The worst update blizzard has done since the selfie patch 6.1 back in 2014

Yea, He/She has. I complained exactly about Blizzard calling it a retail content patch, despite it not having content accessible by playing retail. You can check my activity history if You don’t believe it. And no, I am not the only one saying it.

I got all this in game? I’m gonna be playing this character this evening - can You please tell me where do I need to go, or which NPC to talk to to get/start with getting this items?

It is very much obvious from Blizzard’s own communication (especially from the patch notes), that they consider Plunderstorm to be the content of this “content patch”.


Again, what does your anecdotal evidence have to do with general terms? Either he/she and you speak from your own view and we can discuss that or you stick to the argument brought forward which was “Other people” where I also mentioned, that a lot of people complain about the FOMO part, to which he/she said “Honey I don’t care about FOMO”…
Do you miss the point in what I’m saying? Because it seems you’re doing the exact same thing, and its becoming slowly yarring having to try and explain why bringing in general terms and then going “Look at what I say” as a counter argument…

You in general terms :slight_smile: Again, comprehension skills needed apparently. If you look under the collection tab, I am sure you can see they are added in the game you also play, and it should clearly state either in game or I am sure you can figure out how to obtain them :slight_smile:

Okay so? They never stated that a content patch has to be a quest line? You still boot up WoW to play Plunderstorm don’t you? Can you tell me how otherwise you play it?

The issue is, people are hyping a minor patch up to be a major one, and then go to forums to criticize it in an unconstructive manner which is mindboggling.
When Blizzard gives full info on a patch, people come in here and complain that they want to be surprised, that they want something new, and “Omg is this what I’m waiting for?? dead game!” and when Blizzard tries something new people go “Omg you hyped it!! We thought player housing and you give us PVP! omg!! dead game!!”

Maybe use your comments to actually write something that isn’t complaining just for the sake of complaining? Try to get your head out of yourself and think for just a second that some people actually do enjoy this, and the game can’t cater to your needs and wants every single patch… Its 1 freaking minor patch, and people are having a meltdown xD

I even see countless of posts about “Omg its a PVP centric patch, WoW is mostly PVE players so its bad that they don’t cater to them!!”… Like really?.. When almost every single thing in the game is PVE centered, when tmog, mounts, even legendaries are vastly tied behind PVE content, and dungeons, raids gets renewed every season, PVP hasn’t had a new Battleground since what… 2018? And now we have 1 new game mode that is PVP centric and people are going mental…

If 1 minor game patch can really drive you this far out, then maybe consider why that is and if you should maybe look in the mirror :slight_smile:

At least the Selfie-thing was in WoW itself, besides the rewards for grinding the pirate event and new trading post rewards, 10.2.6 added nothing to the game proper.


Apparently I do. Meanprincess said he/she is disappointed because he/she expected ingame content in a content patch for the game. Also pointed out that others are disappointed because of that too. This is true. I am one such person. As are many others, even in this thread:

I can provide links from other thread if You don’t believe.

Now You explained Your point as:

Which is only partially true. Partially, because he/she pointed to people like me, not people who only dislike the event due to FOMO/PVP. But yes, there is also a vast amount of people disliking the event due to FOMO/PVP. Doesn’t mean Meanprincess was wrong in saying other people dislike it due to Blizzard miscommunication with this patch.

As for the rest of Your rant (with mostly irrelevant stuff):
It is my firm belief, that no person looking objectively at Blizzard communication policy can consider this to be retail content patch. First of all, it was called the 10.2.6 Content update, which is the standard Blizz patch naming for retail patches that add content to the game.

Second, they even call it " Dragonflight: Plunderstorm Content Update Notes" in the patch notes.

It is quite obvious, that they consider the event itself to be the content update for Dragonflight (retail wow) - while there is no content available by playing retail wow.
And lastly - yes, there are items that are added by playing something outside retail wow. But if you follow Blizzard’s communication policy You’ll notice, that they never announce anything available in retail through outside means (like twich drops or whatever they’re called) as “content update”.

And yes, I believe Blizzard would probably win in court if someone wanted to accuse them of this, but in my opinion as consumers we have the right to feel cheated/manipulated. Adding things not available in the game as a “content update” is bad practice and I would not want Blizzard to do something like this in the future.

This is completely independent of whether the event is actually good or bad.


plus now in DF you can choose between body 1 and body 2, the whole world is laughing, but we finally have in Europe what is trendy in ultra-progressive California and Canada :sweat_smile:

Tbf every other MMO lets you COLORIZE your transmogs. Just WoW doesn’t do it because it would take a bit of extra effort from Blizzard AND so they can re-sell us re-colors as different raid rewards for each difficulty.

Probably the same people who want PvP in WoW instead of just going to a MOBA, Fighting game or FPS.


It should not have been on the warcraft roadmap, it’s not warcraft it has nothing to do with the game, it’s a separate game. It just means they didn’t have to bother developing anything for warcraft, very lazy. S4 will be terrible.


It does not belong because it definately is not a part of.
And I would really like to know…who asked for this?


This new mode is so bad and horribly designed and Blizzard knows it.

That’s why they added a long reknown grid with rewards that carry over to your Dragonflight-character in order to lure people to play it.

