The worst update blizzard has done since the selfie patch 6.1 back in 2014

The rewards are? Are you not booting up WoW when playing the game mode?

So? You essentially are arguing for, Blizzard to just repeat the same cycle and never trying something new?

Would you’ve said that the patch was a success if you had a 30 min questchain leading you to a pirate ship and then the game mode unlocks? Because that I think would get even more backlash.

No idea when Cata is coming out, but seems strange to pay if all you’re doing is waiting… But again, you also complain about a game mode you’re not playing, so pattern fits I guess :slight_smile:

I would ve liked that.But only half.No separate game.Keep it in Wow.
Maybe a new mini zone,or at least a shore and some ships…instead of a separate game(I feel crazy repeating that but it is what it is)
We are not on the same page and its ok.
But as far as I see I am not the only one dissapointed.

My main criticism, outside the horrible control system and it’s borked my chat settings in the main game, is WHY NOW?!?

Why not for Pirate Day? Why Now? What Relevance is there???

But then you would have the entire PVP community in a mental breakdown that the game mode needs class balancing… Like you do realize why they took it out of the game right?
Its such a small thing, yet you make it sound like they literally ruined the entire game for you by not giving you some quests… On the other side, I would’ve hated to have to do 30 minutes of nonsense questing to unlock the game mode… I like that I can just opt in if i want or not instead of having to unlock it to try it…

No, and thats really whats mindboggling… Because all of you that are dissapointed are just dissapointed due to your own hype and FOMO…

Instead of just trying to see the possible future possibilities, you try and knitpick small flaws to complain such as “omg it was kept a secret!!!” as if you wouldn’t be dissapointed 2 months ago if they told you what the game mode would be… Then you probably would change the narrative to “Am I really going to wait 2 months for this??” instead…

It really takes something, to get so riled up that your own hype dissapointed you

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Honey I don’t care for FOMO.
If I knew it had no quests in the game I would’ve probably unsubbed.So it is a problem because now I am here with nothing to do…
If they added something in Game for people there wouldn’t have been so much nitpicking even if they added this too outside of the game.Or at least not from me.
But having 0 new things in game on a patch day(minor or not) its annoying.


You really call the 10.2.6 update a “major update”?

That’s dumb. Let me tell you why.

Look at your own listing. Every major patch goes in this format:

  • [expansion number | major patch number | minor patch number]

If it would have been 10.3.0, THEN it would be a major patch. Plunderstorm is actually a bigger “minor patch”, so in fact even more than we usually get. We got an entire new track of leveling (even if its PvP for the most part), with transmogs, tender, etc.

Other minor patches usually just include balancing updates and the occasional transmog/appearance addition like new hair colors or race customization options.

That being said, I am looking more forward to 10.2.7 due to the Draenei Heritage quest line than this patch being live today. I tried Plunderstorm and getting ganked by a dude 2-3 levels above you isn’t fun. Having a level system in a Battle Royal is by default idiotic imo.

No but a lot of the other complaints and dissapointments you point to, are about people that feel like they have to grind it out to get the mog, which was my point there :slight_smile:

You got 3 new mounts, 3 new pets, 2 new sets of tmog, a tabard and an eye-patch… Wouldn’t really say “0 new things in game”… again… Would rather have this and see if this opens up the possibility that they make different styles and experiment with this rather than a 30 min quest chain where it leads to nothing and then the patch is done…

Did you forget the complaints when they introduced the re-skin for Draneai? People were doing the exact same thing as here… Feeling that the game is empty and all they got was “2 new skin colours dead game, no content, boring, bla bla”…

Imagine though, had you unsubbed back then, to re-sub back again once you knew if the patch had content you wanted to :slight_smile: Again, your own decision with no force, just makes it so you’re annoyed… And you unsubbing actually shows Blizzard something, opposite to you staying subbed but hating it :slight_smile:

No,no,no,no and no.
I would ve liked the quest chain tyvm.
We are not the same.You won’t change my mind.
I understand you are trying to be positive so they will try to come up with new things.
But this is not the way.
I like Wow,its world,its feeling,but I digress,not extra games that have some cosmetics linked to wow.
I won’t play it so I guess that will be saying enough.

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Mate, you can’t say stuff like “I am not the only one dissapointed” and when I then point to a general state speak from your own perspective and neglect mine xD Either don’t mix them up or stick to your own arguments…

And I wouldn’t tyvm.

Again good for you :slight_smile:

Because you are trying to catch me in a web of things irrelevant to the fact that this mode/game was not wanted.
And especially outside the actual game.

And I would have.

As I said…different things for different people.

If they made both…would ve been better.


If you launch a marketing campaign where you hype up a “secret patch” that you claim is heavily based on player feedback, then watch everyone expecting “real” content (ranging from new zones to player housing) while you keep trumping it up as this big great thing when you fully know that your customers have told you over and over that they don’t like FOMO events with FOMO rewards, nor PvP because you have neglected it for years and grown a PvE-centric player base, then you’re deliberately misleading them for short-lived marketing/PR gains.

And if that backfires, as it appears to do right now, and taints the figure head’s reputation, then this is neither undeserved nor unexpected.


No… You brought in “im not the only one dissapointed”… As to where I reply, a lot of the other posts are about people feeling forced to grind due to FOMO and then you go “Honey I don’t have FOMO”… Like come on xD Either dont involve other peoples feelings and we can discuss based on own narrative and if you do bring in others, then you can do better than just putting a finger in each ear and going “No I would’ve liked this. tyvm” every time.

