They actually FREAKIN did it

You will…
It’s called a “retcon”.

It’s such a minor thing that I don’t really care much though. Black Elves? Sure, go for it.

These people are the problem of the alliance.
Their attitude keeps sending players of the alliance to horde, no matter how OP racials or eyes or cute virtual waifu’s they get still people will run away.

If they forum fight blizzard for the npc’s that died in teldrassil and for the blue eyes… I guess they dont have time to do PVE

And that will no longer be the case.

Came here for the impossible to please high elf fans and their rage comments

Was not disappointed.


I am still waiting for Turiel and Moontear to see this :sweat_smile:

I think you came to the wrong thread, sir… >>>

This is the healthy and calm one.

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You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing.

Thanks! Just in time for me to have lunch with my entertainment

There are like 7-9 comments waiting for people to be unsatisfied or complaining about it - for every 1 unsatisfied high elf fan.

Most of the comments here and on reddit show that people are mostly content. You’re being more insufferable than the people you whine about


Au contraire mon frére. They need to double down on the Void/Holy dichotomy now to further differentiate the groups and Entropic Embrace is one of those things that help do that.

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Someone’s been triggered.

doubt that would go against the reason the split happen in the first place then again blizz writers are incomptant so i don’t expect much

Well, I did not mean for such a cynical thread (not that I’m against it). I just wanted to show some love for the high elf lobby for winning, even if I disagree with them.

Its a symbolic victory imo. If they can force a change like this, it bodes well for other demands to change the game. Well, the reasonable ones at least.

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Finally getting Forsaken Druids in next expansion pack. Maybe Tauren Rogues too.


Tauren Rogues are already a thing they are just so stealthy you never see them

They look quite visible for me.

Oh, so you can’t wait for people reasonably asking for something being more complete.

I think you should find a hobby that helps you not to be in such depressing state of boredom.


Damn, can’t be said better.

You think I’m depressed because I made a joke about the influx of high elves taking over the void elf race?
Ok buddy.

Of course. Everyone is depressed, because the world is so god darn horrible and terrible and there is nothing good in life… At all.

… Meanwhile people in the real world don’t let the bad things cloud their judgement and still find a reason to be happy.

Well, we’ve had to suffer the whining from high elf fans for years.

I’d say it’s fair game.