Third Faction Yes or No!?


I would love to see how people react on this idea. In Bfa there is q that make you to choose side in one faction like Horde, so Horde is divided. I think there is nothing by accident. Blizzard clearly say that will not kill Sylvanna ( only if they lie to ppl ) There is q to with Nazoth to choose do you will accept gift or not. I think something is going on but what I m not sure :thinking:


i wouldn’t mind a 3rd neutral faction and have the core horde (aka sylvanass loyalist and core alliance ( aka theranda ) go full fanatical faction but there just allot of technical aspects that i dont know how they will solve without overhauling the whole game.

like old quest and lore ( would bit strange if you allaince orc char doing the elwyn forest beginner quest and get to hear about all those evil orcs and that orcs dont belong here ) :stuck_out_tongue:

and pvp does need a remake also although you can solve the bg issue with if the neutral faction ( lets call them the army of azaroth for now ) have to face the alliance they will be placed on the horde side and visa versa

only way i can see it happen is maby like they did in BC with the scryers and aldor that you choose at max level but then its not really a 3rd faction right?


Rebels of Azeroth :rofl:
Third faction would be like hitman, working from shadow. Legend say that they r exist but no one ever see them xD
sunreavers could join third faction when you see their past.

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You can see them if you turn wm off. :upside_down_face:

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It wouldn’t affect any of the old game. Every expansion you play through that time, as if it was when it came out. So if you level an alt, 0-60 is vanilla and 15 years ago, with old warchiefs and no sylvy for example. Wraith you seen the build up of lich king etc as you quest through. You would only pick a faction level 130+ next expansion. Absolutely nothing previous needs changing at all.

You see the rise of horde, deathwing, lich king, sergeras etc as you level, then when 130+ pick your side. When you do old content, you’re in that time phase and the past.


So to start after Bfa to have that lv stage. It could work new expansion, new faction…new story :smiley: Something like Dh and Dk.


I’d really like this to happen. The way Sylvanas is heading is a good sign of. She could be the leader of that faction. She’ll gather her troops by collecting bodies from the battlefield. Playable races should all be undead, for example undead Night elf, tauren, dwarves etc.


Me to that is why I made this topic to see how pople react, who knows maybe someone of Big Fish read this…you never know :rofl:
I really want to have in wow one strong faction. Horde and Alliance show that they r all all but not strong!


They said sylvanas won’t end this expansion as warchief but she won’t end up in chains like garosh

Means that sylvanas either ends up dead or leave the horde altogether, but no trial.


If they kill her wow leaves with empty characters. There is maybe 3 more who make this story interesting but with death of Sylvana they need to kill rest old characters soooo it make some balance. Really dont see how would be different .


I expect her to lead a death faction fighting against the void. That was the LK goal, and it shouldn’t be any different for sylvanas as she dreads dying and the void want her dead

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No more pointless factions!


but wouldn’t that not exactly like aldor and scryser then? and only affect that expention? i mean if the 3rd faction is for example the army of light and a horde tauren joins and a alliance gnome and they quest together but decide they want to help the gnomes friend with the new party sync who is questing in elwyn forest what happened to the tauren then when they fly over there? does he get kicked out of the party ? suddenly become hostile? just curios how they will solve those mechanics then?


But make meaningful faction :smiley:

I always somehow looking Windrunner family like one of main characters in Wow. If you look close 3 sis r in every expansion somehow. So I guess this could be what you write and hope they dont kill Sylva for real.


As a bg fan, I cant help but wonder how is my WSG, AB, AV…etc going to be like? Who is fighting who? Who is taking the flag to where? :thinking:

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War games, people gets sorted randomly.


There is 2 option. One is Alliance and Horde try to take control of new peeps separate or together they fight against them. Ofc as a new bg but older is just random que , who you will fight.

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My proposal:


  • Humans/Kul Tirans/Vrykul
  • Dwarves/Dark Iron Dwarves/Wildhammer
  • Gnomes/Mechagnomes/Leper Gnomes
  • Worgen/Saberon/Drakonid (?)


  • Orcs/Mag’har Orcs/Dragonmaw
  • Trolls/Zandalari/Revantusk
  • Tauren/Highmountain/Taunka
  • Ogres/?/?


  • Pandaren
  • Night Elves/Nightborne/Shendralar
  • Blood Elves/Void Elves/High Elves
  • Draenei/LF Draenei/Manari Eredar or Broken
  • Goblins/Gilgoblins/Vulpera or Mechagoblins
  • Undead/LF Undead/San’layn or Undead Elves (or undead any race)

*The faction itself would be neutral, but players could individually choose either Horde or Alliance.


But still you will choose one of that 2 faction xD I need faction that I will not choose to be Horde or Alliance.


I always liked the idea of a Rebel Faction made up of exiled Horde and Alliance who were forced out or choose to leave their faction.