The Silver Hand and Church of the Holy Light

Sepoficus and his multibox address the forums


I have to disagree with the idea that possessing the official faction name is immersive; I would argue that it is the opposite, and actually somewhat inappropriate for roleplay, because we as players can never and should never try to represent such factions in their entirety, but rather a particular branch or division within them. To claim to represent the lore organisation itself with your guild would in my view be akin to claiming to be the family member of an important lore character. When faction names are used by OOC communities for characters that are members, however, I see no issues with it.


It’s not.

Because we’re not playing a simulation of canon lore. It’s nice to see canon groups making the world around you seem richer. It’s not crucial. You could’ve seen these orders naturally form, but instead you decided to take the names and prevent this from ever happening unless they passed your personal test, which is subjective and unique to you, essentially cancelling the community by denying them freedom and opinion.

It’s not your responsibility: it’s what you’re choosing to do. You said above in the post you were going to free up the names, and afterwards you backed out from it as you saw the community didn’t agree with you, which sounds like you’re keeping the names hostage out of hurt pride rather than good RP intentions.

You sound absolutely insane. There’s going to be Silver Hand paladins and squires without those names. I don’t think you realize how much you personally have tainted these names now since there’s been this whole situation created around them.

There’s historically been dozens of organizations taking up the values of the Scarlets, Silver Hand and the Argents and they’ve done great without the canon name.

A name is just a bunch of words. I’m happy that your guildmembers are happy to have a name they feel inspires them. Do the same for others and free up those names you’re not using.

“In my guild” being key here. Your guild is the Scarlet Crusade.

You answered a series of “oofs” with several multi-paragraph posts, my man. You’re trying very hard to justify this unimportant thing that you started and would be solved by typing “/gdisband” twice.

Our server was being pretty damn nice until people started gate-keeping. We’ve got a bustling community filled with positivity, new ideas and a lot great inspiration and camaraderie; many old grudges among the community have been talked over and most are going in with a “clean slate” mentality. This is part of the clean slate, don’t waste it for yourself.

Nope and nope.


Regardless of your intention, gate-keeping these guild names is wrong and unfair to the rest of the community.

Do the right thing and disband the guilds. Focus on your own guild and on enriching the server by creating good RP opportunities, not by trying to prevent others from what you might consider ‘bad RP’.


Idk if a scarlet guild containing a character with a Whitemane TRP profile really has the credibility to be the gatekeeper for “Good” silver hand/cothl RP

But hey what do I know, I’ve never tried RPing actual lore characters so maybe I’m just too small brained to understand the 3D chess level plays going on in this guy’s head


We have our own perspective on good and evil. Every side sees what they do as just. I did not felt my pride hurt because it’s what people do, they enjoy to see people fail and laugh, smear them to boost their pride and so on. I been through such things before. I know my life is short and pursue what I like regardless, even though I care to communicate and explain why.

We saw things differently in how to achieve server rp quality. I thought we would be doing a service to the community by helping them to exist which at a time seemed important. I believed now it would be a disservice to have them disappear into unknown.
Then again, I was already proved wrong, thinking that we can unite scarlet crusade guilds, even if we strive for full autonomy and equality under same goal. Scarlet guilds remain the same.

As for these names, nobody at any point announced wanting them, but if you care for them or muh gate-keeping cast your vote and decide their fates with you accepting responsability for what comes to them later or letting that responsability stay away from you. As much as we respected the concepts, wanting them live, we never needed them.

https:// www. strawpoll. me/18579358

What ever 50 people from this community decide will be done. Not a small number for one guild to decide, not a big one. Maybe in perhaps slow time it takes we’ll cool down and figure if those names will mean something for our server and figure what to do with them. In the mean-time I will stop looking for owner for them who can knowingly take them, but if I will be approached for them during this poll taking place, I’ll let it be known and open for discussion, otherwise, I will disband them and never look at them again.

Just disband the damn guilds? Why are you being dramatic?


I did not know what this community will be like come classic, what guilds and their realization people will want to see here.
I had my own view on what heights can be reached, but I guess I was dreaming too largely.

Dude just be quiet lmao you’re demonstrably worse than what you claim to want for the server.


You make it sound as if the owners of these guild names might literally end the world. I don’t have to accept responsibility over the potential decisions of hypothetical people.

The only problem so far is that you’ve erected your standards of RP as the baseline to force potential roleplayers who don’t know you and don’t need to justify themselves to you. If you wanted to see what people are like, you could’ve waited and seen what people are like.

Most everyone’s issue here is you preemptively taking a patronizing and exclusionary stance over ownership of the name of some silly fake church.


