The TBC button has gone

Has your TBC button disappeared too?

The one ingame next to the character list has disappeared? Do you think they are altering it in time for the pre-patch launch next week?

Edit: and now I get an update to Classic

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The same thing happened to mine

TBC was canceled.


We were not prepared.


I hope it never goes back.

Nobody want to pay 35$ per character just to buy yourself a dark portal pass.

You don’t pay to go to TBC. You pay to be able to play your character on TBC and Classic at the same time.

nah, its what they said, but some guys pay to go tbc on their lvl 60 classic chars. Because all actual realms go to TBC it looks like you pay classic clone, but i pay for TBC clone.

Also, the thread " Return to Outland on 2 June in Burning Crusade Classic" appears unpinned. Strange!

Btw, what about that tbc button was? I never clicked on it.

It said:

That thread was never pinned. There is nothing strange about it.

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