The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ)

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Try posting a YouTube or wowhead link. At trust level 2 you should be able to post links to trusted sites like above but you need trust level 3 for all other links like :slight_smile:


Lets try this :slight_smile:

You are right!


Lost my trust level 2 because of in game name change.
Not fussed because I’m not one for posting links but thought I should let people know :slight_smile:


<a href="</a>

(Chíeun) #28

Does anyone know where you can see which criteria you have left to fill before you hit level 3 trust level? I seem to have filled them all as far as I can tell, but I don’t know if I can see anywhere if someone has flagged me or not.

(Haiete) #29

It seems that there is a small delay between having filled all the requirements for TL3 and actually getting TL3. For me, it took around 4 or 5 days, and about the same for someone else as well.

I don’t know exactly how it works, and why it works like this, but just give it some time.

(Poisonenvy) #30

How come I can’t reply to my own forum posts until someone else has replied to them first (for example, guild recruitment post where I’m issuing updates and want to keep the post alive in case a prospective applicant wants to ask a question) … however, I have seen others reply to their own posts? Initially I assumed it was down to trust levels or something, but I checked, and on at least one I noticed, they have less posts than I have, so I’m assuming that’s not the case …?

(Eggs) #37

hmmm, seems i can now post links

(Poisonenvy) #38

Don’t think I can, still. It will either happen or it won’t.

I can’t work out what I still need to do, to be able to use the forums fully … I’ve given up trying.

(Eggs) #39

Mine was 20k posts read holding me back i think.

Click your portrait, then your name on the left then click summary and it’ll give you a rough idea of where you are towards level 3.

(Poisonenvy) #40

20k posts? Twenty Thousand? Are there even 20k posts in the forums? it says I’ve done 3k atm. No way I have time to read twenty thousand.

(Eggs) #41

I did most of mine by visting argent dawn/lore/story telling forum and just scrolling through the massive threads there. Seems you dont have to read them, scrolling through is enough.

(Poisonenvy) #42

Ah cool … thanks for that! However … I seem to recall reading that there’s also a decline as well, of your forum standing, if you don’t keep up with that pace … I have enough jobs as it is :stuck_out_tongue: I might give it a go when when I’m bored some time :stuck_out_tongue:

(Archronos) #43

I tried that out of curiosity but it appears it doesn’t really add the whole thing.

What do i mean by that? Say i read a thread with 3k replies, my summary gets up maybe by 200 or 300 if im lucky.

(Eggs) #44

Try this thread for example:

This should add to your read counter. I noticed if you scroll super fast it wont because the forum doesn’t load fast enough.

Its tedious but definitely works anyway.

(Nimrhys) #55

What in Khadgar’s name happened to the font? Is this just on mobile! It’s like everyone has bold enabled :scream:

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