I like the concept they tried for, but they should have kept all the rewards out of it. Maybe a mog/pet/item for doing X battles, but not the 6-week grind this now has boiled down to.

Idk I’ve been having immense fun learning how to play this mode, still not really good enough to get a first but I’m making top 10 most rounds. The spell interactions are a lot deeper than I’d initially expected, fire whirl is just a little too strong early game but rest feels solid.

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Can’t make everyone happy all the time

Please read what I write… “No but A LOT of other complaints”… I never said “all other complaints”… So I ask you once again like I asked her/him… Why then respond with “Honey I don’t care for FOMO”… I never said he/she did… I never said you did… I never said everyone did… A general argument was brought in, I then brought in another general argument only to be told that I am wrong because he/she and you personally don’t feel that way… Like okay?

Exactly, so a minor patch, and not a big one. And again, read what you link? Nowhere does it states its content in WoW? But it does however state “Bold, new, time-limited event”, so I ask you again, when nothing states its retail WoW content, but a patch to the game, which it is still… Can I ask you, did 10.2.6 bring in new class changes? Please do answer me this question :slight_smile:

I ask you again, what game do you boot up to play Plunderstorm?

You can feel however you want… But nowhere do they state that there will be content to do in game, they say “Dragonflight” which is still true… And I ask you just again, in case you skip over it…
Was there or not any class changes with 10.2.6? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand how your comment relates to what you quote me for?

Just to clarify for future easiness I am a she!
You are clinging to much to grammar and losing the big picture because it suits your agenda.
Check the forums and you’ll see there are 3 types of complaints,not two as you make it seem.Its not just Fomo and pvp.Its not in the original game.Get that.

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What is my agenda? That I don’t understand people have a meltdown for a game mode they don’t like? Heck that some people haven’t even tried it, but because its PVP or BR, they just go “Not my type, therefor it sucks” ? That I don’t understand that people would rather cry than actually write constructive criticism?

I like how you keep trying to make it seem like I am twisting things and “have an agenda” when you don’t really clarify or elaborate :slight_smile:

Again… Super boring discussion etiquette… Me saying “Theres a lot of FOMO and PVP complaints” does not mean I only say theres 2… But of course, when you yourself have an agenda, and instead of discussing just want to tell me I am wrong and you are right, putting your fingers in your ear using every single strawman argument you can, that doesn’t surprise me :slight_smile:

You can even see my activity, I advocate in other threads as well, that people come with constructive criticism instead of this whole “OMG BAD!! I UNSUB! THIS SUCKS!!”, because that does very little to no good.
However actually bringing words to it, explain and argue, that may get traction and reach the end goal :slight_smile: But again, when like you, you just want someone to blame and don’t actually want to discuss, it becomes hard

But I had constructive criticism.Don’t make it separate.
Put a few quests,mini zone or/and (dunno) event in the game.
I already said those…what more do you want.
I am not that much against the pvp side either,I understand pvp needs some updates,but in the game not as a separate game.
What do pvp lovers get?A limited event and then they are left with the same old maps.
Why not make a mini shore with boats(since pirates) that you can play as pve with dailies and rares that can be also a battleground as pvp?
Instead its a separate game…why?

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If you don’t see the difference between constructive criticism and in a counter argument TO ME going “I want a quest chain tyvm” then I really don’t know what to say to you :slight_smile:

Again, I already did answer this a few times… What if, as they have said, they are testing things and this becomes permanent after? Maybe even as a que-able thing in game? Why take ALL the pain from the get go, when we can just sit it out, enjoy the content or take a break, and see what happens?

Why already claim (not you) that S4 is dead because Blizz used all the ressources for this? I would say, this is well worth it, if it means that they now know they can have new features / content ready without player testing AND keep it away from being data mined… That would pose some great possibilities…

They will never be able to make everyone happy, they stated it would be something new, they put it out, and yet forums are filled with negativity and flaming just for the sake of doing it…

Look at it from a view of someone wanting to see if the game is worth coming back to.
They go into the forums and are bombarded with “S4 is dead!!”, “This game sucks!”, “I am unsubbing, dead game!”, “Blizz don’t listen they made a new game!”

That wouldn’t really make me want to come back anytime soon… However if people actually explained their view and came with thought out arguments, I would have a chance to read through whats happening and might even give it a chance.

Dude, this was literally on retail wow road map for 2024 (as opposed to not being present on wow classic roadmap). Of course it’s a patch for wow, are You even serious right now?

Oh sure mate, it did. And once again we come to the miscommunication thing - chages the likes of which this “content patch” brought to the actual game are ither a part of grater patches (with actaul ingame content) or Hotfixes, if on their own:

Again, this is miscommunication on Blizzard’s side, plain and simple, and they should be called out on this.

I answerd the question You wanted me to answer, so i’d give You one myself: there was much talk about the possible content of this secret patch: have you see anyone, even one person, expecting to get something outside retail wow with this patch?
The answet to this should tell You why I believe Blizzard was miscommunicating on this.

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So you just ignored my ideas.
And I am the one with no etiquette.
There is no content in the game right now cause of it and thats still a problem,inovation or not.And it appears on a road map even though it should not.
I am not against new things.But in the actual game with my actual chars I have been playing for 2-5-10 years.

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