The worst update blizzard has done since the selfie patch 6.1 back in 2014

Seriously who asked for this? People who want to play battle royale will go for Pubg or Fortnite. This update is so messed up and disappointing, its no wonder former players don’t want to return to wow anymore and new players don’t want anything to do with this game. Its so mindboggling how out of touch the developers are. Do you guys know why former wow players consider MOP the best expansion ever? Because it had 4 major content patches, yes thats right 4 MAJOR CONTENT PATCHES INSIDE THE GAME.

Patch 5.1 - Landfall
Patch 5.2 - The Thunder King
Patch 5.3 - Escalation
Patch 5.4 - Siege of Orgrimmar

Compared to that what do you get now in Dragonflight? 2 major content patches and the third most hyped one turned out to be a battle royale mode.

I am out.


Is it actually an update though? It doesn’t add or change anything in the actual game. There’s cosmetics that transfer over, sure, but in that way it’s similar to the mounts from hearthstone. I guess it’s the worst update in that it doesn’t actually update anything.


they reworked holy priest


I stand corrected :+1:t2:

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They knew wow players don’t give a damn about battle royale so they added cosmetics and mounts to grind that transfer over. Such a scumbag move by blizzard.


The issue is them calling it a content update when it isn’t. It’s a completely separate game mode they could have as part of the wacraft franchise but has nothing to do with either retail or classic.

That is where the disappointment comes from, I believe. Certainly for me. I was hyped for something new to do on my characters but now I have no reason to log in still until S4.


But is the hype really Blizzards fault? They never (to my knowledge) said that this secret patch will be a game changer or a major patch?

But people will hear “Its just gonna be a little content patch” and then go “omg, did you guys also see he was wearing black laces on his purple shoe? does that mean the void is coming? Is he hinting at something because he blinked at the same time he said ‘no major’ ? Guys I think we are finally getting Murlocs as playable race!!”

The amount of theories, posts, guesses, lore-tied explanations etc. that has been floating around is crazy… They tell us its not a major patch, and people then go on to complain that this doesn’t compare to the previous major patches… (:


Even WoD was better than this “update”, yes I said Warlords of sodding Draenor was better! I’m not even drunk.


Yes of course it is, for the first time they decided NOT to release upfront information, they knew this would fuel speculation, they knew exactly what they were doing. Creating hype without saying anything, because not saying anything was so unusual.

Nice try though.


The infamous SELFIE patch says hi…

That still doesn’t make sense… They never said it was going to be a major update? So why hype it up to be one?

Nice try though

Erm. The OP is referring to that one no? I dunno, I don’t memorize the patch numbers. Though if you really want to debate which of the two are worse… I don’t know. I wasn’t here for that one. My point was this patch wasn’t an update to the game at all. Which it turns out wasn’t entirely factual, there were some changes made to the base game.

They did not say it was a new separate game either…
People,myself included,hoped for some quests and the event to be in the actual game.Like in every other patch.
Who asked for this?


Leave no one cares


Do you understand the concept of “major” patch in wow?

A major patch is a x.1, x.2 patch.

10.2.6 is NOT a major patch. It’s a small patch, hence the X.X.6

Dragonflight had two major patches, and many small patches adding a lot more content than minor patches used to add back in the day

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Again, you ‘hoped’… They have to introduce new things and new ways of doing things to see how things work. Doing things like this, hopefully gives them data and information of how things play out when they have no player testing, did you consider that?

When the Retaking of Gilneas came out people were going mental over “Omg did we literally wait all this time for a 30 min questline?? dead game!”…
Do you also get the same feeling when you get birthday presents because you were hoping for something and got something else?

Noone is forcing you to play the game mode, they added it, some people enjoy it, some people don’t… It doesn’t give me an advantage nor a disadvantage whether I participate or not…

They said nothing about it other than it was a smaller patch… Everything apart from that has been our own faults theorizing and hyping each other up instead of just waiting and seeing.

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I think this is primarily a failure of Expectation Management. You say must hyped when really all Blizz did was tweet some pirate flags.

If they had announced two months ago “10.2.6 is a Minor patch and is finally bringing some content that PVP players will enjoy…” A lot of the current aggitation would have been averted.
Most PVP players would have preferred a new BG but at least they’d have welcomed something aim at them.
The rest of us would have gone “Meh, not for me so I’ll just keep farming my mogs and mounts”.

6.1 had the Expectiations of a Major patch so managing that would have been much harder unless they numbered it 6.0.6 or something.

Also there is the reward structure. Unique Transmogs will force players into this for long enough for them to realise they’ll never earn the rewards they want and then give up in disgruntled malcontent.


It shouldn’t be in the road map if its not inside the actual game at least then.
So we don’t get hyped and then be dissapointed.
I am not paying for my birthday presents though,so thats not a valid point.
I am not playing it tyvm.


Why?.. you do realize the difference between a major and a minor patch right?.. Its still content for the game, regardless of how its played…

Thats really not their fault is it? Regardless of what they do, as I mentioned with the Gilneas one… Even when they tell us what to expect people still go into forums and complain…

Doesn’t matter to the point? You didn’t pay for WoW for the new patch either? You hopefully pay for the overall game or you unsub… You hoping and hyping your own expectations only to then blame blizzard because you expected major patch content, is for me mindboggling…

Good for you then, then hopefully you have other things in the game you enjoy if you’re still subbed… Assuming of course you’re not paying monthly only to hate the game :slight_smile:

Because IT IS NOT IN THE GAME!Its a separate game.

I know it is minor,but the other minor ones had a few quests at least.

I am paying cause I am waiting for Cata Classic…guess retail is lost for a while to me.