Exactly, they catered towards your likings last time, and now its more oriented towards what I like. and no, both wouldn’t be better as I literally just said, I don’t want a quest chain leading up to it tyvm.

I would argue, those things fit into the major patch events.

its literally 1 patch where its more PVP-centric… The fact that people complain this much when even the legendaries are tied to mythic raiding etc. is baffling…
The FOMO is peoples own fault, people feel that if something is in the game they HAVE to grind it up… If you don’t like the content then why play it?

And again, theres a big difference in giving feedback and constructive critisism, and what these forums are flooded with atm, with people just going “OMG bad, unsubbed, buuuh blizz! dead game!!”

Give your critisism, but rarely anything comes out of people just yelling “I’m leaving, dead game, they suck” bla bla… Thats my point.

This was hyped as though it were a major patch, whether intentionally or accidentally.
They need to learn Expectation Management.

Either they knew this would be unpopular so kept it secret or they deliberately did the hush-hush thing to build hype as they thought this was going to be loved.
An announcement two months ago talking about a Minor patch being PVP focused would have been much better. PVP players would have gotten hyped and the rest of us might have grumbled a little but mostly would have just gone meh.


Have your read the forum?People don’t complain solely about Fomo but also because its not in the game itself.And also that it has nothing to do with our long time characters and also lack of new zone or quests.So I was in my own right to say people.
You are sticking with the Fomo cause its convenient for you.And cause I said I don’t care for it.So I backed up and tried to reason with you and implicate only myself.
And still you are nitpicking more than I ever was.
So lets just drop it.
I don’t want another game,I want quests and zones in the game I play.
If its different for you,enjoy you got what you wanted.Gz


have you? Why do you think people play it if they hate it? Because they want the rewards aka FOMO…

Cute, when I mentioned FOMO before you said it wasn’t for you :slight_smile: Nice try though… Next made up argument and strawman when?

Nope, you talked generally, when i did the same you went “honey I dont care for FOMO” to my GENERAL comment :slight_smile: Again, nice try to make it sound like I’m diverting when you just can’t stick to your own argumentation :slight_smile:

Not really, I stuck to what you wrote the entire time. You however couldn’t distinguish your A from B and kept going “Neh neh not what I want neh neh” and then brining in hyperbole arguments to try and prove you are right and I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I came in to patchday truly not caring what the event was, as i just pvp anyway.

Then i saw the plunderstorm video, the way they had every race run around in the exact same white shirt and pirate hat outfit. Not even a color variation.

It has never looked more obvious that this is a skin selling project. Haven’t wanted to touch the game since. Just beyond pathetic

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FOMO has been nurtured and fostered by developers. Not just in WoW, almost everywhere now. I agree with you that ultimately players can (and should) break free from FOMO and should not force themselves to do things they don’t enjoy, but this isn’t an easy thing to do when you’ve been conditioned by systems that were probably designed with the input from psychologists and neurologists.

They put an awful lot of rewards in this mode, presumably because they expected that many people would otherwise not want to do it. There are 3 transmog sets, 3 mounts, 3 pets, 11 weapon skins, 750 tender, and a title.

And worst of all, this is a time-limited event. If this was a permanent mode, I think there’d be far fewer complaints, like with, say, Honor rewards. Grinding those out isn’t fast and not everyone will enjoy it, but you can spend years doing that, whenever you feel like it.

Here, you have to do it within x weeks (according to an interview, it may be 6 weeks). So you have a mode that causes probably many players anxiety (as arena/BR-style PvP tends to do) and you have a deadline after which all the rewards will be gone, which also causes anxiety. It’s really no surprise that the feedback and backlash are so harsh.

My prediction is that they’ll “apologize” and adjust either the rate at which plunder is earned or the amount that is needed to progress through the renown levels - probably before the weekend.


I get your point… But really this:

should be a complete red flag for people… I understand the feeling, I understand the frustration… But if the game and essentially just the option to fly on a blue-ish parrot instead of the existing; magenta, red, blue, green one really causes you anxiety and or so much frustration that you play but feel miserable, that may be an indication to take some time off the game and gaming in general maybe…

Of course, some games can frustrate everyone, some are even designed to… But there is for me a difference of being frustrated that you die at a certain point, but overall enjoying the game, and the shear “Omg I MUST have the eye-patch for winning, therefor I HAVE to grind out the game 24/7 until I win even though I hate it!!”

because yes, like so many other things, they probably will increase the rewards earned or nerf the requirements, they’ve done so for so many things…

But really ask yourself why you (not you personally), feel the urge to collect something that you may not even use more than a week when something else comes around…

How many Sha’ of anger mounts do you see being used? I’ve seen maybe a slight increase but nothing major, but yet people complained and had the uncontrollable urge to farm it on 50 chars a week…
Heck there was a guy during feb that wrote he farmed the love rocket on 70+ chars a day and how miserable he felt… Thats my point… We have a view that if something is available we MUST have it, there is countless tmog combinations that are cool and unique… There are 600+ mounts… If the process getting the new ones really drags your mental state down, the pull away

Content patch, my bottom.
A PvP only side game to earn cosmetics in the real game is WoW live content?