This has gotta be changed

The system where you get kicked from a group and you get 30 min deserter… I literally asked the group if we planned to keep the rogue who was sat afk in stormwind or if we should replace him. Kicked 4 pulls before last boss and I get a 30 min deserter…


Bypassing the language filter is against the rules. I realise you are frustrated and are letting off steam.

You might just want to edit that out :wink:

The deserter buff drops to 15 minutes or goes all together after the first boss is killed. I’m not sure if you are saying you were on the last boss?

Freehold, skipped first boss.

So you killed no bosses at all in that run ?


That would explain the full deserter buff.


No just a bunch of trash, guessing its a “speedrun” sort of thing i dunno


Just play “cataclysm” chromie mode - it has classic dungeons and people are more chill. Have leveled 4 chars in pas couple months and haven’t got kicked once. Much better experience.

Freehold takes about 6 minutes to complete, why did they even bother kicking instead of zerging last boss?


Im not pretty sure…

Never talk in random dungeons, the more you talk the higher the chance it is for you to be kicked.


freehold wasnt it changed so you cant skip?

It’s still a terrible system. I get that if you leave on your own accord you get a debuff, but getting a deserter buff because people didnt want you in there… without having to give a reason or anything…

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Some people are scumbags…

you most likely got kicked for a friend of the party leader.

what likely happens if you are a random

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Path of Least Resistance.

Why put time and energy into trying to change a system when it’s much easier if you change instead.

You see, you’re not mad that you got kicked without a valid reason, you’re mad because you wouldn’t have done the same to someone else, herein lies your problem.

There isn’t anything in the ToS that says you can’t kick someone out of a group for no valid reason and yet you’re imprisoned by it.

I don’t have such hang-ups.

Not saying this is what happened but perhaps they simply kicked the wrong character. :wink:


That is of course a possibility. The system however is no less broken regardless, this is something that should be addressed.

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I’m pretty sure the reason is so that people who want to leave and not get deserter won’t try making others kick him/her by being AFK or trolling the group by pulling everything.

Blizzard can make fairer, less abusable systems, but at the end of the day it’s impossible to regulate bad behavior completely out of a social game like this, and while trying, the game is getting worse and worse, punishing the good actors.

Examples: removing master loot, and the 9.1.5 censorship

probably a bot or a pal of the group. Most likely a bot that they leave in town until the final boss and then summon him in for the xp for final boss. Presuming a pre-grouped group?

There should be xp for all bosses and none for finishing the instance.

You think this instant kick is bad in pve? Try 40 man battlegrounds, I’ve never seen it abused so much, and I’ve been playing since vanilla but now 40 man is the most toxic place I avoid it now.
There are so many times where I see people spam someone is afk in chat for the smallest reasons, not once have they ever been afk or even being toxic yet instant kicked. It’s usually the toxic players who spam “so and so is afk” in chat if anyone dare question that person complaining calling everyone “bad players” in more colourful words, all game they get kicked. Mainly because while everyone is fighting not paying attention all they see in chat is someone spamming “**** is afk” over and over so they just quickly right click their raid frame and report the player afk, without looking to see they’re saying they’re not afk in chat too. Never seen 40 man bg’s so toxic until this new instant kick came along.
I miss when it was just the 1min afk debuff before being kicked, that one alone was perfect.

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