This is the WoW I fell in love with

Log out of battlenet forums and log back in.


That did it, thanks! :smiley:

Yep its amazing, 10 years of private servers and now we are finally home for real, i should also start to catch up on real life at some point lol.


i didn’t think i’d play it, i thought there was no way i would feel the same as i did back then and ok, to a large degree i don’t, who could, but does it have any of the old magic…of course it does…
it really annoyed me that they took the fun out of my favourite dungeons like Stratholme, i’ll never forget how unforgiving it was…for a long time it couldn’t be solo’ed thanks to those nasty debuffs…
i was wrong. i’m enjoying it more than i thought i would, moreso in fact than any other retro experience…ty…:slight_smile:

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Excellent Darkshire is not the same without his menace prowling the roads.

I had to run through Darkshire the other day, at entirely the wrong level to do it but from Westfall to Lakeshire it made sense to take the dark road and pick up the flight path on the way.
Everything tried to eat me.

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I have to agree with everyone here, when I first logged into classic (about a week after everyone else) the memories came flooding back, the early struggles, … and … that is how far I have got for the moment, still struggling to get my four chars up to level 10 which is why my classic chars do not show on these forums yet, I just don’t have the time these days to play all day every day like I used to

I can make 6 slot bags if you like!

I must get to STV! This is where my first character dinged 60, a long time ago.

Is there a point where Blizzard realises that, perhaps, Classic WoW is not just a nostalgia trip but a much superior game than loot casino for Azeroth?


despite the constant whining on this forum complaining about all kinds of nonse,se…

this WoW is the wow that i remember and love! and couldn’t be more happier

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It might be a “much superior game” to you, but to others? Not so much.
Both version existing means you can choose which you want to dive into. Sadly, the Classic crowd has only made it all too clear over these past years that you prefer to talk about how wrong everyone is for enjoying Retail over just playing the game and minding your own business.

Classic is there for the players craving it. Retail = the one that moves forward. Design decisions in the current game are meant to be improved upon based on feedback rooted in the current game, not what players enjoy about the 15 year old version. Because trust me, it’s NOT something that everyone enjoys. No, not because “plebs” or whatever other dehumanizing buzzwords are being thrown around, but simply because no matter how you spin it, the game changed as a resulf of player behaviour and feedback.

If they take lessons from the past for application in the future of the game, I’d rather see them use MoP as the source than Classic. 100 times over.

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Last night I ran BFD with my wife and few other players. All very friendly, patient and skilled. We had a super amazing adventure. Skill mattered. Cooperation mattered. We had a blast. This game simply rocks, people. What this MMO offers is still superior to anything else out there.

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sperglordxdlol isn’t so bad once you get to know him.

Its so hard that i have forgotten how EPIC World of Warcraft was in its beginning! Since classic release the same feelings came up like in my vanilla times.

With every add on a little bit of Warcraft vanilla has died… the game we play again today is so simple… simple things make so much fun again like running (the world feels so much bigger), the game is more difficult, exploring old zones and so much more…

I have spend over 500 days played in this game… but If i would login in Retail now… it would feel like a joke in my opinion!

Thank you Blizzard for bring us back our World of Warcraft!

I love it!

We love it!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I would like to add, that I too came back after missing a couple of expansions.
I too remember the sun going down in Westfall. Awesome.
As I came back, I thought about what made this game better than the newer versions. The primary reason, I think, is that it is very hard to solo things. So you have to make friends, behave, group up, and defeat the mobs in unison. This creates a sense of fellowship. Of shared purpose. This is the great feat of Wow.
Modern Wow is essentially a single player game. Very little requires a group for anything. Instances are easy mode. Even in “heroic”. If you dont have the discipline to raid, then you can use raidfinder…
In Classic, there were no welfare epics. This is what I hated most about BC. Everyone could just wander into BC and get greens that were better than most items of my MC/Onyxia geared mage. Really? Did these noobs ever complete the ST 45 min. run?

What happens from here, I have no idea. Not BC please. But I thnk the game would still be fun without the reagents (Looking at you locks). And mages shouldnt have to sit sooooooooooooo long to drink between each fight. … Summoning stones would be nice.

Anyway, thank you for bringing this awesome game back.

with the setting of the harsh barrens sun, fishing off the dock of the small Goblin run port town of Ratchet. The ambience. the sounds of the tropical waters. the fishing bobber. and seeing so many other players going about their business. so much traffic and it’s so damned good!! :cry:

In the game where we can nearly do anything, I love kicking back and doing nothing.

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And the best part is that there is no Sperglordxdlol flying around on his spectral rainbow hippogryph (only 29,99$ in the Blizzard store). This is what I wanted.

Nice, was he too busy camping a layered raid boss for +400G per hour?

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Truly magical… Getting quest to go to the logging camp. Ran all the way there and man did it take a long time. Then did quest and had to return to Goldshire. Then as a reward I am told to go back to the logging camp and guess what it then wanted me to come back Goldshire.

I did a few quests. Sadly as mage I needed to kite and split groups. OK for one or two but three with a caster. No chance. And I died and died. And then I waited for somebody to take out one and I got the other and I was called something dreadfully offensive. Whatever.

Trying to kill stuff but can’t find any cus of other players. No matter how I tried I was just unable to find any mobs as they were all dead.

The sun went down and it got dark and miserable. Man I hate the darkness. Logged out and played Tera.

Came back next day. Done all quests in Elwynn and at Level 10 to Westfall. Pulled a wolf and then a bird attacked me and died. Grave in middle of map… I just got the thing to res me. Makes no real difference. Decided to try kill a couple of boars just two levels higher… no mana and died. Then scarecrow things and couldn’t find any of the oat bags anywhere. Fighting them and dags and got real bored… just takes an age. And I have to stop drink, conjour drink food, bags full no idea what any of it is.

Nobody about now bored of music and remove headphones , I could cancel it but don’t need the sounds anyway. Nothing in chat really just someone wanting a dpc for the mines. No chance at Level 10.

Finally got to 11 after just grinding. I can’t seem to get about without tagging something. Can’t get any armor or fabric cus the mobs are scarce that drop fabric. Went back to Elwynn to see if I could get some cloth… still loads doing the Gnolls and Hogger mainly so no mobs and fighting over every scrap and commiting too much and picking up that pesky bear.

And the time it drags… and I reflect on my time here all those many years ago and realised I just don’t want to do this all again. It was a pain last time. Not cus of the explore, quests and grind, but for other players just taking all the mobs quicker than me leaving me to scrap around for things to do. As a mage and the need to drink there is no continuity and as I drink to get back the mana some hunter takes the mob that I was just about to fight. And there are no more. I then go a wandering and pick up an add that I don’t need and don’t want to waste my mana and by the time I get back the place has been cleared.

I can actually map out in front of me avery area where it will be busy and I wont be able to get a thing done Raven Hill, Lost Rigger etc. I just can’t be doing all that again.

Its a nice idea but I just do not have the time to keep fighting drinking and struggling with other players. I have moved on and so has gaming and its a touch faster and more furious and a load more interesting doing other things. I was reflecting on what I was doing when this game was first launched and trust me I wouldn’t play any of those games from the era now. They just are so dated.

So have your fun and enjoy the grind and the setting suns and whatever. I did this a long while back and I remember how painful it was to do anything. Mostly I can’t face the struggle of competing all the time. The game added flight paths for a reason and reduced mana costs and improved questing.

… and so in chat there is that question over and over and over… Has anyone seen the messenger.

And on that I logged out. No thanks.

This is not the wow i fell in love with.
Cheating/exploiting from lounch until now.
Layering and most of all the abuse around it ruined the classic.