This game is truly dying

This expansion has been really good for alts, which is one of the things I love about it. The lore is ok as well.

PvP is a mess, I mean the whole Ret pally scenario probably made people unsub.

Queue times on everything are so bad now. The game’s turned into World of Waitcraft. Last expansion we had a 2 min for BG queues. Now it’s 8 minimum, and don’t often get in one until gone 13-15 minutes. I know this is probably because so many have left the game, and we have very few people playing anymore.

CC in PvP is absolutely dire. BGs are rubbish and frustrating because of this. CC after CC after CC with next to no DR.

This game needs something that’ll bring more people back. I think paying £9.99 a month to mainly wait for queues to pop, isn’t really worth paying for.


It’s kinda been like this for a long time though.

One of the main reasons I quit PVP is because of super long wait times and the insane amount of CCs in the game.

I’d rather be put in chains than to endure the perma cc like it currently is in PVP.

Been like this since Cataclysm, and that’s when PvP Truly died.

Also 8 minutes of wait time is good, if I remember there were times where it was 10-30 mins of queue, worse sometimes.

Best time to PvP was in wotlk, nearly insta queues for PvP and the CC was reasonable.


Sooo, you like the expansion, like many others… thats good

If everything is fine, and PvP is always a problem - and any PvP problem solution is usually felt negatively by the PvE part of the game, - then, logically, we should get rid of the PvP



Not really since the playerbase has gone way down. I don’t raid or like to raid, and next weeks Mythic+ dungeons are awful. So it’s not good all the time.


Thats not what Blizzard is saying though… They said that the continuous subscription numbers are the highest now since expansion start (not the amount of players, but the non-leavers who just sub for a few months).
Including me and my g.f. and Actually I feel so far this is the second best expansion for me after Legion.

Why are queue times high in PvP? I’m guessing it’s not like in PvE where nobody queues as tank or something?

MMO’s are dated IMO. What was special about them really was playing with people from all over the world and chatting with them. Now there is nothing special about that, you can just go on twitter and chat to people from other countries. Also other games do the teamwork aspect of WoW better for example OW.

That said I do still play atm as it can be quite relaxing and the first couple of months of the expansion was fun exploring the new zones.


I’ve played less and less since Legion due to RNG on RNG on RNG on RNG design, feels like it’s not rewarding / worth it or WAY too grindy/luck based.
I feel like the content that exists is not super interesting or appealing? but I also apply it to my apathy/anhedonia, so I might just be an extreme minority here.

I think the ratio tank/heal/dps is the problem not the few ppl


Can I have your gold please?


I am gonna try and reply to this without being as toxic and forum pvp like as possible…

But you have got to be an Alliance as a main to say this stuff. Horde players have always had waiting times at least 6-8 minutes long. Because more players play horde… And it takes longer for us to get into a BG if not longer.

The fact that you experience a longer wait time. Doesn’t mean the pvp is bad… But that there are more players signing up to try PVP on both factions. More players…= longer waiting time. same as its been for Horde players for years.

The PvP game has also always been a tick tack toe. Rock paper scissors game. Of defensives and cooldown and bursts. You need to learn how to encounter each class differently.

If you want to learn how to do that… Step into arena Skrimishes. 2v2 or 3v3 to learn how to counter and survive and play against all these one shots.

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The game isn’t dying. It’s just that you are growing out of the game.

Trust me, every time somebody moans about something on these forums, there is a new player to the game having a great time doing exactly that.


Well that’s the thing… Horde and Alliance have been merged together in games and it’s somehow worse.

You can have my boe pets. They need a good home

It… Hasn’t. Look. When you que up for a random bg or a random epic bg.

You don’t get randomized into a whatever faction that needs players. You need to sign up as a mercenary to do so. Why would Horde players used to winning sign up to be Alliance do so without reason?

Who do you think uses the mercenary option the more? I can tell you Horde players don’t do it out of their goodwill to ‘‘Share the victories’’ More likely Alliance players are joining the Horde to get their wins.

I have seen lately when it comes to epic battlegrounds some Horde joine the Alliance to get those easy AV wins… But it is far from the norm.

Its PVP…
Ret pally was OP for three days, if that made people unsub they where going to do that anyway.

and its PVP, who cares about PVP


I do >:c Rabies the Insignificant! Both factions should enjoy it equally! I shall slap you!!


First of all its Rabies the Magnificent.
You dont measure the games health by looking at PVP. You look at raids and M+

They still are. Just not as much… And 1500 players getting duelist because broken is what put people off the game.

They went by that so far… How well has that gone? one side is wastly favored than the other… Surely you too should see that isn’t healthy either. Don’t treat our pvp players as some second rate citizens… We all share the same game.

This is a symptom of a much bigger issue.


This game has been dying (according to some) since TBC.