The ultimate Chad of Warcraft


Found a similar idea for a topic in the US forums and thought I might copy it to see resonance here.

Tell me in all honesty, of whom you guys think of the biggest Chad’s of characters, the lore has to offer. Multiple answers are allowed and highly recommended.

With the exception of Varian, since I know serveral posters here, who would spamm that name until dawn. Let’s go!


“Pick your ultimate chad of Warcraft… the character that I hate the most is excluded though.”

No. Varian Wrynn. No one else destroyed a massive fel reaver with a single stab. He was my King and you cannot prohibit me from honoring him. :heart:


Yeah, Varian is obviously the biggest Chad cause Knaak is an idiot.

(Zakkaru) #4

Varian is more like anime Character.


Stay salty haters, stay salty.


1 post in and the rule is already broken :man_facepalming:

Illidan, he will always be my favourite.

Baine for being exactly what the Tauren need.


Given how Erevien has no authority to enforce his made-up rules upon me, get lost.


I kinda expected it to be honest. Daelinna always does that. Diversity of opinions isn’t possible with so much human potential people being brain washed by that DragonBall character.


If you don’t understand the game, don’t play it. A hard concept I know


If you don’t understand my point, don’t reply to me. A hard concept, I know.


I don’t think his opinion really matters anyway. He’s just a meme.


Given how you replied to me twice, No.

“Booo, Daelinna didn’t follow my made-up rule which I have no authority to enforce. Muh meme. Le opinion doesn’t matter.”




I thought you didn’t care about the opinion of a meme. Le triggered.


Dry your eyes maaaate


Ah ok, so this thread isn’t actually a game to see what the ultimate chad is, it’s just another human hating thread. Yawn.



Moving on though, @Erevien I think it’s quite hard to pick as there’s so much damage that has been done to just about every character in the last few years as well


Derpy derp. You literally just picked two people. :man_facepalming:

Wait for it. You are going to reply to me. And here I thought my opinion didn’t matter :man_shrugging:


Hahaha you’re still triggered.

It’s called holding a conversation. Stop shaking with rage and go google it


First you tell me my opinion doesn’t matter, then you want to hold a conversation. You need to make up your mind.

OT: Second pick for “Chad” goes to Jaina for this alone: