The Silver Hand and Church of the Holy Light

So just do it and delete this.

Oh look first drama thread!

How dare you though.

  1. You’re not in any position to go deciding on who can have what name.
  2. On Argent Dawn (EU), a few weeks in and the latter guild commits murder on the steps of the cathedral, flees Stormwind, claims a timeskip happens and then runs with the idea of ‘I didn’t do nuthin’.
  3. No.
  4. Lategnome is late.
  1. Right.

  2. Wrong. So many talk about this but only the GMs and officers of the participating guilds knows the whole truth. That’s the brilliance of it. The gossip and the spin offs still creates RP three years later after the event. This is how it was made:

A few guild members executes their Bishop (GM) on the Cathedral Stairs. Those are captured, imprisoned and sentenced to execution or a long exile. Those who had nothing to do with it stayed at the cathedral preparing for the return of the exiles. A few exiled returns about a year later. Almost two years later the story still creates good RP. The chain of event was possible because of extensive planning beforehand on behalf of the guilds involved. It has greatly contributed to the life of one of Argent Dawns oldest and constantly active guilds. It’s a prime example of how good planning can create server legends.

  1. No

  2. Later still.

This seems a bit elitist to me. It’s not your decision on who can be in guilds or not.
Roleplay should be for everyone just for those you deem “good enough”

Necro-posting to make sure we can never forget that this was a thing that was attempted.

Did he disband the guilds already?

i, too, shall necropost this, so that the generations to come may know of this event.