe


If you really mean it that the guilds are free for grabs, disband the guilds and let them actually be up for grabs once more.

Otherwise people will, correctly or not depending on your perspective, accuse you of gatekeeping. Have your actions speak louder than forum posts.


I can answer that, dispite unexpetedly almost losing all care I had for our community and classic, but naturally people can of-course talk and agree with each other.

What I and those who helped me did, was seen at-least by me as good and purpuseful. We were full of expectation and uncertainty of what classic will be like and how to prepare for it.

I and many with me, didn’t Rp on retail since Cataclysm. For scarlet group I belonged to, It killed all we liked in WoW. Attempts to go back were very rare and short. Even from Vanilla I expected more, I waited it to be the best game possible, only to find it an unrelatable quest grind MMO type to which I was new to.

I may be passionate about it, but I cannot understand, If you strive to RP in Warcraft universe, why not to care that if your come to Stormwind’s Cathedral that you see exactly the members of The Silver Hand and other lore groups, greeting and accepting you? In all my role play, I never fully related with rp guilds that didn’t bear original faction names. I was always disappointed with lack of living Warcraft world to interact with.

This “gate-keeping” term is almost new to me, or I have forgotten it after not connecting with retail RP for soon to be decade, but regardless of that, it is known I have taken those names, it’s now my responsability to pass it to someone or realize their potential instead of letting them fade like they always do.

Not being in my place you probably cannot feel it. This whole game, like wanting to do good for it for some reason is a fool’s pursuit, but if in one year there are no Silver Hand paladins and squires in Stormwind, it would now be my mistake.

Many people are pming me to join The Scarlet Crusade, mentioning, they chose it for the name and because of their hope that I Promised them, that with claim of original faction name I Will deliver them best role play I can organize in bringing this faction’s Rp close to ideal. I see somebody wanting the same for those names.

What’s done is done. I am asked and trusted to be gate-keeper of quality in my guild. I am asked and trusted to be gate-keeper of unwanted debates from both sides there, and I was believed by my friends to do good by the names we’ve taken on a realm we don’t know anyone from.

I do not know any of the undead of elfs oofing at me here. I do not understand the way you think, the way you see things taking it so negatively, there are universally more important things in the world. There are many more people that I disagree with on points way more critical. You do not trust me, I did not trusted you, but like me, for some reason we care to be here.

This is last time we might care for wow. A fool again, I got blindly enamored with another “perfect” Rp opportunity, and there I was wanting to see this done right, expecting it all to be beautiful but it’s seemed too good to be true.

I understand and accept your displeasure as unimportant and trivial our whole pursuit here may be, even if it’s important to us. We’re all here now, we cannot run from each other, we do not know how long it will last, but we can make our server better, even if it will take time, and believe that it was and is my wish and intention.

I will pass the torch to another runner, for to drop it now would be wrong for all of us. I hope you will find it to trust me and forgive me for not trusting you.