This is the WoW I fell in love with

I’m level 37 and standing in the middle of Grom’gol base camp in STV, next to the fire. Above me a clear night sky with innumerable amount of stars, I can hear crickets, and all sorts of beasts just outside the camp fortifications. I’m about to go and kill all sorts of creatures for my quests, and theres a good chance that I will die.

And the best part is that there is no Sperglordxdlol flying around on his spectral rainbow hippogryph (only 29,99$ in the Blizzard store). This is what I wanted.


Stop it man. You’re making me jealous. I play friday to sunday :sob:. I need more time! I want to be online!!


You’ve come a long way since killing them boars in the Valley of Trials.


Sounds majestic! @Butterbean I am in the same boat. Only have like 6 to 12 hours to play each week :sweat_smile:. Whish I was still a teenager so I could spend 16 hours a day on this haha


Amen to this.


Reddit cringe aside, the game is pretty comfy, senpai. :smile:

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Yeah absolutely loving the game, the progression that actually feels like progression for my character, the social aspect of grouping, items that feel like actual improvements, having to work hard for rewards, just loving it.


Yeah, same aha.
I did try and play in the work week but I wasn’t prioritising things correctly. It’s not like it was when I played in high school lol.

So I decided to keep it to weekends aha, so I can keep my life in order :joy:


amen to that.

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Ok, i read this, and i throw my work to hell, right to Ragnaros. Coming bck home to my precious Alterak
Oof, dont make posts like dat or ill gonna be fired next time :frowning:

Love to read posts like this OP <3 The game truly delivers (again :wink:

Today I dinged 40, got mount and respecced for shadowform and I can’t remember the last time I have been this excited for something WoW related :slight_smile:


I feel the same, a shame that some weather effects are bug… I hope they will fix them soon.

But die, filthy Orc Fel magic user.


This thread was just what I needed to read before my weekend :smiley:

The first time I got to log into Classic back during the Blizzcon Demo, the nostalgia hit was absolutely insane, like a real time machine damn near landed on me and took me back to when I was… well a lot younger than I am now.

These last two weeks have been very strange for me, the hype around launch, being here in the office, getting home late afterwards to play and try level up alongside this amazing community.

I’ve never been so excited about a 6 slot bag dropping off a random mob…

There’s questlines and zones I absolutely can not wait to get to, dungeons I am itching to run, and when I do finally get my mount I’m going to make sure I fill in every inch of my map and travel every corner of this world I grew up loving and still love.



Yeah I’ve basically gotten addicted to playing again. I play much more now then when I only had retail.

This is great.


i screamed YEEEEES!! on discord when i won the 10 slot bag from the horses in SFK… basicly bigger bags are better than a blue item lol xD


Exactly, everyday when I’m at work or can’t play, I make plans in my mind on the next steps for when I can play again at last. The anticipation to log in each day is so thrilling - seems like I got addicted to WoW again as well…

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Yesterday I got 12 slot Large Knapsack from fishing in STV floating crate. This is first bag I have dropped on this character since launch :sunny:


damn gz i only have 10 slots for now but looking forward to get bigger ones

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Agree with all above I am back in the groove but unlike in 2005 my free time has diminished somewhat and I am levelling slowly, but for me there is no rush it is the journey that matters for me and the ambience of the game is what has brought me home.