I think anyone with sense will look to remain clear of anyone whose e-peen requires them to bequeath guild names upon those they decide worthy.

You aren’t the arbiter of good roleplay and, by the looks of it, you don’t have much claim to being a beneficial member of the community.

Just release the names and carry on with what you find fun (when it doesn’t trample on the enjoyment and autonomy of others).


Well, you don’t have to take responsability for me, but I have to accept responsability of my action.

With soaped eyes, I was much looking forward and maybe like with first taking up wow expecting to see this server as something it probably was not ment to be. I thought we’d be extra serious and interested in making something great out of it, something big, something true.

You are right, I want to concentrate on what I find fun, and I also found assisting us save those names from obscurity to be fun. Thought I’d be helping us all.

Hurts me or not, I’m do not fear to speak. I remembered the forums and knew it will hurt me from start.
I’m dramatic because, even if I’m doing well, I hate the situation in the world I live in, wow classic is an escape from my already grim thoughts, but even here there’s bitterness.

If you want, take them, disband them, or pass them along. I’ll either wait for poll, new leaders or disband them this Sunday at 6pm server time.

I was stupid, I took too much on myself thinking that I and some of us can turn rivers and mountaints to do great things, at-least on a small rp environemnt I thought to be fimiliar with. But hey, I thought I could be a leader of a country to get things right and make everyone happy, but even in my guild all I hear is overwhelming contradictions of what people expect and what they want me to do.

A’ight. Constant deflecting, you’re doing right, everyone else is holding the server back from your “great vision”.

Bye bye baby, I’m off this crazy train.


Is this the first case of Hyraxian server drama? Oh boy. I do hope that a lot of people will be able to leave the problems and ‘‘politics’’ (kek) of their old server behind, if only for the sake of a new start.

Personally, I’d never even dare to proclaim that I’m the GM of an actual faction guild. Though the worldbuilding in Classic was certainly better than retail’s ‘‘let’s invent a faction and watch it drop off into nothingness for years’’, proclaiming yourself that you are the direct representative of an actual lore faction sounds like a slippery slope right down to gatekeeped-server lore and thus, more drama.

I don’t know you, nor was I on your server before classic. And although I’m going to give you - as of yet, an unknown stranger to me - the benefit of the doubt, nobody should think of themselves as some sort of empowered RP director. You rightly state that the sense of community is healthy to classic, yet it’s my belief that such behavior is just contra-productive to our community.

Again, I do not know you yet. But if you’re serious about the health of the RP scene, just invest in your own project. Focus on the growth of your projects, network with other guilds, help organize plots and so on.


The server is not yet ready for your illustrious highness


I truly don’t understand how you can so consistently just not get the point here…


It’s good that you’re trying to help - that’s the right mindset to have. But you’re not helping; you’re restricting others while demanding that they adhere to your standards and obtain your approval, neither of which they need.

Don’t wait for a poll, or Sunday, or for someone to message you. Just release them now np.


My dude.

Everyone’s point is that it’s not up to you to decide what counts as good or bad roleplay. By extension, it’s not really up to you to decide who gets to be the owner of this guild. By all means, you were the first to snatch them up, if you wanted to keep them for yourself, no one can argue with that or stop you.

But you’re taking yourself way too serious, if you think people are going to try proving their worth to you to get these guild names. I get what you were trying to do here, it’s just very self-important and off-putting.

Setting up the strawpoll with such a dramatically inflated binary is kind of hilarious to me, though. Either you’ll decide who’s a worthy leader in due time, and you’ll know because you’re clearly a great judge of healthy community spirit, or you “let them off into the unknown, never to emerge again”. Nah, man, you just stop hoarding something you have no plans for.

Or keep hoarding it. Literally whatever.


On a personal level, I would rather have a personalised guild name than try to ‘prove myself’ to another roleplayer. No one is superior to anyone else - I’m not above anyone and they’re not above me.


Maybe it’s these overall small things that pushed my mood down to make me sound dramatic and irrational.

I got stuck in RP within single-player games, which made me impressed I can take charge over course of story, It was not my intention to say I am a better judge.

I take immersing myself into things I RP so far I forget myself, It’s only way I can feel RP now.
I’m actually refreshed to hear a community to shake me off from stupor and happy to find that I’m again among other role players now even if we didn’t find each other well first.

We misunderstood each other. It’s clear to me I was a gate-keeper even with percieved intent of responsable use.

I appologize for actions that I caused to happen. I did not ment bad and I’m of certainty that those who listened to me and helped me did not as well.

It is not our concept, and is not a concept I or anyone I know intended to be a part of to harbor it and if the server is convinced that it’s hurtful to it’s atmosphere, then I’m letting it go.

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